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    Steve Quayle & Nathan Leal: When Watchmen See Eye to Eye

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    Oil wars. Economic wars. Geopolitical stakes have never been higher. Putin. Obama. A grand chessgame is in play where the stakes have never been higher, but who are the real players?

    Join Steve Quayle and Nathan Leal as they outline their findings and relate the convergence of their findings.

    Website: Steve Quayle  Website: Nathan Leal

  • Steve Quayle and Greg Evensen - The hangman's noose is tightening

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    Amid the twinkling of the Christmas lights and the shimmering glow emanating from the garland strung over the light posts across America, the captured corporate media is busily reassuring people that our economy is getting stronger, our country is moving forward in all important areas, and overall, the United States is better off today than at any other time in the recent past.

    Lies - all. The lies are strong enough, large enough, and repeated often enough to convince the majority of a mind-numbed public that what they are seeing strung across the lampposts and Christmas trees in city squares is traditional holiday garland. Aided by normalcy bias, greed, and other psychological controls implemented at the hands of the global elite, most walk past the fully adorned Christmas trees at Rockefeller Center in New York and numerous city parks in the U.S., seeing garland hanging from the trees, exactly like they’ve been told.

    Having  choosen to ignore the cries of the watchmen or having become fully entranced in the lie, what they’ve been convinced is the holiday decoration is neither decorative nor whimsical, but dull and taut. For what adorns the trees is not garland at all, but the thick and deadly rope hanging like swags, ignored by the masses while taunting the informed. Few see that at the end of each strand of rope is a hangman’s noose, ritualistically coiled thirteen times and awaiting the victims of the illusion.

    Join Steve Quayle and Greg Evensen as they unravel the coil of the hangman's noose.

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    Steve Quayle & Pastor David Lankford: 2015 - the year of change

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    Join Steve Quayle and pastor David Lankford as they discuss 2015, the year of change. Pastor Lankford will detail the changes he sees happening in 2015, and the importance of prayer, repentance and fasting during January leading to the National Day of Prayer, Fasting and Repentance on Saturday, January 31, 2015.

    During this episode, we will cover global geopolitics, the economy, and other critical compnents of a "perfect storm" brewing and heading directly toward us. Can we do anything about this?


    Steve Quayle: www.stevequayle.com

    Pastor David Lankford: The Voice of Evangelism


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    Woe unto our nation who has removed God - Steve Quayle & Pastor Lankford

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    Many people are sensing a gathering darkness overtaking our nation. The political and economic skies are ugly, as are the ubiquitous clouds of societal distress that are spreading across America and all Western countries that seem to indelibly cover us with a nebulous, oily-black spirit of distress. This unsettled feeling is growing among many “conservative” Christians, who see our freedoms being eroded by an increasingly antagonistic agenda of the power elite on both sides of the political spectrum.

    We feel “something wicked this way comes,” yet many cannot put their finger on exactly what awaits us. It seems as if we are living in a state of mental confusion, although we have become quite adept at containing our own uneasiness just below the surface of our normal existence.

    While we might acknowledge its presence during the quiet times we manage to steal from our otherwise overburdened and hectic lives, we are often quick to dismiss our ominous feelings as artifacts of unsubstantiated paranoia. Too many overstated claims from the internet, perhaps, or wild notions without any basis in fact, we might attempt to reason.

    After all, life is generally good as we can still hit the drive-thru at Starbucks for our morning dose of designer coffee to carry us through the day. We can still insert our ATM cards into a bank kiosk and withdraw cash for our needs. As we drive to work, transport our children to school, run errands and busily perform our unremarkable daily tasks, we look around us and see people, just like us, traveling about, working and engaging in the normal activities of life in the twenty-first century.

    Join Pastor David Lankford & Steve Quayle tonight as we look at our nation under judgment.

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    TRUNEWS 11/5/14: Steve Quayle

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    Why is a mysterious defense industry website forecasting that the population of the United States of America will be reduced to 69 million by the year 2025? Radio commentator Steve Quayle and Rick discuss the puzzling data on Deagel.com.  Are world leaders preparing for a global Ebola plague?  Today’s edition of Trunews is one hour of discussion about world events you won’t hear on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, or BBC.

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    TRUNEWS 10/30/14: Steve Quayle

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    Longtime radio host and End Time watchman Steve Quayle and Rick discuss America’s obsession with Halloween, the culture of death, zombies and the walking dead, and how it will spiritually lead them to destruction through an Ebola pandemic and war.

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    Steve Quayle and Bob Fletcher discuss investigative topics from space to earth

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    This program features Steve Quayle and Bob Fletcher covering connections between the missing billions of dollars of government money, secrets of space programs, and future space oriented disasters INCOMING! As well as the sciences , astronomical experts, historic proofs, amazing space information being kept from us all!

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    Steve Quayle & Henry Gruver on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

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    Guests: Steve Quayle & Henry Gruver

    Topic: Having just returned from a 3-month trip across Indonesia and a multitude of countries, evangelist Henry Gruver joins Steve Quayle and Doug and Joe Hagmann on this Friday edition of The hagmann & Hagmann Report to discuss his findings and current events in various countries - accounts unreported in the media.

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    Hawk & Steve Quayle on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

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    When the warnings end and the events begin, will you be spiritually prepared?

    The Hagmann & Hagmann Report provides viewers and listeners information about current events and historical topics that transcend the political right-left paradigm and delve into the real issues behind the sugar-coated news. This unique, father-son detective duo uses their investigative abilities and resources to aggressively research and report on issues left untouched by the corporate media. The show addresses many issues once considered mere fodder for “conspiracy theorists,” tracing their roots from the various events that created them through the fabric of history to the present day. We are a listener supported show and those who are able to do so can donate here

    Real information. Real truth. Less hype. Click here for website

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    Steve Quayle and Metals Guru David Morgan on the coming financial collapse

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    Many people are asking today when we will see the collapse of the U.S. economy. Whether you know it or not, you're watching it take place before your very eyes. It is happening right now. And... it's no accident, but it's by design.

    There are three facts that financial expert and precious metals aficionado David Morgan wants you to know. First, every fiat currency in history of the planet has met one inevitable fate, which is failure. Every. Single. One. Secondly, fiat currencies are backed only by a government's word and are simply pieces of paper that can be printed at will, an ability that has always been abused. Third, precious metals like silver and gold are rare, and they are the only true representation of physical wealth.

    Unfortunately, only about 1% of the U.S. population is in tune with these three facts. About 98.5% of regular listeners to The Hagmann & Hagmann Report are aware of these facts, including that the value of U.S. Dollar is in rapid decline. At some point in the near future, the U.S. Dollar will no longer be the world's reserve currency, but few people fully comprehend exactly what that means for the people of the United States and the West.

    Join David Morgan and Steve Quayle as they discuss what is on our immediate financial horizon - and what YOU should be doing to protect yourself from what's coming.

    Website Steve Quayle: http://SteveQuayle.com

    Website David Morgan: http://www.silver-investor.com/


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    Greg Evensen & Steve Quayle with an urgent update -Globalist clock stops

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    Based on developments pertaining to Ebola and the reaction of the effects of the concern and potential for pandemic, the globalists' clock has stopped ticking - many are heading to their own hideouts to weather the upcoming storm. Join Steve Quayle and Greg Evensen tonight as new information has come to light on the real events surround Ebola and the globalist agenda.

    Will there be a mass pandemic? Is this a manuafactured crisis? Who benefits?

    Listen tonight as Greg Evensen shares new information from his sources, and Steve Quayle from his sources - and find out the level of risk for all of us.

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