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    Members Quantum Vortex Meditation

    in Self Help

    Bi-Weekly Members Quantum Vortex Meditation with Meg Benedicte

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    Philosopher Vortex: New Format

    in Paranormal

    Each week, your host, Dr. Steve Katz, will bring thought provoking topics to your attention in the fields of UFOs, paranormal science, mysticism, theology, orgonomy, politics, and much else.

    We will start off with a discussion of science fiction writer Philip K. Dick.

  • What is a Vortex

    in Spirituality

    What is a Vortex? Call in and learn what vortex is near you. What is the purpose of a Vortex can they really help us and change our vibrations? I will explain how they can help and maybe give away a few loctions for you to visit. I have traveled the world connceting with Vortex's taking people to become re-aligned and back in balance maybe you can be next..

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    Vortex Healing with Ric Weinman

    in Spirituality

    Please join us and our guest tonight, Ric Weinman, for a show on VortexHealing®. Ric is author of Awakening Through the Veils and is the founder of VortexHealing®,which he re-discovered in a profound ‘vision’ that took place in his life on November 26, 1994. This is when his life’s path took a radical turn. During his ‘vision’ Ric found himself standing in a huge inter-dimensional vortex, and the divine presence within that vortex re-activated his past-life connections to VortexHealing® and the Merlin Lineage. People quickly noticed how powerful this healing art was, and they asked him to teach it to them. In September 1995, he taught the first VortexHealing® Basic Training, in Tucson, Arizona.

    Almost seven years later, while meditating in a hotel room in Colorado while on vacation with his wife and son, his core sense of ‘I’ suddenly disappeared. He had been moved into spiritual awakening by the Divine source of his lineage. This began a new phase for both his personal life and for VortexHealing®. As his own awakening deepened, he realized he was being shown an awakening map that could be used to take VortexHealing® students, step by step, through the same stages that he was being guided through. When the map seemed complete, he wrote Awakening Through the Veils, to share the map with the general spiritual world, along with guidelines for making its journey. To learn more visit VortexHealing.org.

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    This dark Vortex telling lies and snitching

    in Comedy

    Sith Lord Vortex (bortex) lying and snitching

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    Quantum Consciousness, with guest Biophysicist William Brown!

    in Spirituality

    Discover • Manifest • Transform!

    We are quite excited to have William Brown return as our guest during this episode!  William Brown is a biophysicist and research scientist at the Resonance Project Foundation (http://resonance.is/) and Hawai’i Institute for Unified Physics (http://hiup.org), where he performs experimentation and theoretical work to better understand the physics of complex systems.  He explores all systems of knowledge, from physics and biology to ontology and the nature of consciousness. William is currently working to bring forth new technologies and ideas to assist in the advancement of civilization and the health and prosperity of our global community and planet.

    Rob and I are pleased to have William update us on the latest discoveries from the Resonance Project Foundation.

    Please do join the discussion with your comments and questions by calling in or reaching out through our chat board! 

    Together WE create the Shift!

    One Love!

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    Reach Out America: "Opening The Vortex" The Captain

    in Current Events

    Reach Out America: Opening The Vortex 

    Tonight Brian Robertson will join us while the Captain is on Vacation! 

    Brain is new to World Integrity News Network, Reach Out America Radio Network! 

    He will be talking about what motivated him to join and ask what are you movtives for helping the country!

  • Quantum Healing with Candace - The 411 on QHHT with Guest MJ Olinger

    in Spirituality

    Get the 411 on QHHT! This show explains what Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) is, what it is NOT, and how Dolores Cannon brought it to the world. Join Candace and QHHT Practitioner and Scholar MJ Olinger as they discuss the basics of this powerful method of consciousness exploration and provide information YOU need to know if you are considering having a session of your own.

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    Reach Out America: Opening the Vortex

    in Current Events

    Reach Out America: Opening the Vortex

    Scuttlebut of the Day:  The destruction of the Family Unit

    The Captain brings a realistic comprehensive look at The Constitution, American Values, and the true meaning of FREEDOM. Opening the Vortex exposes the truth of what is going on in our country today. Take deep look into corporate corruption of federal, state, and local governments. Be educated and KNOW the truth. Hear what they will not tell you on main corporate media. Join us live or listen in archive. Please feel free to call in with comments or questions. 

  • 01:41

    Quantum Healing with Candace - Debut Show with Michelle Walling

    in Spirituality

    If you love Dolores Cannon, you will love this brand new show! Dolores' work and legacy lives on with those practicing QHHT - Miraculous Healings, Convoluted Universes, Cosmic Information Other Dimensions and more. Candace Craw-Goldman has been practicing Dolores' method of QHHT (formerly known as The Cannon Method of Past Life Regression) for more than 7 years and assisted Dolores in teaching the method for several years before her passing in 2014. Candace founded and continues to manage the official worldwide online professional QHHT Support Forum for practitioners. There are thousands of practitioners of Dolores' method very actively practicing QHHT and facilitating instant healings and learning "convoluted universe" material and knowledge every day. "Quantum Healing with Candace" is based upon Dolores' work and legacy and will invite colleagues and friends to share QHHT stories and miracles on air. WIth a mind to expanding the information, Candace also plans on bringing others who are working in the same Quantum and Consciousness world. Scientists, medical professionals, clergy, authors, shaman, psychics and energy healers alike access this same information field to assist other humans during this, what Dolores called "The most important time in the history of the universe"! 

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    Conventional Thought is the Opposite of Quantum Thought: That's Duality!

    in Spirituality

    Conventional reasoning is the quentessential thinking of Life Side reality. It has a ceiling though. And it can only make educated and phiosophical guesses about Infinity and the Source that is emanating this universe that we find ourselves and our very life immersed within. 

    Quantum reasoning, on the other hand, breaks through the Life Side barrier. It ponders with an exploratory willingness that is compelled to understand the Source side of what is actually emanating life, granting life, and motivating life to continue its existence in this REALITY. This extends from our personal life and into the universe as we know it and sense its reality to be, too. 

    These two thoughts undepin our current sciences. We are attempting to find harmony between them. Seeing them as a continuim of consciouseness and intelligence itself opens a door of recognition that can change everything and accelerate our growth.

    We currently tend to position the two thoughts of science as "either/or" and this inclination slams the door of impending awareness expansion shut. It is not one or the other that is correct. They share a duality of Awareness. Transcendence of and immersion within life coexist. Let's get more pragmatic about this relationship and see what reveals, yes?!

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable