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    Games and Revelations in Coaching with Kanu Kogod, Consultant & Master Coach

    in Self Help

    Sister Jenna welcomes Kanu Kogod to the America Meditating Radio Show!

    Trained as an anthropologist, organizational development consultant and master certified coach with global work experience, Kanu Kogod started her own consulting firm, Bridges in Organizations, in 1987. She co-designed and for over nine years facilitated Leadership Alchemy, an award-winning nine-month transformational leadership development program at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.  Leadership Alchemy won awards and received vast acclaim for helping to create a shift in NASA’s culture and leadership practices. 

    In her work, Kanu addresses everything from cultural collisions to culture change to successfully impact a leader’s performance and job satisfaction as well as the performance and satisfaction of the people they lead.  She uses a holistic approach - language, body, emotions and spirit. That means helping leaders to achieve the outcomes they desire in their organizations, communities or in a larger political arena.  Visit http://gamesincoaching.weebly.com and www.bridges-in-orgs.com

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    Quality Assurance - One Minute Survey Results

    in Business

    A discussion of Quality Assurance processes and tools from a recent survey by BenchmarkPortalBest practices of high performing centers.

    Dayne Petersen has been managing and consulting with call/contact centers for a number of years.  She has experience managing and operating both business-to-business and business-to-consumer call centers. Additionally, she has a successful track record evaluating and implementing call center solutions that meet defined client requirements.

    In her most recent management role as Director of Call Center Operations, she acted as the internal “best practice and benchmarking consultant,” leading employee satisfaction surveys, introducing Six Sigma for call center process improvement and design, and implementing multi-media in the contact center. 

    Dayne is a passionate advocate of measuring Caller Satisfaction and Agent Satisfaction and using this data to develop effective Quality Assurance programs that deliver the desired outcomes.

    Dayne is also the Senior Consultant with Minnesota-based Call Center Solutions and is  certified by the Center for Customer-Driven Quality (founded at Purdue University) as a call center auditor, specializing in all areas of contact center operations.

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    The Neonicotinoid View: Water Quality Issues In Iowa

    in Environment

    In this special series called “The Neonicotinoid View”, host June Stoyer and special guest co-host, Colorado beekeeper, Tom Theobald, will talk to commercial beekeeper and bee advocate, Ivan Rickers about water quality concerns in Iowa. Stay tuned!

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    Taxes and Financial Improvement : Trucking Questions from the AudioRoad #155

    in Business

    If there were two areas of our lives that we need to make positive change in, it's Health and Finances. Finances make it easy to do everything else, and both of these are very easy to measure improvement!

    It doesn't mean that relationships and spirituality aren't important-- they absolutely are! But they're much harder to measure, and usually more personal (and so different to everyone).

    We talk about the Fair Tax and how we can apply the problems of the new tax systems to our current tax system. Just because we find problems in something that's moving you to improvement, doesn't mean you should stop what you're doing. Instead, keep moving forward. Don't weigh the problems in your improvement higher than the problems in your everyday life!

    We take your questions on taxes, trucking, money management, habits, healthy living and becoming an Owner Operator.

    Let's Truck!

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    The Sunday Drive Talk with Sistah Janice &Consultant Dr Butler,Thur 3-26-2015

    in Radio

    Hello family, this is your host Sistah Janice and thank you for listening to The Sunday Drive Talk, with our very own Consultant, Dr. Pastor Butler from The Honey Rock Baptist Church, located in Morristown, Tn, Amen! We are so delighted that you chose to fellowhip with us today.Today we are going to explore a different form of, "Spiritual Warfare," Knowing Your Salvation. There are two questions that we would like to begin exploring with you today, 1) If I am saved does that mean I can do anything and still go to heaven?, 2) If I forget to apologize for a sin before I die, does that mean I go to hell? Please stay tuned and lets explore together The Word of God.

    We would like to say thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors on Facebook, Twitter, Blog Talk Radio and WITA 1490am, thank you so much and God bless you for your continued support!

     Please don't forget about the wonderful celebration that will be happening this Sunday@ The Rock of Ages Baptist Church, it will be Dr Pastor Butlers, Fifth Pastorial Anniversary, Amen, Services will be held all day as well as a afternoon Celebration, beginning@3pm. Amen! For further information, please contact Pastor Butler on his facebook page and or The Rock of Ages Baptist Church Page, you don't want to miss this bless time in The Lord!

    Remember, Sistah Janice loves you, but God loves you best, have a victorious week in Jesus!

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    The Lilisa Show- Release Your Power! Day 8 - Continuous Improvement

    in Motivation

    The Lilisa Show is a morning show that seeks to motivate it's listener to do BIG things in life. The show is produced, created and hosted by Lilisa J. Williams, MBA. Weekly topics are designed to help you get motivated to reach your personal, professional, entrepreneurial and Spiritual Success. Topics discussed on the show have been selected to bring you up to date info on how to make a success of your business and your life. Tune in Weekday mornings @ 7 am (est) for strategies that will help you stay empowered, inspired and motivated as an entrepreneur, professional, community leader and individual. The show is brought to you by PSUI. To listen or speak to the host call 347-945-7991.The show has been on the air since March 2008.

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    The Sunday Drive Talk host Sis Janice and Consultant Dr Butler Thurs 5-19-2015

    in Radio

    Hello family and thank you for listening to The Sunday Drive Talk with your host Sistah Janice and our very own Consultant, Dr. Pastor Butler of The Rock of Ages Baptist Church located in Morristown Tn, Amen! We are so glad that you have chosen to spend this time just with us, thank you!

    We would like to continue exploring Spiritual Warfare as it relates to, "Facebook." We have explored multiple barriers in the struggles that have arisen in communication on, "Facebook," however today we would like to explore with you on what your communication should be. We have spoken extensively on what you shouldn't do, now we would like to explore with you, what your communication could and should be, Amen! Please listen in, send your questions, concerns, comments as we take a ride on The Sunday Drive Talk@1pm.

    We would like to thank all of our wonderful sponsors on Facebook, Twitter, Blog Talk and WITA 1490am, God bless you and thank you for all of your continued support!

    Remember, Sistah Janice loves you, but, God loves you, best, have a victorious week in Jesus! 

  • High Quality Complete Insurance Coverage Defranco

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    Comprehensive insurance policy is a need in every persons life. Comprehensive insurance policy has two functions. First is to be ready to just what could occur in your life.One needs to be ready for anything and also everything that might happen. The 2nd function of insurance policy is for the future to be ensured. As we get older, we will have involved understand that having a complete insurance is a downright must. If you still do not know what insurance policy will provide for you. After that this write-up would discuss the necessary advantages you might get when having yourself a complete insurance. Having an insurance policy assures the well-being and also the safety and security of you, your family members your loved ones and your priced possession. Use this link for additional info.: defranco complete insurance

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    Real estate realities with Egypt Sherrod

    in Design

    Real estate expert and HGTV's 'Property Virgins' host Egypt Sherrod is sharing what you need to know before you buy your next home.

    HGTV's "Property Virgins' host Egypt Sherrod is sharing her time-tested secrets and tips to staying happy when buying real estate. You'll want to tune in.

    There is so much to know and understand before starting on a search for your next home. If you've started browsing and fantasizing about your dream home, you'll want to pause the search and read Egypt's new tell-all book about real estate, 'Keep Calm...It's Just Real Estate.'

    What do you need to do to get ready to sell your home? What do real estate agents want you to know? What is 'Make Me Move'? And who has been Egypt's most challenging client? And did she really write the book in her closet?

    Egypt Sherrod is the host of HGTV’s highly rated “Property Virgins,” which has filmed more than 250 episodes and is now in it's 12th season. As a real estate expert with a successful real estate business, Egypt has made appearances on “THE TODAY SHOW,” CNBC’S “SQUAWK BOX”, MSNBC, FOX, CNN and HLN. Egypt has also been featured in Essence, Rolling Stone, The New York Daily News, Time Out New York, Black Enterprise, Uptown, Ebony Magazine, VIBE Magazine, Rolling Out, Today’s Black Woman, Atlanta Magazine, and various other publications.

    "I truly enjoy helping people find the home of their dreams, but even more so, I find serenity in knowing that I can provide my clients with guidance and answers in an industry that can be confusin and complicated to those who are not familiar with how the process works." -- Egypt Sherrod

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    Sex Talk: Quantity or Quality or just your duty.

    in Self Help

    Let's talk Sex! Is your sex life based on quantity, quality or just a duty?  Listen in to "Coaching Conversations " radio show as your host Life Coach Shawn Marie Cichowski and fellow life coaches Munni Visco & August Schilz will be joined by special quests- Sex Coach Maureen Ryan & Owner of Southtowns Wine & Liquors Jonas Ricco. Airing live 3/4 at noon. Share your thoughts by calling in at 657-383-1996.

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    How can Selenium improvement keep you from developing Cancer?

    in Health

    Selenium is an essential mineral. Your body needs it to function. It protects your cells—and DNA—from free radical damage. But you may not be getting enough.

    Selenium levels in soil vary from region to region. Poor soil quality and gastrointestinal illnesses put you at risk for low selenium levels. The problem is there are no clear signs of deficiency. Your first symptom could be low immunity, high blood sugar… Or worse. Don’t wait until you know you need more to start paying attention. Tune in Wednesday March 4, 2015 for the rest of the story.

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