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    The Qpid Rox Show

    in Romance

    I took a break family, now I'm back.  It was a much needed break but it's back to business.  Tonight Imma do what I normally do, give you my 2 cents on whats been going on these past couple of weeks in the media, whats going on in life, what I seen what I haven't seen.  From the MJ trial to What You Should or Shouldn't tell your mate.  Join the chat room and have fun or call in to talk with ya girl!

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    THE QPID ROX SHOW ~ Let's Jam in June! Trivia & Prizes!

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    Join me for Trivia Night on Movies, Music & Television.   If you are a fan of the show & a dedicated listener you can win a Prize tonight!  Do not miss it!  I love to reward my fans for their support & love of the Qpid Rox show & Blog Page!   Bring Your Drinks & Thinking Caps for a Fun Filled Evening & Some Great Music!  Lets Jam in June!

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    THE QPID ROX SHOW ~ Real Fathers. Real Men.

    in Dads and Family

    This Sunday is Fathers Day.  HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the Real Fathers & the Real Men.  What does it mean to be a real father and a real man?  Tune into my show to hear my opinion and those of my listeners as to what it takes to be a real dad in 2012.  
    Times have changed and but the definition of a real father hasn't.  Year after year a lot of single mothers claim this holiday as their own because it seems Real Fathers just aren't around anymore, and neither are Real men.  
    As a single mother of 3 I can relate to the ups and downs of parenting and I will also touch on my personal experiences and what I feel it means to be a real father & a real man.
    You don't want to miss it!  It's Pure, Honest, Fun & Filthy Entertainment!

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    THE QPID ROX SHOW ~ Do You Support Black Owned Businesses?

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    Why or Why Not?  I ask this to my black family out there that struggle to choose between the many choices we have out there.  Some of us live in areas where there aren't any black owned businesses, then what?  A lot of sell outs over the years in my neighborhood and perhaps in yours.  But when you come across an establishment that is owned by blacks do you support?  Or do you judge them the same way you would judge any business?  It's definetly something to talk about when this economy is still at it's worse & people are struggling financially. 
    Of course a whole a lot of other things have happened this week that WILL be talked about...it's PURE HONEST FUN & FILTHY ENTERTAINMENT!

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    THE QPID ROX SHOW ~ Celebrate Your Independence! The RE-DO

    in Entertainment

    Last week there were techincal difficulties which prevented me from doing the show.  So I am going to try this one more time tonight with my Co-Host Honey.  We will be discussing 4th of July...Chris Rocks outrageous tweet about Indpendence Day & Independance in relationships.  

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    THE QPID ROX SHOW ~ Summer Fun!

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    When Summer arrives, the kids aren't the only ones who need something to do to keep them occupied! What are you doing this summer? 
      Let's talk about it.   Pure Honest Fun & Filthy Entertainment!

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    Qpid Has Done It Again! - Summer Flings

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    It's Summertime!  The rule of thumb for single folks is bun up for winter and then dump them before summer and find a new chick to sport until the fall.  WELL I THINK THIS IS JUST DISGUSTING.  LOL  And the cycle repeats itself does it not?   You may be who I'm talking about, or you may know someone.  That nigga got a new chick errry summer, that girl sleeping with a new nigga every season.  TELL IT, lets talk about it?  But then again we do have those special moments where people actually do meet and fall in love and keep shit official.  Bigups to those people.  I got some special songs for ya'll tonight.  But at the end of the day, is that nigga ready to committ?  Is the woman worthy of committment?  Men how do you dump your summer fling?  Are you making it known she's a summer fling?  And lets not keep it a secret, women have summer flings too, YES MEN YOU CAN BE USED...lets get it Friday nights with QPID ROX!

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    Qpid Is Qpid as Real is Real

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    Come spend another night with me virtually, I got a lot of stuff on my mind that I'm going to discuss!!  From why men can't handle cheating women and be ready to walk away from a child they raised for YEARS to why men don't want fat bitches but continue failing at getting them a dime peice. Also, where are all these low self esteem women coming from? And they are breeding people! Like roaches. And of course sex will be discussed....lol Bring your voice box and open your ears to pure, honest filthy entertainment.

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    LF Radio - The Obeah show with Rox la Box and Toe Knee

    in Comedy

    Miami socialite and whitest Jamaican ever Rox la box along with my long time friend Toe Knee aka Two Tone Tony stop by to talk Truffle Butter, Raising other peoples kids, and online dating....the limitless pill...oh and eating ass.

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    Tune in to some Awesome rock Music Roundable Discussion and LULZ

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    Episode 61: October 9, 2015 - The Postmortem

    in Sports

    The PDP returns from binge-drinking away the end of the Rockies season to dissect the return of Walt Weiss and more. Does the Rockies skipper's 2016 assurance really mean anything? Did you know that Google Translate says that "Weiss" in German translates to "Knows?" Did you weiss that? Plus we'll dive into Nolan Arenado's prospects for a top-5/top-10 finish in NL Most Valuable Player voting.

    Our 61st episode also includes a discussion with Bruce "Old Hoss" Foster about Civil War-era baseball reenactments in Denver and Connor Farrell of Rox Pile on who's the Rockies' leader in handsome heading into 2016  and who would contest his World Series of Hate.