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    Peter Paige (Creator/EP of The Fosters, "Emmett" on Queer as Folk)

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    Peter Paige became well known as his brilliant and hilarious performance as Emmett Honeycutt on Showtime's ground breaking series, "Queer as Folk," from 2000-2005.  He current is the Creator and Executive Producer of ABC Family's "The Fosters."  Peter joins us to look back on Queer as Folk as we continue to celebrate the show with having the cast on our show but also talk about The Fosters and what's next for him!

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    Actor, Robert Gant (The Tomorrow People, Queer as Folk)

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    Robert Gant joins us to talk about his new story arc on The Tomorrow People, plus a look back at his career including his role on the groundbreaking series, "Queer as Folk."

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    Actress, Michelle Clunie (Melanie Marcos, Queer as Folk)

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    As we continue reuniting with the cast of Showtime's groundbreaking series, "Queer as Folk," tonight we chat with Michelle Clunie who played Melanie Marcos for the full series.  We catch up with Michelle about what has been going on since QAF ended, reflect on her time on the show and what projects she is currently working on.

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    Actors, Gale Harold & Josh Pence, plus Director, Rachel McDonald of "Thirst"

    in Movies

    Please visit http://www.thirstfilm.com for all the details. The film also stars Melanie Griffith.

    About Gale Harold:

    Gale Harold first came to our lives through the role of Brian Kinney from Showtime's breakout series, "Queer as Folk,"  Gale went on to do other hit shows such as Desperate Housewives and The Secret Circle.

    About Josh Pence:

    Pence appeared in The Social Network, as Tyler Winklevoss, alongside Armie Hammer; he also played Cameron in certain scenes, for particular setups—and Hammer's face was grafted onto Pence's body in post-production to create the illusion of identical twins. He also played in Battleship and The Dark Knight Rises.

    About Rachel McDonald:

    A passionate, visual storyteller, Rachel began her film career in Shreveport, Louisiana under Frank Darabont’s mentorship. Gleaning her experience working on high profile Hollywood features including It’s Complicated, I Love You Man and J Edgar, McDonald broke away to focus on directing. 

    Rachel has since translated this long-form experience into her work as a director, infusing commercials, social action campaigns, music videos and short films with emotional depth, visual rhythm and style.

    Her gravitation to beauty and provocative cinematography is deeply connected to her childhood in the South.  Rachel’s current project, Thirst, is a short-film exploration of the extremes of the human condition.  Concurrently, Rachel is developing her first feature film, McCleskey, which chronicles a Georgia death row inmate’s life-changing influence on a young boy. Rachel resides in Venice, California.

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    The Tribute Series: Adam Harrington

    in Television

    Adam Harrington is a great actor, who has played some great guest spots on tv and film, he stops by to chat with us about his career. (August 2012)

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