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  • 01:49

    The Tim N Ant Show! - Love for Patrice

    in Entertainment

    Good evening peoples!
    Tonight on the Tim N Ant Show
    Qadaffi...Kadaffi...however its spelt is dead.
    Batman Arkham City has been released
    Tim discusses his Extra Life Charity event
    Beloved comedian Patrice O'Neal suffers a stroke
    Halloween is only a few days away, what are Tim and Ant dressing up as?
    Tim watched the very emotional and controversial WWE DVD Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart and he shares his thoughts.
    All of this and much more LIVE tonight on the Tim N Ant Show!

  • Motley Fool Money: 10.21.2011

    in Business

    World markets react to the death of Libyan dictator Muammar Qadaffi.   Apple, Chipotle, Intel, McDonald's, and Microsoft report earnings.  And Groupon prepares for its IPO.    Our analysts discuss these stories and share three stocks for the next fifty years.   Plus, Honest Tea co-founder Seth Goldman talks about the business of tea. 

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    From Yugoslavia to Libya; Democrats helping Islamo-Fascists

    in Politics Conservative

    During the 1990's, the US, under the liberal Democrat Bill Clinton, as well as NATO and the UN bombed the Serbs in order to shield Bosnian and Albanian Islamo-Fascists. Is America taking the same course in Libya. I already showed that the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood praised Obama's bombings of Libya. And Obama's policies are clearly helping the Muslim Brotherhood take power, as shown from the case examples of Egypt, Syria, and Libya. Did America's and NATO's bombing campaign of Qadaffi again help Islamo-Fascists? This episode shall tackle that topic.


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    President Speaks of Libya

    in Politics

    Libya, Tunisia and Egypt and Gadhafi's (Qadaffi's) reign for forty years. Assault of women.

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    Polizeros Radio. Libya and the underpants gnomes. Bahrain, Japan, Petreaus

    in Politics Progressive

    The Libya 'no-fly zone' is a full-scale attack from the air. But this is akin to the South Park underpants gnomes whose business plan was 1) collect underpants, 2) something happens, 3) make money. The invasion of Libya is 1) bomb Qadaffi, 2) something happens, 3) peace and democracy occurs. But that step 2 gonna be a bitch...
    Qadaffi has said he will attack civilians and outside targets if invaded. He has scuds and gas. Will he use them?
    Hardly anyone inside the Beltway is protesting as Saudi forces are used in Bahrain with a greenlight from our government, even as they murder peaceful civilians. The major US naval base there is unquestionably the reason why. But Iran is making noises about how they will not allow Shiites to brutalized there.
    Petraeus testified that everything was going just fine in Afghanistan. Most ignored him and even fewer believed him. He sounds like the Japan government issuing perky statements about how things at Fukushima are nearly under control.
    Japan needs lots of new power, and fast. How will they do it? Long-term, we need smart grids and energy storage. Coal, natural gas, and nuclear all have major drawbacks.

    With Steve Hynd of Newshoggers, Josh Mull from Rethink Afghanistan and Firedoglake, and Bob Morris from Politics in the Zeros.

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    Polizeros Radio. Libya, US Uncut, Pakistan CIA arrest

    in Politics Progressive

    Maybe Qadaffi should be assassinated. But the US shouldn't do it. CIA operative Raymond Davis' arrest in Pakistan. US Uncut targets corporations that pay no taxes and is targeting Bank of America with dozens of flash mobs this Saturday.

    With Josh Mull from Rethink Afghanistan and Firedoglake, Bob Morris of Politics in the Zeros, and Steve Hynd of Newshoggers

  • 00:59

    Derrick Crowe interview. Libya

    in Politics Progressive

    Derrick Crowe is a Political Director at Brave New Foundation. He is also a five-year veteran of Capitol Hill and a trained “Creating a Culture of Peace” nonviolence facilitator. Some highlights. We all agreed the extremely fast onset of the bombing was highly suspicious. The rebels had barely started fighting when they started calling for a no-fly zone. They broke into storehouses, stole munitions, and turned what was a nonviolent uprising into a violent one. It's almost like they were expecting military help would be arriving quickly. Derrick thought the rebels made a huge strategic blunder by going to violence. They picked a fight before they were ready and moved to violence way too fast. They should have stuck with nonviolence, and used the ensuing government repression against the regime. But by picking up arms, they allowed Qadaffi to use his. There are 1,000 rebels who have military training. The government has 120,000 soldiers. As Saul Alinksy said about the Black Panthers in the later 1960's, it is sheer idiocy to say all power grows out of the barrel of a gun when the other side has all the guns. The supposed allies in NATO are already squabbling about what the resolution permits them to do. What was supposed to be a quick little war to establish humanitarian intervention as a basic principle (and to restore their own tarnished reputations as well) has now turned into an apparent quagmire. Congress has to approve the increased spending for this when they return next week. Derrick advises for everyone to email their representatives in House now voicing opposition to the wars and to stress that we are already in two expensive, pointless wars and can scarely afford another one. With Steve Hynd of Newshoggers, Josh Mull from Rethink Afghanistan and Firedoglake, and Bob Morris of Politics in the Zeros.