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    Sports Q and A Episode October 1 2015

    in Sports

    Derrick Rose is the new Grant Hill, what should the Bulls do to protect themselves....will NFL reconsider eligibility rules soon enough to benefit Leonard Fournette...Michigan is ranked at #22 are they ranked too high or low and will this affect their effort on the field...Can the predictability of Joe Lombardi's play calling be the only reason the Lions are 0-3....Recap of Week 4 of the college football season and previews and predictions of Week 5....Recap of Week 3 of the NFL season and preview and predict every game in Week 4 as well as the Sports Q&A Fantasy Football Groups standings ...and of course YOU!!

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    The Soul Man

    in Christianity

    The Soul Man

  • Black Man Clay on Medical Marijuana

    in Motivation

    For many years Marijuana has been the subject of many controversial issues.  It is a natural plant, but has been called the gateway to more potent drugs, and worse for you than alcohol. 

    Now the medical field has realized the benefits of pot, and we will discuss this and how the legalization is almost eminent. 

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    Q and A With C.I.A. Alex Cardinale September 19, 2015

    in Personal Journals

    Have you ever wanted to ask the Coco Crazy Italian American AKA CIA Alex Cardinale a question? Or questions? But did not know how! Well, ladies and gentleman NOW you can! The American Variety Network and In Your  Face Talk Show is proud to introduce to you a new series called Q and A with C.I.A. Alex Cardinale, where you can ask me anything you want pg 13 or rated r!! This Q and A series will air once a month and will be your only chance to ask off topic and insane questions, so don't miss out. CALLERS ARE ENCOURAGED!!!!  1 347-989-8142 ask any questions!

    As well as answering your questions, Alex will let loose on whatever his crazy mind comes up with in this all adlib show! NO SCRIPTS, NO PRODUCED GARBAGE, JUST A YETI MIC, HEADSETS, and your questions and his lips yacking.

    Segments for the show:


    Alex will discuss some crazy people and crazy Happening in  the world today.


    The segment of the show where Alex gives shout-outs to some awesome people.

    WTF MOMENTS.....

    Alex will discuss things that pissed him off this month.




    1.) GRAB YOUR PHONE AND DIAL 347-989-8142 DIAL 1

    2.) IF YOU CAN'T CALL IN, EMAIL americanvarietynetwork@comcast.net

    3.) SEND A TWEET ON TWITTER WITH @Americannetwork1

    ASK AWAY!!!





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    Q-on-1 w/Exotic Dancer, Chasity

    in Performing Arts

    On this special Q-on-1 podcast of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show, I will chat with exotic dancer, Chasity.  She joins me from the ATL to discuss a few things about the life of an adult venue dancer.  We'll discuss the following:

    How did she get started?
    Is she able to maintain her own personal relationships?
    What is the toughest thing to deal with regarding the clientele?

    These things and more as T2Q shimmies down the pole for yet another podcast.

    Show No. 517

    Scheduled for 20-30 mins.


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    The J Man Makes A Joyful Noise!!!

    in Christianity

    The title is meant to be humorous. Though there may be some humor in the program, this episode will be reverent in nature. In this broadcast, my intent is to have a time of affirmation of our faith, and adoration unto our Lord. While often my broadcasts are topical and involve the spoken word, this show will mostly be a time of song and worship to God. I don't consider myself a singer, but hope you will be blessed by my musical efforts. Along with my "joyful noise," songs recorded by other Christian artists will be aired. Be blessed. The J Man 

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    The Q-Man In Rotation - Redux

    in Music

    Listen to the Q-Man's In Rotation playlist once again! 

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    Next Mission Radio: Andy Reinhardt, Matt Epps, and Huy Q Hoang

    in Military

    Our first guest of the night is Andy Reinhardt president of 303 Arms Inc. Mr. Reinhardt has been a very avide participant in recreational shooting and competitive shooting sports. In 2006 his love and passion for firearms drove him to turn towards becoming a certified instructor earning two certifications, also, obtaining multiple basic instructor certifications. In 2011 303 Arms Inc. became a reality dealing in NFA weapons and specialize in Silencers and training with all types of weapons systems. We also offer specialized training for, individuals, couples, families, church groups and corporations. 


    Our second guest on the show is Mr. Matthew Epps author of the book 11-Mike Memoirs of a mechanized infantryman. This book is written by a man who has wallked the miles and ridden in the tanks to bring you first hand knowledge of what life can be like as a 11M. We will be talking about what it is like to ride along and what all it takes to earn the MOS. 

    Our final guest of the evening will be the Founder and CEO of FIT CORPS Mr Huy Q Hoang. Having served in the Marine Corps Reserves from 1992 to 2000 during which time he was part of 2 winning Super Squads also while earning the Marine of the Year award, presented with an NCO Sword and Navy Marine Corps Commendation Medal. 

    Is that every Marine Veteran will reach the level of Significance God has called them to, and that No Marine is left behind in any way.
    I run monthly 21 DAY FITNESS CHALLENGES to encourage Marines to be physically fit, every 2 months a I run Mastermind Groups on John Maxwell’s 21 Laws of Irrefutable Leadership.

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    The Million Man March: Then and Now

    in Entertainment

    Twenty years ago, the National Mall in Washington, D.C. was covered by a sea of men for the Million Man March.  The march, organized by the Minister Louis Farrakhan, was created as a call for the revitalization of the black communities and a time of atonement.  On March 10, 2015, organizer Minister Louis Farrakhan, Pastor Jamal Bryant, and others will once again host a Million Man March on the National Mall.  In the wake of recurring violence between young men and the law, the cry “Justice or Else” serves as the platform for this gathering.

    Join us as we discuss the Million Man March, then and now.  Has the black condition in our society improved, since the first march in 1995?  Will the 2015 march galvanize change in our communities?  Will the controversial march organizers overshadow the purpose and goals of the march?  Will you be there?

    Let’s talk about it. Call us, we'll be waiting.

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    Million Man March

    in Hip Hop Music

    10/10 Will be the 20th anniversary for the million man march. Do you plan to be there? Have you attended the first one? H

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    Q-on-1 w/ @DateCoachChante #

    in Romance

    On this Q-on-1 podcast, I sit down and chat with dating and relationship coach, Chanté about making love a priority.  A lot of us will work hard to achieve raises and promotions on a job, but we sit around and wait on love.  Why are we a go-getter for one yet we expect the other to fall in our laps?

    Chanté wrote a blog post on her website entitled "Why Do We Treat Love Differently?"  It touched on how people approach love differently than they do everything else in life worth achieving.  One of the quotes from the post that really resonted with the readers was, "No matter what you are doing in life, great things require you to take action to get the desired result." 

    We'll talk about having a dating strategy when it comes to dating and how she can assist with perfecting that strategy.  This and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

    Show No. 502

    Scheduled for 19 mins