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    2 Thorough - by Will Of God

    in Comedy

    Still riding for Flint Michigan our topic on the 743rd episode of BevNat is "What Would You Do "

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    2 Thorough - by Will Of God

    in Comedy

    Let'em know/ Back in the day 2016 is our topic join us for our 733rd episode of BevNat

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    Hip Hop Legend DJ Cool V

    in Hip Hop Music



    You can find him spinning to the likes of almost every major celebrity in America, and abroad. Cool-V has mega-events such as The Grammy’s After Parties, The Pre-Oscar Party and Will Smith’s Movie Premiere Events (in the states & overseas) under his belt.  The Essence Festival,  The Magic Johnson Foundation, State Farm’s 50 Million Pound Challenge, ESPN, the Super Bowl, the NBA Allstar Weekend, CIAA Weekend and many more are additions to his entertainment credit.


    Even after over 30 prosperous years in the entertainment industry, Cool-V continues to maintain his longevity while still pioneering innovative works. He lacks no creative constraints, and has the ability to move flawlessly through multiple genres of music outside of the Hip Hop world. Simply put, Cool-V is undoubtedly one of the most sought after DJ's in the world.

    For over three decades, heavyweight hip-hop producer and mixologist Cutmaster Cool-V has bought unmatched talent and work ethic to the music industry. Born in Elizabeth NJ, he’s touched numerous gold and platinum records by an array of artists; including Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap and Technotronic.

    As a member of the Queens' Bridge based Juice Crew All-Stars, he began working side by side with Hip Hop groundbreaking radio personality the late DJ Mr. Magic, in the late eighties.

    He is one of three DJ's who are among the first to command the stage at the historical NAACP Awards. Cool-V also counts musical production credits on The Oprah Winfrey Show to his thorough repertoire of accomplishments.

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    Positive Impact Hero #4 Brandon Okpalobi

    in Sports

    JW & The Protege host Positive Impact Hero show #4 and will be featuring
    Brandon Okpalobi’s journey from the lively streets of New Orleans to becoming the founder, president and CEO of DIBIA Athletic Development and DIBIA Dream, Inc., is remarkable unto itself. Even more powerful than Brandon’s own story is how DIBIA has grown from its beginnings as a summer camp to its comprehensive scope that helps at-risk African-American urban youth beat the odds, realize their potential and achieve their dreams thorough DIBIA Dream. Join us live @ 9pm 1/31/16

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    2 ThoRough - by Will Of God

    in Comedy

    "Questions & Answers" by Your True Friend is our topic join us for our 723rd episode of the one & only BevNat

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    Warriors/Spurs I

    in Basketball

    A thorough recap of Warriors/Spurs, including some great audio from Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich, plus news with host  Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA)  and Danny Leroux of RealGM and the Sporting News (@DannyLeroux).

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    Lilydale Spirit Medium - Greg Kehn

    in Paranormal

    Reverend Kehn was born in Warren, Ohio and raised in Niles, Ohio. He was ordained in 1980 by the IGAS, Ashtabula, Ohio. He is a Charter Faculty Member of Fellowships of the Spirit School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy. From age eight until adulthood he studied under the World Renowned Trance Medium Dana Bailey.

    When Gregory was Eleven he became extremely ill with a temperature of 106. He lost 26 pounds during this illness and had three Near-Death Experiences in one week where he went through the Light all three times. His Grandmother greeted him all three times as he crossed the River of Light and at each of these crossings she introduced him to Jesus. Jesus explained to Gregory the things in life he had yet to experience and showed him events in the world that were coming (like the 1986 Space Shuttle explosion) and many more events that have since occurred with more yet to come. While in the Light he met all his relatives that were alive before he was conceived. These relatives came to him in dreams when he was younger. He learned that they will always be with him to guide him and protect him.  As a result of the knowledge he gained from Spirit through his Near-Death Experiences, Reverend Gregory Kehn knows and understands his purpose in life: To help humanity and guide people to heal thorough messages from their Spirit Guides, Loved Ones, Teachers and Masters. 

    Website: http://www.revgregorykehn.com/

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    The Best Place to Get a Complete ADHD Diagnosis

    in Self Help

    Think you’ve got attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? Diagnosed with ADHD but your treatment options haven’t been ideal? Consider this! Look for and sign up to participate in the Measure Study’s clinical research program in an area near you. No matter what, you’ll get a complete medical and psychological review and a thorough diagnosis. You’ll get comprehensive follow-up visits and an enlightening awareness of your condition. What’s more… it’s free! You can’t afford not to do it. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, Dr. Greg Mattingly (www.MidwestResearchGroup.com) discusses the advantages of participating in a clinical trial and to give you an idea of what to expect. If you are looking for an accurate diagnosis, be sure to listen in to this show.

    This episode of Attention Talk Radio is brought to you by Alcobra Pharma.  Find an ADHD clinical study near you. Just visit www.themesaurestudy.com to find  locations in the United States and Israel.

    Attention Talk Radio is the leading site for self-help Internet radio shows focusing on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD and ADD), including managing symptoms, treating adults with ADD, or those who have children with ADHD. Attention Talk Radio, hosted by attention coach Jeff Copper, helps adults and children (particularly those diagnosed with or impacted by attention deficit disorder or its symptoms) who are stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated. It will help adults and children get unstuck and moving forward by helping to open their minds and pay attention to what works. Attention Talk Radio host Jeff Copper is an ADHD coach. To learn more about Jeff, go to www.digcoaching.com.

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    Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi w/ Anthony & Deena Maryland Ghost Trac

    in Radio

    Join Steve & Naomi as they welcome Anthony and Deena Holmes from Maryland Ghost Trackers to Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi. Maryland Ghost Trackers, was originally founded by Matt and Lara in 2008. Working together as RN's in the Operating Room at a local Baltimore hospital, they would spend many lunch breaks discussing the paranormal, from their own personal experiences to the latest episodes of their favorite televised paranormal groups. They both knew they needed answers to all the questions they would theorize about, so in the fall of 2008 they decided to take a digital recorder and camera to Gettysburg battlefield to try their luck. From the first moment they started snapping photos and conducting an EVP session, they were hooked. Even though not much evidence would be captured on that day, they started gaining the most important part of paranormal investigating, and that is experience. To help with our thorough investigation standards the team would add Anthony, Deena and Steve. Anthony also has years of experience in paranormal research and investigations and brings a great wealth of knowledge to the team. Steve and Deena are both Investigators in training and are focusing on the equipment and research side of things, and are really becoming nice investigators. 

    To check out more about our guests, go to www.marylandghosttrackers.com

    For more information regarding Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi and their paranormal team, S.T.U.R.S aka Seeking The Unknown Realm Society go to www.seekingtheunknownrealmsociety.com.  

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    Jan 9th 2016 10pm(PST) Rev Shawn Whittington - Demonologist

    in Paranormal

    Saturday night at 10pm Pacific 1am Eastern, we are joined by the Reverend Shawn Whittington. The Host of "Vegas Supernatural" on the KCOR Digital Radio Network Rev. Shawn is a devout Catholic and an Ordained Spiritual Warfare Minister. His wife Sharon is very strong in her Lutheran faith, and a sensitive/ intuitive. They are a husband and wife ghostbusting team based in Las Vegas Nv. with over 40 years combined experience. The team is fully equipped to perform a thorough paranormal investigation if needed. But, Ghost-B-Gone strives to go one step further than just ghost hunting. They specialize in getting rid of that extra unwanted guest in your home. http://www.ghost-b-gone.biz/


    Ghost-B-Gone has helped many Las Vegas families over the years get their lives and their homes back. Trouble of a paranormal nature can be quite disturbing, and unless you have gone through it yourself, you can't quite know what it is like. Therefore, all inquiries are confidential, and they do not charge for our services, but donations are welcome to cover out of pocket expenses.

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    2 ThoRough - by Will Of God

    in Comedy

    "What Got's Your Ear" = (Gospel or Hip Hop, R & B or Jazz, Country or Rock, House or Reggae) & Why? Is our topic join us for our 697th episode of BevNat