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    The Awesome Nah Sun is in command of Author Talk

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    Size still matters in the mind of Chance who was once slender, but later enjoyed the thrill of sudden thickness. She struggles with dieting and working out to lose a few pounds to live thick and fit. 

    While Chance balances her shape and size, Veronique suffers in a household where her fullness is frowned upon by her father. Issues of family tradition along with her love affair with Lakim also complicate her lifestyle when she walks the thin line between pop culture and family customs. 

    Fashion shows, court dates, ex-lovers, and culture clashes pack the punch in to this drama-erotic sequel to Thick when the Chances are Slim. Feel the blaze…a Nah’Sun blaze. 

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    SDG 166: Sun Stand Still

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    Joshua 10:12–14

    In Joshua chapter 10 there’s an amazing story of the day the sun stood still hence the title of this message: Sun Stand Still.

    Now there are many naysayers and atheists who serve the devil and want us to believe that the Bible is merely myth, but they’re wrong because that’s simply not true.

    These stories are true; they ARE historical fact as we’ll see in this message.

    Now there’s no story in the entire Bible with the exception perhaps of Jonah and the whale that has been more ridiculed than the long day the sun stood still for Joshua.

    But the story of Jonah in the belly of the whale’s a story for another day!.

    Now these skeptics claim that this story of the sun standing still actually disproves the authenticity of the Bible.

    But actually in a very real, strange and glorious way it authenticates and substantiates the authenticity, the reliability, the infallibility, and the factuality of the Word of God.

    And, that’s what we’ll see today as we study the story of the day that the sun stood still.

    Stay tuned as we look at the historical, philosophical and heavenly battles that wage over the day the sun stood still!

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    Urban Therapy with Sun #110 On The Verge Of A Breakdown

    in Self Help

    This show is for all of my people out there that are going through it and are not sure if they can hold on another minute.
    There's hope. It's not as bad as things seem right now. The mere fact that you feel a nervous breakdown coming on is an indication that you're in pretty decent mental/emotional shape.
    We'll discuss ways to avoid a nervous breakdown and the reasons and factors that can bring a breakdown on.
    You don't have to live your life this way.
    You don't have to be scared, stressed, depressed, sad and suffer anxiety attacks. It doesn't have to be that way and we'll show you how to overcome these things and even more.
    More description in a minute along with an additional host will be added.

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  • Urban Therapy with Sun #111 and a 1/2. All The Eggs In One Basket W/Kimz Whimz

    in Parents

    We finish up the show from Wednesday and keep the great talk going.

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    PMP: Denean - Sun Child Returning

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    Denean, winner of the 2000 New Mexico "MIC" Award's "Producer of the Year", began playing piano when she was three. "...my background ranges from classical and gospel to my Nashville years as a country/pop singer, songwriter and recording artist. In 1990 my creative focus turned to music for healing and nurturing the soul, thus my true path began," says Denean.

    Denean spent over a decade on the Nashville scene. In 1991 Denean left a recording deal with a country label to join Etherean Music of Colorado where she released "Fire Prayer" (1991), "The Weaving" (1993), and "Thunder" (1994) for which she has received international acclaim. While recording "The Weaving" Denean was also working with Disney's Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz as the voice of Pocahontas in the developmental stages of the animated feature film.

    "As you may know from my recent email, my new album WIKU (Sun Child Returning) is here! It all began a few years ago in deep meditation and ceremony. The focus of my intention was purification and a return to the innocence and light-heartedness of a child while at the same time nourishing and respecting the wisdom that life teaches and that has deepened through my journey.

    The spirit world gave a symbol and gave it a name. "Wiku" is a Lakota word... it means "Sun Child Returning". In the symbol you see the belly "pregnant with life" and the arm extended back which means "letting go of the past". This total surrendering of past... is how one returns to innocence. It cannot truly be done without letting go of this particular sacrifice...the past...all of it! When this is done, you are then able to be fully present in the now. You are free."

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    SUN Interview with Justice Lane on the MAAD HOUSE MUSIC SHOW

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    LIVE ON MAADHOUSERADIOSHOW THIS FRIDAY NOVEMBER 21 7-9PM EASTERN TIME 6-8 CT W/ YA GIRL JUSTICELANE Hip hop artist #Sun on  WWW.IFM-RADIO.COM well talk about his newest projects, videos, mobb deep tour and. Much much more....

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    Idaho's Trailing of the Sheep Festival in Sun Valley

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    Come with Travel Brigade to the annual Trailing of the Sheep Festival in the beautiful mountain towns of Ketchum and Hailey, Idaho, near the famous Sun Valley Resort. This festival in the area where Hemingway once lived, features history, celebrations and more ways than you could ever think of to cook lamb as chefs from around the area fill the festival with their dishes. We’ll also take in the Championship Sheepdog Trials where border collies show off their herding skills. The event culminates with a parade where thousands of sheep are herded right down Ketchum’s Main Street. Enjoy the trip! Follow us on Twitter @TravelBrigade.

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    Urban Therapy with Sun #105 Fear No Future with Shenice Jones

    in Health

    Have you ever been to see a psychic or have thought about going to get a reading? Have you ever wondered about what the future may have in store for you? Ever wonder about why things turned out the way they did in the past? Does the thought of knowing what may happen to you in the future make you nervous and scared or have you taken such good care of today that you have no reason to fear? Don't we all have reason to be a little concerned about our futures?
    We have Shenice Neeci Jones coming on to the Urban Therapy with SUN Show to showcase her years of experience as a Clairvoyant Healer/Teacher. Her company Oracle Treehouse, LLC Intuitive and Healing Services has been providing clients with psychic readings and and miracle-like revelations about secrets that have helped to unlock mysteries about their pasts and and keys that have helped to guide them effectively towards their futures.
    The best part about all of this is that Neeci is gonna do give complimentary readings to our listeners who call in so you wanna be sure to call in and take advantage of this valuable service!........That is if you ain't scared. LOL
    Come welcome Shenice Jones to Urban Therapy with Sun and allow her comforting, down-to-earth approach to psychic reading help you in ways that you never thought imaginable. She's here to help so please take full advantage of this opportunity because she is the real deal......with emphasis on REAL.

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    "THE SUN" Who Jesus Christ Really Is / The Truth Must Be Told Right Now

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    "THE SUN" Who Jesus Christ Really Is / The Truth Must Be Told Right Now

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