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    2D Sports Radio Presents PWR SLAM! Last Ladies Night Of 2015

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    TONIGHT at 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST on PWR SLAM! # 87 "Ladies Night" we will be joined by NWA Smoky Mountain in our Indy Spotlight to talk about their HUGE show this weekend which will feature the current and reigning NWA World Heavyweight Champion & 1/2 of the NWA World Tag Team Champions "GodZilla" Jax Dane when he will defend the 10 pounds of gold against his tag team partner "Iron Man" Rob Conway. Other matches include Bullet Club Member Chase Owens W/ Ricky Morton Vs. Kid Kash in a Career Vs. Career match as it will be Kash's & Morton's careers on the line in this match for the ages.

    Then it's on to "Ladies Night" when we will be joined first by a young woman making waves everywhere she goes we will be joined by the lovely and very talented Rachel Freeman we will talk about what wanted to get her involved in the business, who trained her and all of her career. We very much look forward to this interview and know that you our listeners will very much enjoy it.After that we will be joined by our main guest of the evening and with that brings the controversy which we never have nor will we ever steer away from this young lady has been a BIG mouthpiece everywhere she goes, but don't let her big mouth fool you because she's got the goods to back up the smack she talks, Annie Raeth! We will be talking with Annie about training, her early career, being a valet and the art of being a successful manager today, and of course her wrestling career. We will also talk big accomplishments like her match with "The Beautiful People's" Own Angelina Love!Join Sean, Steve, & Katie for ALL of this  TONIGHT at 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST!  We invite all of our listeners to call in with their questions, comments, or concerns by using the blue handy dandy skype button or by calling in on the listener line at 347-826-9418. ***ALL CALLERS ARE SUBJECT TO SCREENING & TIME RESTRICTIONS***

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    PWR SLAM! Presents An Evening With Les Thatcher

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    Bring your notebooks and TAKE NOTES! What you are going to recieve tonight in two hours for FREE others have had to PAY to get! PWR SLAM! is priviledged to present to you "An Evening With Les Thatcher".

    You will hear two hours of instruction, stories and jokes from one of the most well known trainers and promoters the wrestling business has ever had. The list of wrestlers who have spent time under Les' tutelage is a Who's Who of the business, including Matt Stryker, Shark Boy, B.J. Whitmer, Chad Collyer, Charlie Haas, Shannon Moore, Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli, and Dean Ambrose. He has worked behind the mic with Gordon Solie, Bob Caudel, Lance Russell, Jim Ross and Jim Cornette. A lot of the concepts he brought to wrestling television are still in use.

    During his time running the Heartland Wrestling Federation he ran the annual Brian Pillman Memorial Show and is also a champion bodybuilder, winning five championships in fourteen contests.
    We welcome your comments and questions (which will be screened for content) via our chat, by using the Skype button or calling us at (347) 826-9418. Steve, Katie and Sean are looking forward to speaking to Les, we hope you're looking forward to listening to him.


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    2D Sports Radio Presents PWR SLAM! Revisits Georgia Champonship Wrestling

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    Tonight PWR SLAM! goes back to the early days of cable TV when Ted Turner put his shows on at 5 and 35 after the hour "so you can see how boring everyone else's stuff is then come watch MY shows". In those days, the whole nation was starting to turn to something called Super 17 on Saturday night starting at 6:05 P.M. Eastern for a little show called "Georgia Championship Wrestling". At that time, the Georgia territory, owned and run by Ole Anderson, was part of the National Wrestling Alliance when it was still a powerhouse and part of the Big 3 along with Verne Gagne's AWA and a little promotion then run by Vince McMahon Sr. called the World Wrestling Federation.

    The roster was one of the top groups of its time, from the enhancement guys such as George South, Alabama Jr. Heavyweight Champion Mike Jackson and The Mulkey Brothers to the top stars, NWA World Champion Nature Boy Ric Flair, Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy, who were feuding at the time, Tommy "Wildfire" Rich and many more. Among that group were two good old Southern boys who definately were "rasslers", Joel Deaton and Bob Cook.

    Joel Deaton was working as a personal trainer when Lars Anderson took him under his wing and trained him for an in ring career. Aftera short stint in Anderson's promotion Joel left for his first stint at GCW. He not only wrestled as Joel Deaton, he put on a mask and wrestled as Thunderfoot, where he was managed by the legendary James J. Dillon. Joel has been with us on our Promoter's Roundtable and was part of our Anniversary, but this will be his first featured appearance.

    Joining Joel will be another stalwart from those Georgia days, Bob Cook. Bob is also a protege of Professor Boris Malenko so his heritage is stellar. We will discuss his beginnings in the ring, wrestling new WWE Hall Of Fame member Sting and donning a familiar mask.

    Questions will be taken by Skype or (347) 826-9418.

  • 2D Sports Radio Network Presents: PWR SLAM! Babes of Brutality

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    Join your hosts "Sadistic" Sean David, "The Dean of Wrestling Referees" Steve Cain, & "Khaotic" Katie on Wendesday Nights at 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST for PWR SLAM! on the 2D Sports Network Each & Every Wednesday Night. Chat Opens 30 Minutes before we inivite everyone to join in on the live chat discussion during the live show by joining BTR (FREE of charge). We also invite all of our listners to call in with their questions and comments by using the blue handy dandy skype button or by calling in via phone at (347) 826-9418 ***ALL CALLERS SUBJECT TO SCREENING & TIME RESTRICTIONS***  Tonight Once again, it's Ladies Night, but we're NOT being sweet and petite, we're being brutal. We have three ladies that are so tough, Sean and Steve are afraid of them! And once again, controversy raises its head and we do not shy away from it. Last time out, Randi West's name was brought up as the reason another guest cancelled. We're going to explore that with no limits when we talk to the 2015 Queen of The Death Matches Randi West. Kathy "The Butcher" Owens returns from last month when we were unable to be heard so now you will definitely be able to hear what she has to say about the business and how she feels she fits in it. Finally we also bring in someone we're looking forward to talking to, just because it's taken forever to get her, a woman with a more OLD SCHOOL look and approach to this business simply known as Thunderkitty. Join Sean, Steve & Katie and bring your questins. We invite everyone to join us for PWR SLAM'S! "Babes of Brtuality" Ladies Night! You're not going to want to miss this it's going to get heated we promise you that. We also promise it will be 3 FULL hours of FANDEMONIUM! http://www.facebook.com/pwroundtable

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    2D Sports Radio Presents PWR SLAM! Goes To The EXTREME!

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    Tonight, PWR SLAM! goes to the EXTREME as we interview two long time original members of the ECW roster, Axl Rotten and 2 Cold Scorpio.

    Our Promoter Spotlight tonight features Brandon Oliver.Brandon represents River CityWrestling in San Antoino, Tx. This Friday, River City presents a special card that will include a special birthday party for WWE Hall Of Fame member Luke Williams of the Bushwackers. We look forward to talking to Brandon about this special event. Then it's time to get EXTREME!

    Axl Rotten was with us previously after the passing of Hack Meyers. Tonight we welcome him in a happier circumstance. Axl knew early on in his life and left school at 16 to train with the late Ricky Lawless, who became his first tag team partner. After Lawless' death, Axl went solo until he started training the guy who would become Ian Rotten, his tag team partner in what became known as The Bad Breed. His life and career changed in World Championship Wrestling. It was there he met Paul Heyman who brought him into a fledgling promotion called ECW. Axl and Ian fought together and even feuded. We'll talk Global, WCW, ECW (of course) and his health issues and his amazing recovery.

    Then we get to one of the original high flyers in our business, 2 Cold Scorpio. The Denver native knocked around the independents until Leon "Vader" White suggested he go to New Japan Pro Wrestling. From there he came to the states with World Championship Wrestling, making his debut on November 18, 1992 at Clash Of The Champions XXI where he literally made a splash, being the first wrestler to employ the 450 Splash in America. From there he moved on to what was NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling. On August 27, 1994 Scorpio became part of one of the biggest controversies in wrestling history when he lost to Shane Douglas who trashed the NWA belt. We will discuss his varied career.

    Join us in chat, Skype or (347) 826-9418.


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    PWR SLAM! Featuring Shannon Moore

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    He was a punk prince, he was a book author (The Book Of D. I. L. I. G. A. F.) a tag team champion and a tattoo artist. This Wednesday night PWR SLAM! returns with former WCW /WWE /TNA star Shannon Moore. We will discuss not being the biggest guy in the ring but still making himself a star, the beginning of Ink, Inc., the tattoo business and whatever else he (and us) can think of. We welcome your questions either through a our chat room or by phone at 646-478-0073. Questions will be screened for time and content.

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    PWR Slam! Featuring David Starr

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    Tonight PWR SLAM! comes to you at  10/9 Central. After a brief discussion of the current Survivor Series main event and the emergence of Erick Rowan without the Wyatt Family and the re-emergence of Skip "Ryback" Sheffield. After that, we talk to representatives of New Breed Pro Wrestling in Tennessee about their show this weekend.


    Our main guest for tonight says he's "Over As (expletive)" and currently holding FOUR tag team titles he may be right. David Starr is one half of the tag team known as The Juicy Product. We will talk about his amateur background, training under Samu of the Headshrinkers, going to CZW and the East Coast wrestling scene. We welcome callers at (number) but all calls are screened for content and time. Note : language will probably be of an adult nature, listener discretion is advised.

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    2D Sports Presents: PWR SLAM! A State of Emergency

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    A few minutes ago we received and have verified information concerning a credible threat concerning Survivor Series. We will be going LIVE at 3:00/2:00 Central to discuss the threat and what affect, if any, it may have on tomorrow night's event. Call in via skype or via phone at (347)-826-9418. Follow us on our social medias www.facebook.com/pwroundtable or on twitter @PWRSLAM. 

  • 2D Sports Radio Presents: PWR SLAM! Ladies Night W/ Stephy & Wonder

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    After being off a week due to unforseen circumstances, Sean, Steve and Katie return for a delayed Ladies Night. We are going to have THREE promotions that will be joining us tonight. Once again our friends from 605 Wrestling. They have another big card planned and we will see what they have planned for this weekend. Joining them will be two new promotions,  Xalour and IHWE. Xalour is out of Pennsylvania and IHWE is from Texas. The IHWE show is going to be huge as the current NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jax Dane, will be on hand to defend his title. After that, we will turn it over to the ladies, and we have a couple of good ones. Brittany Wonder calls herself the leader of the ARSE-enal and your Hoodslam Superhero. We will talk about wrestling, life and "winning from behind". Also joining us will be Sassy Stephanie. Stephanie is a ring veteran, appearing in numerous top women's promotions including SHIMMER and SHINE along with appearances in CHIKARA. As always, your questions are welcome via chat, Skype or phone at (347)-826-9418. All questions will be screened for content and used as time permits. Be sure to follow us on our social medias: For PWR SLAM www.facebook.com/pwroundtable or @PWRSLAM on Twitter. For Rampage Rants www.facebook.com/rampagerants or @RampageRants on Twitter. 

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    2D Sports Radio Network Presents: PWR SLAM! Brawls Like A Gentlemen!

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    Join us for PWR SLAM! Each & Every Wednesday Night at 9 PM EST / 8 PM CS. This week we talk to a revolutionary, an ambassador, a model and a gentleman. Several of these actually describes one person. In our spotlight, Koby Rutland from Bodyslam Media Productions will join us to talk about the two shows they will be running this weekend with some top name talent, including WWE Hall Of Fame member Jerry The King Lawler. Also joining us from Bodyslam will be wrestler Andy Dalton. We will then be joined by former WWE star Sylvain Grenier. Sylvain's career in WWE spanned a number of incarnations, from the anti American revolutionary in La Resistance to Sylvan the Model to Sylvain, Ambassador From Quebec. Now of course when you put a guy from Quebec, an opinionated female from Toronto, and a host from the city of the Stanley Cup champions, there will be hockey talk and it might turn into verbal fisticuffs. Speaking of fisticuffs, our featured guest knows how to put his up in the classical sense. Eric Right, known as The Gentleman Brawler, is one of the most unique wrestlers on the scene today. Coming down to the ring in a robe and towel, with a handlebar mustache and the low cut boots of the early days of wrestling, Eric combines the look with a skill that has made him one of the people you just can't miss. Gaining national exposure as part of the roster of Paragon Pro Wrestling, we will talk about the changes in Eric's personna from where he started to where he is now and what he sees for the future of The Gentleman Brawler. As always, Sean, Steve and Katie welcome your questions via our chat room by joining Blog Talk Radio (FREE of Charge), Skype or phone at (347) 826-9418. Please remember all calls and the chat will be screened. ***ALL CALLS MAY BE SUBJECT TO SCREENING & TIME RESTRICTIONS*** Join us as we Brawl Like A Gentleman (And One Lady) for what promises to be 3 FULL hours of Fantabulous Fandemonium Indytainment!

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    PWR SLAM! RETURNS With the Stars of MMA

    in Wrestling

    PWR Slam! Retuns TONIGHT! PWR Slam! In the past has brought you the stars of Pro Wrestling, but TONIGHT we bring you the stars of MMA! Tonight we are joined by two of the BIGGEST names in ALL of MMA. That's right TONIGHT we are joined by one of the NEWEST stars of the octogan in former WWE Superstar C.M. Punk and one of the most outspoken women in ALL of MMA in Ronda Rousey!!! We uncover why Punk left WWE, what his goals are for MMA, will he ever return to the octogan and more! We talk with Ronda Rousey about her MMA career and if she will ever step into the squared circle, especially considering what we just saw at WrestleMania 31 between her and Stephanie. Join your hosts "Sadistic" Sean David, Steve Cain, & whoever else might show up for this very LOADED edition of PWR Slam! Chat Opens 30 Mins before we go live. We go live at  10 CST/ 11 EST. Do NOT Miss This!