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    Pursue Your Passion

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    http://blogtalkradio.com/hollischapmanshow How to find your passsion and make money doing what you love.Join Hollis Chapman as he speaks with outstanding guests every Friday.Call into the show and you can win free gifts from the authors.What is Victory for you? with Cheri Ruskus.


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  • Follow Your Passion and Propel Prosperity

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    Find yourself involved in what it is you are most passion about. Follow your passions and propel prosperity. Life's stress comes in when daily activities are not living up to our expectations. When daily activities are not resulting in adequate needs and desires. When daily activities produce outcomes and we have no control to make change or when we have abilities and our fears hold us back. Others see us too many times in ways we try to live up to and as life goes on we find we are totally stressed and not at all satisfied in our daily outcomes. Identify and follow your utmost passions beginning this day and the rewards will shine through mentally, physically, and financially.

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    Discover Your Purpose ~ Find Your Passion!

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    Join us today on Women Leading the Way Radio as your host of Business IS Personal, Shawn Marie Turi, interviews Nikki Barua, CEO of BeyondCurious.

    A born entrepreneur, Nikki Barua is driven by her purpose of empowering people and inspiring them to create extraordinary impact. She guides BeyondCurious – an innovation agency – on the quest for helping brands gain marketplace momentum through high-impact digital products and services.

    Nikki will share some of her knowledge and insights on living a purpose driven business and a passion driven life. We’ll talk about how one goes about discovering their purpose and what that really means. We’ll discuss why momentum matters and what it really means to retain control of your company’s destiny as well as your own.

    Shawn Marie Turi is your host of Business IS Personal: (What you do and WHY you do it… MATTERS!), a show focused on interviewing remarkable professional women and entrepreneurs who are doing what they love, kicking ass and believe that ‘Business IS (in fact) Personal’…and what we do, how we do it, and most importantly, why we do it really does matter!

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    How to Live Your Passion: The Art of Following Your Heart

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    Back by popular demand an ENCORE PRESENTATION! 

    Life Interrupted Radio is about finding and living your gifts.  Join Sharon Sayler, host of Life Interrupted Radio when she chats with a personal guide of hers, Bev Martin on how you can successfully follow your heart and create the life of her dreams. Bev grew up in Southern Africa, experiencing first-hand the contrasts of the first and third worlds, side by side AND trying to fit in somewhere....

    As a young girl, Bev realized she could talk with family members who had passed onto the next life and felt deeply the emotions of those around her. She didn’t know it was “odd” until people around her had no answers except to say “this is one weird kid!” As she grew up, she tried hard to fit-in until one day, a revered African healer and wisdom keeper named her, in Zulu, “Eldest Daughter of Light.” Several experiences led Bev to set out to trust something greater and overcome fear to live her true calling.  

    Today, Bev’s deepest joy is to give people who are hungry for greater meaning and spiritual solutions, access to the answers within themselves — and the feeling of deep satisfaction that comes from connecting with their thoughts, wisdom and true ideas and we welcome her to Life Interrupted Radio to discover how we too can live our gifts.

    Learn more about Bev at www.BevMartin.com



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    Unlocking your wholehearted passion to fulfill your purpose!

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    To unlock  your passion and fulfull your purpose with meaning there are six questions to ask your self in preperation in moving forward and to realign yourself to your PURPOSE AND POTENTIAL!






    Future ACTION

    See you on the trail of your success!

    Look UP & OUT!

    Tracy Worley


    Tracy has been speaking out loud from the inside out since the day she was born. She energizes audiences with humor while weaving practical practice into communication, engagement, and finding your individual and organizational potential.

    Tracy specializes in your needs, audience energy, and ensuring your audience leaves with practical tools they can use every day! She has been training and creating content for over 20 years; tenaciously leveraging her knowledge and speaking to larger audiences.

    You have infinite potential, and I can see it, feel it, and help you find Potential. ~ Tracy Worley

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    passion for

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    Are You Denying Your Passion?

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    Is it time to do your life with passion?  In this episode find out if your excuses are valid when it comes to your goal achievement or lack of achievement.  Finally look at what may keep stalling you.  This episode is sure to be an eye opener.  Learn more about getting your breakthrough in life by taking the time to learn about your passion.  Repeat show.

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    When Passion Meets Purpose

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    Join us as we discuss relevant topics that are sure to ignite your desire to persevere and pursue all that The Lord has ordained for your life. God's will is that your passion would intersect with your God-given purpose and cause you to experience life in ways that you never thought possible. He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we could ever as or think.

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    passsion for christ 

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    Getting air and following your passion

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    Tune in for highflying, motivational interview with proskater and instructor Dan MacFarlane. After climbing through the ranks of the skateboard industry, doing well in contests, and his sponsors turning him pro, he eventually set off on his own to create Mentality Skateboards in 2003, and the bestselling instructional video "Skateboarding Explained". 

    Dan is a loves skateboarding and motivation and shares his story to inspire others.