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    Pursuing Your Purpose By Carl Mathis

    in Spirituality

    Carl Mathis, a preacher, author, with the gift of influencing and deeply touching the hearts and souls of those who need to hear spiritual truth in practical terms. The author of Life is What You Make it – Seven steps to Moving Forward and other inspiring volumes now imparts a profound message for all who desire to be spiritually fortified and remain goal–oriented. In this little guide to an abundant work, home, and spiritual life, he instructs that the sum of your life is in the choices that you make. If you choose wisely, your life will be rich and rewarding. If you choose with a plan in your head and God in your heart, you will never lose. Carl Mathis doesn’t want you to settle for less than you are capable of or less than what God wants for you. Mathis teaches ageless biblical principles that God reveals the keys to personal success each and every moment of every day. In Pursuing Your Purpose Carl Mathis shows you how to: Release yourself from damaging relationships and debilitating fears, and move beyond your painful past. Courageously face and conquer obstacles that may stand in your path to success. Recognize and utilize your God-given potential to its fullest. Set goals and develop strategies so that you may be all God wants you to be and fulfill that plan He has for you. This is Volume 1 of a series handbook for excellence and effectiveness in the twenty-first century. It is written for those who refuse to waste a single day and who fervently desire to build momentum and pursue purpose each and every day.

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    Tribute to Dr. Myles Munroe with CEO Calvin Brown-Understanding Purpose

    in Goals

    Join Dr. Daniel Haupt with visionary CEO Calvin Brown as they pay tribute to the life and legacy of Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe two Kingdom Chariots who have been called back to Heaven to be rewarded for their Royal Service. To have access 24/7 to Kingdomecentric information and inspiration tune into voiceofdestinyonline.com and to be to up to date on Voice of Destiny Events, Programs and Services by visiting our home website voiceofdestiny.org .To pay tribute to the legacy of Dr. Myles and Ruth Monroe visit the Tribute page at Voiceofdestiny.org and leave your comments from the heart in our guest book @ voiceofdestiny.org


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    Secrets to Oneness in Marriage pt 2 with Rick and Liz

    in Relationships

    Dr.Daniel Haupt and life coach Juanita Harris continues to talk on Oneness with power Couple Rick and Liz Kendall. They discuss insights on how to shift gears in your marriage when times,seasons and changes alter who you are, to set the stage for who you are to become next in your Oneness.This segment of Voice of Destiny:Couples for destiny is available on voiceofdestinyonline.com 24/7.

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    Below the Surface: Michelle Mattingly Moore

    in Religion

    This week I will be interviewing Michelle Mattingly Moore about liiving out your purpose!
    With over 40 sales and leadership awards, Michelle Moore has proven she is talented and knowledgeable in real estate and sales techniques. But regardless of the success, she couldn’t find what had been missing since being abandoned as a child by both of her parents. It wasn’t until she learned about the unwavering love of Jesus that she began to experience feelings of value in her life.
    Now as a current member of the Solomon’s Porch Society, Michelle speaks words of truth, love, and empowerment into the lives of women. Michelle also enjoys speaking, teaching, coaching, motivating, and inspiring men and women to achieve the highest level of success personally and in their careers.
    Michelle lives with her husband, Jeff, and two beautiful sons, in Lebanon, Tennessee. You can contact her at Michelle@BeYourTop.com.
    Some of Michelles contributions include:
    Contributing Author in God Crazy Freedom Co-Author of God Crazy Freedom - Abandonment Built Keller Williams Green Hills to being 4th most profitable Market Center in Second Quarter 2010 Servant’s Choice Leadership Award at Oasis Worship 2010 Taught 360° Leadership at Oasis Worship, Spring 2010 and Fall 2012 Quoted in Various Tennessean articles/stories about real estate and related topics including issues with moving Named Junior Operations Member Pulte Homes/Del Webb Communities 2007  

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    Topic Thursday: Purpose

    in Religion

    Discussing how to find or recognize your Purpuse. Join Us