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    Puppy and Kitten Madness (The Puppy/Kitten Bowl Pre-Show)

    in Pets

    It's that time again!  Who needs the Super Bowl, when you have the cutest puppies battling for the ultimate glory against other puppies?  And to make things even better, the same thing will be happening with kittens!  Join hosts J and D as they give indepth stats on some of the cutest players in the league.  Also find out more about the animal shelters involved in supplying this year's puppies and kittens, and the adoption process.  Don't miss this Missy Show episode at a special Mardi Gras friendly time of 10pm Central.  And don't miss The Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, February 7th at 3/2c.  The Kitten Bowl airs the same date on Hallmark Channel at 12/11c.

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    Pet Radio-Earl the Grumpy Puppy and Cricket

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    Gizmo comes back to give us the latest news of the Gizmo report, and...

    Earl the Grumpy puppy and Cricket, two doggies you will love!

    Cricket is a Chihuahua Mix, with Whippet or Italian Greyhound, maybe some Min-Pin & supposedly Papillon - but Mom thinks thats nuts, DNA test or not! He's the sweetest, silliest, little guy. Born 8/16/11, adopted 11/28/14.

    Earl has been called the dog version of Grumpy Cat, but has his own unique charm. You will get to know Earl and his Daddy.

    Please visit our web site

    We hope you will tune in and join the fun.

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    Puppy Love! The Falling In Love Feelings!

    in Family

    What is the difference between Puppy Love and the daily grind of a relationship?
    What is "Fool's Love"?

    What impacts your love life?  Let's talk about taking down the boundaries to great relationships!  It may surprise you to learn that your relationship "stinks" through "No Fault" of your own!  Really, I mean that!  Listen to the whole episode if you want the secret because I will share it over the hour!

    Cheers to an exciting lvoe life!   You will see life differently after this episode!  You will think differently after this episode! Can you Neothink (new think)?  Sure you can!

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    Puppy Training Tips - "GD DOG! (Garbage Digging Dog)"

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    Hello listeners! You are in for a great show! The Puppy Whisperer will be discussing future plans for the show and the best information to be able to share with fellow dog lovers! My husband and I will be putting together ideas from our listeners for the greatest show ever! Let's put our heads together and create an educational, funny show full of fun facts for everyone who loves dogs!

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    Puppy Training Tips-AA - Anxiety Anonymous: "Hello, my name is Fido and I am addicted to my people."

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    Does your pet suffer from anxiety? Next week, The Puppy Whisperer is going to discuss the different ways to fix and prevent anxious animals to help them live happier, healthier lives. Tune in and chat or text your questions or email Thepuppywhisperer@yahoo.com. Let's get together and help each other lower stress levels in our pets and in our lives!

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    Day Drinking: SuperBowls, Puppy Bowls, Kitty Bowls & throwing Trumper Tantrums

    in Comedy

    Are you ready for the superbowl weekend? Who do you think will win? This week on MisAdventures of my Hysterical Life we will discuss the superbowl, puppy bowl, and kitty bowl. We will also talk about the twitter war between Cruz and Trump, and what is a Trumper Tantrum? Do you ever go on your friends Facebook page and share their photos? Do you share there selifes? Well apparently a friend of mine is tripping because someone has shared her profile pictures. We also have a new segment called years.  Its where you tweet me a year and we I talk about where I was what I was doing and we also try and guess what year it is. All this tonight and more tune in turn on and be ready for some fun stuff. 

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    Puppy Training Tips - "Biting the Biter!!"

    in Pets

    This segment will help dog owners have a better understanding about why our puppies bite us so much. We will focus on ways to combat the biting and how to help our "teething" babies get through this horrible stage. I will offer tips on what to use that doesn't bite into your wallet.

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    Dominant Puppy??

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    Gigi has a puppy that she perceives has a streak to be the pack leader. She is worried, since he is a bull mastive that she might have trouble down the line.
    Is it possible to have a dominant puppy? Can it be changed? What possibilities are there? What makes a puppy dominant?

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    Ask Alice Show - Puppy Love

    in Lifestyle

    I want to talk about puppy love.

    Let me tell you about my little dog, Jax. 

    He is so good at being in a relationship.

    He is not afraid to ask for exactly what he wants. And he does it so nicely. If he wants to play, he will bring me a toy. And if he wants love or cuddles, he will paw me. Of course, I can’t always accommodate him. But he never gets upset with me.

    And the same is true in reverse. Sometimes I want to be with Jax and he wants nothing to do with me. I never take it personally. And there are times when he might have a little accident on the carpet or I step on his tail by mistake but we never hold a grudge against each other. We are both always good with each other. This little boy is all about giving and receiving love.

    I think you all know where I am going with this.

    ... Listen now and see what Alice & her audience are talking about!

    Keep up with what's on Alice's mind … like her on Facebook & follow her on Twitter.


    Host – Alice Badler

    Executive Producer – Ande Lyons

    Creative Director – Laura Lane

    Musical Composer – Eli Cameron

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    The Bubble Puppy interview

    in Music

    David (Fuzzy) Fore   drummer of The Bubble Puppy will be our guest to discuss the history and current status of this historic Psychedelic band. 

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    Puppy Mills (The Truth You Didn't Know)

    in Pets

    Most people have probably heard something about puppy mills.  But how much do you really know?  In this episode of The Missy Show, we define just what puppy mills are and explore the living conditions these dogs find themselves in.  Before you get your next puppy, be sure to tune in to this episode.  Join hosts J and D, Saturday, January 17th at 5pm Central as they tackle this heartbreaking topic.