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    Andrew Kreig, author and Executive Director of the Justice Integrity Project

    in Politics

    In this episode of Bringing Voices To Power I talk with Andrew Kreig Executive Director of the Justice Integrity Project and author of the book Presidentail Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters. The Justice Integrity Project researches official misconduct. Andrew Kreig delivers blunt, entertaining cutting-edge commentary about public affairs, with practical tips for the millions of Americans caught up in unfair litigation or regulation. Based in Washington, DC, Andrew is an accomplished fighter for the public interest. Learn from his decades of reporting, analysis and advocacy: Shocking tales of recent corruption, deception and cover-up by both parties in communities ranging from small towns to world capitals; and practical how-to tips for reformers on action that brings real-world results. Presidential Puppetry documents what many millions have long suspected: secretive elites guide our government leaders. Puppetry reveals scandals and shows why Congress, courts, and other watchdog institutions fail to report key facts about even the biggest news makers. 

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    Dan Bucatinsky & Paul Fusco | Matthew Aaron Show (10/22/14)

    in Entertainment

    Emmy Winning Actor/Writer/Producer Dan Bucatinsky (Scandal, Web Therapy, The Comeback...) & Voice Actor/Writer/Producer Paul Fusco (ALF...) join us on The Matthew Aaron Show this Wednesday (10/22) as we broadcast from Chicago starting at 5pm PT / 7pm CT.

    Dan joins us to discuss the fourth season premiere of the Showtime comedy series WEB THERAPY and the return of the HBO comedy series THE COMEBACK, both starring his producing partner Lisa Kudrow.

    Paul joins us to discuss his career, how he got into puppetry, the origins of his most famous character ALF, and the recent DVD release of his 1983 special SANTA'S MAGIC TOY BAG.

    Show starts at 5pm PT (7pm CT / 8pm ET.) Stream it live from our website or subscribe for free and download the show on iTunes. You can also listen on the go on your Android/iPhone/iPad device via Stitcher.

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    in Music

    John Klemmer (born July 3, 1946) is an American saxophonist, composer, song writer and arranger.[1]

    He was born in Chicago, Illinois, and began playing guitar at the age of 5 and alto saxophone at the age of 11. His other early interests included graphics and visual art, writing, dance, puppetry, painting, sculpting and poetry. He studied at schools that include The Art Institute of Chicago and began touring with various local midwest "ghost big bands" (Les Elgart, Woody Herman) as well as playing with small local jazz and rock groups. After switching to tenor saxophone in high school, Klemmer participated actively in the local Chicago jazz scene, playing with commercial small groups and big bands while leading his own groups in the Chicago area and touring.Klemmer had extensive studies in music, taking private lessons as a youth and in college in piano, conducting, harmony, theory, composition, arranging, clarinet, flute and classical and jazz saxophone. He studied saxophone and jazz improvisation with noted Chicago saxophonist and teacher Joe Daley. He attended the prestigious Interlochen's National Music Camp. The year he graduated from high school, Klemmer was signed by producer Esmond Edwards at Cadet/Chess Records, eventually recording five albums with Cadet/Chess, including his innovative hit album, Blowin Gold (co-produced by ex-Rolling Stones producer Marshall Chess). This album was considered by many as the first of the jazz/rock fusion genre; follow-up albums introduced innovative rock rhythms, sounds and production techniques and debuted electronic effects with the saxophone that became his now trademark delay sound.


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    Art of The Red River, RRR

    in Books

    Join artists and show hosts, Mike Dubisch, Carolyn Watson Dubisch, and Wade Zahares as they talk to artists, sculptors and other members of the art world. Our first guest is an artist from Tucson, Arizona.  Matt Cotten is the artistic director of Puppets Amongus.  He writes, fabricates and performs puppet presntations.  His passion for puppetry grew out of his rich history as a visual and performing artist. He is one of the original artistic directors of Tucson's famous All Souls Procession, as well as being the co-founder and co-director of his past troupe, Tucson Puppet works.  He is  also a painter and for more than ten years taught painting and drawing at the University of Arizona.  Our second guest is painter Pam Akins from Sparks, Maryland. Pam is a graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art and has a masters degree in painting from Queens college in NY.  She has been teaching art in the Baltimore county school system for nearly 30 years.  While raising 2 children with her husband and artist, Jeff, she has been painting the Maryland landscape. She shows her work in several galleries in the Baltimore area.  Listen in for your window into the world of art.

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    Celebrate Your Children with Ami Sattinger - Astrologer and Life Coach

    in Parents


    Ami is an Astrological Consultant and Life Coach that utilizes her diverse skills to provide concise and uplifting readings for children, adults, and families. She has trained with some of the pioneering Astrologers who have integrated their work in Astrology with the field of Holistic Health and Wellness, to help bridge the gap between these 2 diverse fields. She has 28 years of experience as an Astrological Consultant, Life Coach, Educator, Presenter and Teacher of classes and workshops.

    She has also studied Waldorf Teacher Training, “Compassionate Communication”, Life Coaching, Holistic Nutrition, Crystal Healing, Massage, and offers Light Energy to many clients and their families. Ami loves to inspire people and make them laugh, and uses her training in Improvisational Theater, Puppetry, and Voice Acting to entertain children and adults of all ages, at a variety of events.

    Ami sees the horoscope as the theater of life; the houses show us where we will have many of our life experiences, the planets are the actors, and the signs are the script that we use to understand our life journey. She wants to encourage each person how to best utilize their personal gifts and talents in their birth chart, so they can live with greater joy and fulfillment.

    What connection do you see with ADHD and Astrology that could support parents?
    How can parents use Astrology to help their children learn how to learn more easily?







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    Artister - Other Possibilities Network

    in Art

    Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom is delighted to kick off Season #3 with Mark Boyd, Artister and Impresario, founder of the Cacophony Circus, and Producer Director of The Other Possibilities Network on livestream.com/otherpossibilities

    We'll talk about his weekly Mountain Minutes show, doing awesome stuff and the good works, and trusting your cape.

    To receive notifications of upcoming Talkupy shows and weekly blog posts please click here and drop me a short note to be added to the e-mail list. Your privacy is always respected.

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    Carson's Corner with Bob Carson.

    in Politics Progressive

    On this episode of Carson's Corner, we welcome back to the show Andrew Kreig. Kreig, an investigator, journalist, author, and executive director of the Justice Integrity Project, has investigated Governor Christie extensively over the past 4 years.  Andrew and I will discuss the latest news on the Christie scandal, implications for the future, and much more. We'll also discuss how the Christie saga helps Jeb Bush in 2016. Plus, Andrew has used his extensive research skills to write his second book, Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney, and Their Masters. We will be discussing this book at length, which has stunning details about Obama. Don't miss this great edition of Carson's Corner. And make sure to check out the Justice Integrity Project at http://www.justice-integrity.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=21&Itemid=101

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    Thursday Night Brainstorm 09.05.13

    in Entertainment

    Serious about Syria
    prison sex
    dick tricks
    lady wants nuggets
    Local News:
    pedestrian hit and killed, wasn't using crosswalk.
    Music by Mime Game

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    Milling About at Blue Sky Studio

    in Entertainment

    Milling About visits Blue Sky studio, the creators behind Ice Age, for a behind the scenes tour of the making of Epic, now available on Blu-Ray and DVD. Starring the voice talent of Colin Farrell, Amanda Seyfried and directed by Chris Wedge, Producer John Donkin takes host Robin Milling on a guided tour to the departments that are responsible for making Epic. John says it takes about three years from inception to screen overseeing the creative team for theatrical and home video release. He tells Robin there's nothing more rewarding than when the movie appeals emotionally to parents as well as to kids. They are wary of off-color jokes so Denis Leary, the voice of Diego, had to be wrangled in so his kids could watch.
    Senior Character Technical Director Sabine Heller's job is to put anatomy into the characters about nine months before the animator puts them in motion. With a click of the mouse she makes Nim Galuu smile or move one of his many arms and legs. Sabine says she does her homework learning everything about caterpillar anatomy to see how they actually move. She also takes nature walks around the property and nearby Audubon Center looking for real life inspiration.
    Story artist Warren Leonhardt gets a script, a handful of characters, some of the set and literally acts out a dress rehearsal for the director. Part actor, Warren pitches the scene from the storyboard complete with verbal sound effects.
    The final step is animation led by Senior Animator David Sloss which he describes as puppetry designing each facial or body movement. Video references are shot by the animators acting out the scene for the director to give his

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    The Road To Midian Presents - Dustin Wayde Mills

    in Entertainment

    The Road To Midian is proud to welcom fellow indie filmmaker Dustin Wade Mills to the show. In just a few short years in the scen Dustin have produced and directed several feature films into distribution including but not limited to "Puppet Monster Massacre", "Zombie A-Hole" - (our personal favorite here in Midian), "Night Of The Tentacles", "Bath Salt Zombies" and more. Plus, he also has contributed a short for The Collective V4! With several more films in production including "The Ballad of Skinless Pete" which gets the vote for coolest title in the world, and more in the future for Mills! We'll talk his insane skills of puppetry, special effects, CGI, tentacles and MORE! Join us and cohost Edward X. Young here at the Red Flag Nation where no subject is taboo and censorship has no dominion.

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    Chillpak Hollywood Hour #308 - Insightful, Inspiring, Irreverent

    in Film

    After a follow-up question from a loyal listener about last week’s show, your friends in podcasting leap around the world, covering comedy, painting, poetry, movies, theatre, novels, puppetry and mental illness!

    Full of insight, inspiration and irreverence, it’s YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour!