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    Throwback Thursdays With Boss Queen Love Harris Parental Punishments

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    Welcome to Throwback Thursdays with me your Host Boss Queen Love Harris. Let's take it back to the butt whoopings and punishments! Man they were the worse! I wanna know what was the worse punishment you had.Come kick it with me an the other callers. This will be soooooooo much fun! Call in at (347) 857-4391 and press 1 to speak to me. I look forward to this. And plus, as usual, the game we play, "Don't Forget The Lyrics". I play the track, I stop the track, you finish the track! It's Kings vs. Queens! So rep who you with!

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    The Right Side of the Pond - Punishments in WWE History & NXT Rival Review

    in Wrestling

    On this week's show, Shinobi (@LoPShinobi) and Maverick (@Neil_Pollock79) discuss the latest events coming out of Raw, the Seth Rollins controversy and take a look back at some famous punishments handed out by WWE management to talent over the years.  Mazza (@MazzaLOP) and Randall (@Super_Hoody) then take over to review NXT's latest special.  With a roster stacked full of high reputations and potential, just who would impress us the most?  Find out at our usual time of 9pm UK/4pm EST. 

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    110 Nation Presents: Mr. C.J. Sports Saturday Rant

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    Welcome to the debut of The 110 Nation's newest show!!  Mr. C.J. Sports wanted the opportunity to speak his mind on topics in the sporting world.  Uncensored, uninterrupted and down right entertaining!  This evening Mr. C.J. Sports is going to talk about sports figures and off the field issues.  What does league Presidents and officials need to do?  Do they need to do anything?  Are the punishments fitting the crime?  And much much more in this one hour show.  TUNE in, the raniting begins at 6 PM EST, so don't be late!

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    Heavenly Sunlight

    in Religion

    Jeremiah Chapter 36 King James Version

    God is instructing Jeremiah of  all of the punishments he is going to send upon Israel if they do not  repent and come back to him. Jeremiah writes all of the prophecy on a scroll and gives it  to (Baruch  The Scribe) to read it to the people in the house of the Lord on a special fasting day for Israel & Judah.

    John 10:10 I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abunantly.

    Psalms 73:1-2 Truly God is good to Israel,even to such as are of a clean heart. but as for me, my feet were almost gone; my steps nigh slipped.





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    May 19: Appealing To Drama

    in Sports

    As the sun keeps shinning, the sports world seems to get more and more asinine. That makes things better and better for George "the Howitzer" Gerbo and Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti. 

    The tentacles of DefalteGate are never-ending. Robert Kraft now won't appeal the NFL's punishments against the New England Patriots. What triggered this 180 from Kraft? Mike believes this is part of a bigger conspiracy between Roger Goodell and the Patriots owner. Will this impact Tom Brady's separate appeal? 

    We are down the final four in both the NBA and NHL, but it's the eliminated teams that are staying in the news. Who is to blame for the Clippers epic collapse? Is Doc Rivers overrated? Does too much of the blame get thrown at Chris Paul? Are the Chicago Bulls headed for an offseason of drama? 

    Does Atlanta stand a chance against Cleveland? Is the NBA championship now Golden State's to lose? Has Dwight Howard officially lost his buffoon label and become the main factor of the playoffs? 

    On the ice, have the Ducks now become the favorites? Can either the Lightning or Rangers win the Stanley Cup over either west team? George tries to figure out Rick Nash's problems and Mike waxes poetic on Marian Hossa. 

    The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time.... 

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    Week 38 - Fairness and Equality...Oil and Water?

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    Join us this week as we explore fairness and equality in America. Tom Brady and the Chicago based Jackie Robinson team - is there a difference? Join the discourse of our first segment as we compare and contrast these similar, yet dissimilar scenarios. Atlanta teachers and the Wallstreet magicians...what similarities and differences occured? Were the punishments just?

    For our second segment, we are going to explore the topic of Kinesics (The study and interpretation of body language and gestures). We are going to revisit Mr. Brady's situation - but under the lens of kinesic. What does his body language say about his answers.

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    Steven Meador on Pats, Clippers, LeBron and more

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    Tonight on the program, we chat with our main man, Steven Meador, on “deflategate” and his thoughts on the punishments that Brady and the Pats received. We will also look at all four NBA Playoff series and give you our thoughts on them. #Clippers/ #Rockets updates throughout the show and Steven’s thoughts on Monty Williams getting axed from the Pelicans.

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    Opening Fireball by Pitbull

    End Get Up by Bingo Players feat. Far East Movement

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    FOLSOM'S 93-April Moore

    in Entertainment

    From 1895 to 1937, 93 men were hanged at California's Folsom State Prison, and this book is the first to tell all of their stories, recounting long-forgotten tales of murder and swift justice, or sometimes, swift injustice that hanged an innocent man. Based on a treasury of historical information that has been hidden from the public for nearly 70 years, the full stories of these 93 executed men are presented in this collection including their origins, their crimes, the investigations that brought them to justice, their trials, and their deaths at the gallows. This wealth of previously unpublished historical detail gives a vivid view of the sociology of early 20th-century crime and of the resulting prison life. Readers take a trip back in time to the hard-boiled early 20th-century California that inspired the novels of Dashiell Hammett and countless other crime writers. Illustrated throughout with authentic and haunting prison photographs of each of the condemned men, the crimes and punishments of a vanished era are brought into a sharp and realistic light. Folsom's 93: The Life and Crimes of Folsom Prison's Executed Men-April Moore

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    Last Word

    in Politics

    Today was the last day for oral arguments before the Supreme Court for 2014 2015 term.
    Oklahoma’s hasty, non-science-driven process for selecting midazolam as the first drug in its three-drug protocol did not cohere with its solemn duty to ensure its punishments are lawful,” a brief signed by OCU President Robert Henry (Glossip v. Gross)Suppose that we said we’re going to burn you at the stake, but before we do, we’re going to use an anesthetic of completely unknown properties and unknown effects,” said Justice Kagan 

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    Scandal! - Next Fan Up 4/4/15

    in Football

    The NFL handed out punishments for "crimes" to the Browns and Falcons this week.  But what about the Patriots?  And how about the Jets?  PodVader and Tim Jester, Falcons SuperFan, discuss with input from Rob Koller, the Browns SuperFan, via email. 

    Does Tim feel shame for what the Atlanta Falcons did?  Is the punishment enough to deter this from happening around the league?  Shouldn't the punishment be harsher for Rich McKay, the Chairman of the Competition Committee? 

    How does Rob feel about the Browns and their punishment?  

    What is the latest on tampering charges filed by the Patriots vs. the Jets re: Darrelle Revis?

    And what about Deflate-gate?  Should the Patriots even be considered to be the ones ultimately responsible for the balls anyways?  Shouldn't that be an NFL thing?

    Offseason thoughts and throwing shade in this "scandalous" episode of Next Fan Up! 

    Looking for a Giants and Cardinals SuperFan. Apply via email: nextfanup@gmail.com

    Follow on Twitter: @nfupodcast @therealpodvader @timishiding


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    Going back to Cali - Next Fan Up 3/28/15

    in Football

    PodVader and the SuperFans talk about the NFL's plans to head back to L.A.  Jarrod Murphy - Rams, Monty Ressler - Raiders and Ken Priest - Chargers hash that out and why the offseason all of a sudden got really quiet. 

    Stan Kroenke seems to have the strongest plan, the owners seem to be backing Dean Spanos the most and would the NFL actually give the Davis family the keys to the shiny new toy in the 2nd largest television market?

    Plus, what if Philip Rivers is available for a trade?  What would they be willing to take Tom Brady in exchange for a few draft choices?

    The SuperFans take a look at their teams' offseasons and what positions they hope are addressed most in the upcoming Draft.

    Rules changes and punishments for cheating in here too.

    We want to hear from you and we still need a Cardinals SuperFan - nextfanup@gmail.com

    Follow on Twitter: @nfupodcast @therealpodvader @montsadius @rams_superfan @kennethjpriest


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