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    Numbers and words -Debunking the puke of satan (Desmascarando o vômito de satã)

    in Christianity

    Então Satanás se levantou contra Israel, e incitou Davi a numerar a Israel.
    E disse Davi a Joabe e aos maiorais do povo: Ide, numerai a Israel, desde Berseba até Dã; e trazei-me a conta para que saiba o número deles. 1 Crônicas 21:1-2

    Eis que eu sou contra os profetas, diz o Senhor, que usam de sua própria linguagem, e dizem: Ele disse.
    Eis que eu sou contra os que profetizam sonhos mentirosos, diz o Senhor, e os contam, e fazem errar o meu povo com as suas mentiras e com as suas leviandades; pois eu não os enviei, nem lhes dei ordem; e não trouxeram proveito algum a este povo, diz o Senhor. Jeremias 23:31-32

    Expondo a falácia dos falsos profetas e falsos pastores modernos e seus instrumentos de sedução contra o rebanho de Deus; números e palavras
    Terça, 5, 22h em Portugal (18h Brasília)

    Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel. 
    And David said to Joab and to the rulers of the people said, Go, number Israel from Beersheba even to Dan; and bring me word so that you know their number. 1 Chronicles 21:1-2 

    Behold, I am against the prophets, saith the LORD, that use their tongues, and say, He saith. 
    Behold, I am against them that prophesy false dreams, saith the LORD, and do tell them, and cause my people to err by their lies and by their lightness; yet I sent them not, neither have I commanded them; and brought no profit this people, saith the Lord. Jeremiah 23:31-32 

    Exposing the fallacy of false prophets and false shepherds and their modern tools of seduction against the flock of God; numbers and words
    Tuesday, August 5th, 5pm EST\4pm CST USA

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    The Yo Mama: Tips For Surviving the Holidays with Family

    in Comedy

    Well its that time again for great SHOW on turf that's not on turf to hit the interwebz. It's also that time of year when we skip right past Thanksgiving and trample people to death with Christmas music and Politically Correct jargon that makes us all want to puke. It's also a time of hanging with the fam so we here at the SHOW want to give you our survival tips on how to best escape the pitfalls of family get-togethers. 

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    The Montana Republic

    in Politics

    This weeks show was scheduled for "Who is Gary Hunt". Logistics and work have slowed me down greatly. So I will move next weeks show up to this week.
    Just who are you married to?  I have court rulings that will blow your mind.  It will also explain why your children are not yours.
    Don't miss this segment, call all your friends on both sides of the marriage battle and you will never look at it the same again.
    And folks....it has nothing do to with any gods out there.....it will make you puke.

    Contact Wolf  libertywolf76@gmail.com 
    1 406-570-5202


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    Restoring Honor Radio - Tuesday 07/01/14

    in Podcasting

    Retoring Honor Radio - Music news and Comment with Butch Moss and Mel Robins of Sons of Liberty Riders Texas,

    On Tonights Episode The UN taking aim at bikers (we told ya) - The troops talked about the Rules Of Engagement (you will puke) - Border Patrol What Border Patrol ? -  Crack In The Pies - VA Appointments they're desperate - All that and a lot more BS


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    Greetings From Barnacle Bay: HE'S GONNA PUKE!

    in Wrestling

    Taking over the Internet every Wednesday.

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    BS Stuff About Dating. Can You Believe This Crap?!?

    in Romance

    Join @Soon2BeCatLady and @A_Dude79 as they discuss some crazy messed up bullshit ideas about dating.  This is enough to make you want to puke.  Naturally CatLady and A_Dude want to hear what you think so tweet in!  

    And remember, in less that 24-hours A_Dude will be flying up to CatLady terrority for a "physical" meeting.  Tune in tonight for more information about spotaneous podcasts in the next few days while they're in the same room!  Like, OMG.


    Don't forget to check out @Soon2BeCatLady's blog at www.soon2becatlady.com

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    Nicaragua, Automotive Adventures, and Puke Dogs

    in Comedy

    Looks like I'm heading to Nicaragua in August to scope out the possibility of moving there. Might be the first stop on the Hyper Sloth international world tour.

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    The Ed & Fuz Show Episode 16

    in Sports

    A Jew and a Honduran walk into a bar...ok, the Jew walks into the liquor store...(cheaper drinks). The punchline is the Latin luster and the Gutter drunk Jew do a podcast. Speaking of substance abuse, they talk about Kellen Winslow Jr and Davone Bess. Specifically, how idiotic they are. They continue to make horrible playoff picks and talk a little A-Rod. Ed might puke.

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    The Hot Seat Left is Never Right

    in Politics Conservative


    The Hot Seat: Where Tyranny ends and Freedom Begins. No longer can we compromise our principles in the hopes of attaining shallow victories. As John Quincy Adams once said:


         “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

    Today on the 1 hr episode of The Hot Seat: Al Qaeda invades Iraq: What took so long?

    More on O Puke Care and the socialist North East 

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    Don't Get Fooled Again!

    in Politics

    This NY Times "Puke-Piece" is designed to protect "The Main-Stream Media" from having to ask Hillary "Hit-Man" Clinton any tough questions about Benghazi when she runs for President in 2016.

    You can blame a video, you can blame terrorism, you can even blame the Republicans. However, four Americans were murdered and our government is only concerned with keeping the blame away from them. 

    I wonder why The NY Times ONLY talked to Libyans on what happened in Benghazi and NEVER bothered to talk to Americans that were there? . . . Oh, that's right.  The Americans aren't allowed to speak with the media.  Are you really going to accept the word from known terrorists over Americans? 


    Tune in every weekday at 10 AM till noon to hear The Captain unlock his treasure chest of opinions and ideals facing all matters of Constitutional Freedom.  


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