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    Book Marketing Strategy: How to Acquire Potent Publicity for Your Book

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    Did you know that publicity is a subset of a book marketing strategy? Thousands of today's traditionally and self-published authors have been led to believe that gain actionable publicity is as easy as pie. In fact, there in no shortage of self-proclaimed publicists who continue to make tall claims; fooling authors into a mindset that with a hefty publicity investment their books will fly off the shelves. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the average traditionally and self-published author distributes only 200 units. So, what does an honest and effective book publicity strategy consist of? That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Publicity, Media Training & Mindset

    in Self Help

    My guest today, Lisa Elia, is a sought-after publicist, media trainer and business strategist, and she is the CEO and founder of Expert Media Training and Elia Erickson Consulting. She has prepared clients for interviews that she has booked for them with the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox TV affiliates throughout the U.S., as well as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BloombergBusinessWeek, and hundreds of other outlets.

    Lisa has been interviewed for Inc., Entertainment Tonight, E! Entertainment, Fox News and many other outlets. In addition to providing clients with growth strategies, she teaches clients how to get themselves ready for media exposure, how to get publicity, and how to handle media interviews. Mindset and alignment with purpose has always been an important part of Lisa’s journey.

    Learn more and meet Lisa at http://eliaerickson.com.  

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    FREE Publicity To Get Rich and Famous w/ Luke Avedon

    in Marketing

    How to use the power of a master publicist to dominate your business, crush competition, and obtain celebrity status---all for a hell of lot less than paid advertising, gimmicks, and other wings, strings, and camera tricks. Listen up: Today's 24/7 Media WILL make You Rich and Famous if u know how the game is played. A blistering inside view of how Publicity really works.... with publicist Luke Avedon and Vegas Vince.

    Luke Avedon is a Publicity Bas Ass...and Vinnie's personal publicist. A true master  in uncovering overlooked opportunities in ordinary businesses. He got bit by the business bug at age 23. Although originally from New York – his first business was construction and real estate in Roswell, New Mexico. Building low income rental properties.

    After accidentally destroying the internet, cable Tv, and phone service for a quarter of the city he had to liquidate that business. Liquidating every possible asset got him involved in liquidating other businesses that were in trouble. The problem Luke had was no one would take him seriously on sales calls – that’s when he discovered the power of local publicity.

    He could get journalists to write about him and show it to prospects – even when he was brand new – doors would open. He was involved in selling everything from thousands of forklifts for Office Depot, to pregnancy test strips, to women’s lingerie. Now Luke helps other businesses tap the power of local publicity – without a doubt the most cost effective, powerful, and overlooked marketing opportunity out there.

    (Another Vegas Vince Joint. In association w/ Legendary Productions. Produced, Composed, Arranged, and Written by Vegas Vince. Copyright 2014)

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    Can Your Business Survive Bad Press and Publicity???

    in Business

    Listen to my show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lunchandlearn/

    Can Your Business Survive Bad Press and Publicity???

    If you’re in business long enough then there will come a time when you’re face with negative publicity.  The question is how will you survive?

    JOIN us this Thursday for #LunchAndLearn with DeKesha and Ke'Aundra. 

    12:30pm -1:00 
    Dial in - 646-478-3033 

    Do's & Don'ts of Business & Branding 
    * The Big Comeback from Negative Publicity 
    * How To Stay in the Limelight & Cause Controversy

    Special Guest:  Terrance Jones , The Plow will join us 5/1/2014  

    Join Retail Operations Business Strategist, DeKesha Williams and The Image Addict, Ke'Aundra McIntyre

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    Publicity Advice

    in Marketing

    Manny (Emmanuel) Otiko, founder of the PR agency Otiko Communications, has worked in the public relations and journalism field for about 15 years as a journalist and media relations specialist. His experience includes stints as a reporter at a daily newspaper, working for several Southern California public relations agencies, and being a prolific blogger. Today, Manny will offer PR tips and techniques, including the do’s and don’ts of handling publicity. Find Manny @: http://otikocommunications.com  -&- drop by the host’s site @: http://Brummet.ca

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    Melanie Rembrandt on Simple Publicity

    in Business

    Do you know that a lot of businesses, especially small ones, are prone to die within the next 5 years? You can blame it on a lot of things, such as lack of funds, not enough profit, or very little customer base. However, if you study all these reasons, they point out to the root cause: poor marketing strategies.


    Though the lifeblood of the business is the revenue, it’s the marketing that sustains it. These days, when more people are engaging in enterprises, there’s no more room for slacking. You need get it done and do it perfectly or correctly. In other words, you need the professional guidance of an A-rate PR expert like Melanie Rembrandt.


    Melanie Rembrandt is a veteran in copywriting. She graduated in the University of California Los Angeles School of Theater, Film, and Television as a magna cum laude. She then joined the corporate world handling public relations, among other things. This gave her the opportunity to work among some of the biggest names in the world, like companies that belong to the Fortune 500. This she did for many years.



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    Secrets for Getting Publicity for Your Product

    in Marketing

    Join EMSI Public Relations CEO Marsha Friedman, a 23 year PR veteran and author of Celebritize Yourself and Alex Hinojosa, EMSIs VP of Media Operations and 15 year talk-show radio host and executive producer. This week they're discussing how to get publicity for your product. 

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    Beyond Bulletin Inserts - How To Expand Your Event Publicity

    in Women

    During this hour with Marnie and special guest, Betsy Roy, you'll discover:

    1. The 4 P’s of Plan Development.
    2. How to understand your target audience, geographical area and attendance goals.
    3. The affect on budgeting and branding between hosting a church vs. an inter-denominational event
    4. The value of a professionally designed website.
    5. How to increase your multi-media marketing.
    6. The real truth about getting noticed in a busy marketplace.
    7. How to tap into grass-roots promotion and develop group leaders.
    8. The value of personal one-on-one connections vs. the depersonalized norm in our society today:
    9. How to count the cost and reach your goals.

    As a wife, mother, grandmother, nurse and president of Women of the Word, Betsy’s passionate pursuit in life is to know God and make Him known. The nation of Israel is also much on her heart. www.Women-of-the-Word.net

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    Author publishing publicity tips

    in Business

    Host Lori Wilk welcomes publibfive-time Cancer Survivor and mom of an autistic child , Michelle Colon- Johnson,who manages to help her clients shine in the spotlight and balance personal real-life issues. She will amaze you with her drive to use her talents to help others and the special messages she will share with us about getting publicity for oursselves, our businesses, and  books we are writing.http://www.MichelleColonJohnson.com
    Michelle is also on Facebook with her company 2DreamProductions .The lines will be open for this  live-call in show from Las Vegasso join the discussion by calling  347-237-5638
    Follow Lori's social presence at http://www.Xeeme.com/loriwilk

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    How To Become A Publicity Magnet with Havilah Malone

    in Business

    Havilah Malone is a Visionary & Treasure Hunter for Proof of What's Possible in Life! The veteran TV & Radio Show Host is the #1 Best Selling Author of "How to Become a Publicity Magnet" In Any Market via TV, Radio & Print. Upon graduating from college at the tender age of 19, Louisiana native, Havilah Malone pursued a career in broadcast media and worked in the Fox 8 News room. Havilah also worked in corporate American for nearly a decade managing a $160 Million dollar business for computer giant Hewlett Packard. She has been featured on QVC, Home Shopping Network as well as having a TV Show on Style Network to name a few. 

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