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  • A chat with David Tyson about challenges to public school districts

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    Guest: David Tyson, Dallas businessman........we will discuss the state of school districts.........the challenges of public education.............School districts and higher education institutions all over Texas and America are faced with similar leadership concerns as corporate America......what changes are needed in public education?   how can we make public education more accountable to parents?......

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    NSPRA Executive Director Rich Bagin is joined by  Dr. John Draper, founder of "Public Schools That Work" program.

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    Atlanta Public School Scandal: The Real Lesson to be Learned

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    We have remained silent concerning the Atlanta Public School scandal so that "justice" could take its course.  Now, that the "truth" has been revealed and several Atlanta public schools administrators and teachers were adjudged guilty by a jury of their peers and sentenced for racketeering convictions related to a massive standardized test cheating scandal, Attorney Sherri Jefferson will share her thoughts on the "Real Lesson to be Learned."

    This episode will discuss how cheating adversely affects the lives of our children, the moral and legal issues of the jury decisions, the tactics that still exist at and through the Atlanta Public School that promotes the environment that is conducive to the conduct exhibited by their adminsitrators and teachers.

    Attorney Jefferson will discuss how the jury verdict will not change the APS culture.

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    Empowering Parents To Work With Public School

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    Joseph Carthron reveals how research have found that students with involved parents, no matter what their income or background, are more likely to:

    Earn high grades and test scores, and enroll in higher-level programs;
    Pass their classes, earn credits, and be promoted;
    Attend school regularly;
    Graduate and go on to postsecondary education;

    Get answers and facts that will increase students academic growth and empower parents to work closer with public schools. Call in 516-595-8322 or email the host at talk_show2@aol.com.

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    Talk Back Tuesday's: Atlanta Public School Scandal!

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    Last Tuesday, eight Atlanta Public Schools employees were sentenced to prison in one of the largest school cheating scandals in American history. The educators were convicted of racketeering — a felony typically reserved for mob bosses, drug kingpins and terrorists.

    While similar scandals have occurred in 39 different states and Washington, D.C., the offenders have rarely been prosecuted as criminals. Yet in an unprecedented move, the prosecutors in Atlanta charged the educators under Georgia's "Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act" — a law passed in 1980 specifically to combat the scourge of organized crime. RICO laws, which EXIST at the federal level and in 33 states, empower prosecutors to go after the leaders of organized crime who order but do not personally commit crimes such as robbery, money laundering and murder. Individuals convicted under such laws can face up to 20 years in prison.

    Did the charges fit the crime? Was this organized crime? or simply unethical? Are we so familiar with justice not being served that when it is we think its unjust or even racism. Is this a prime example of overciminization in America? And most importantly What about the CHILDREN? 

    Call in and let's discuss this case and the educational system in America today. How can we improve or change the systemic and blatant disregard for education and justice for the real victims in this case. Come Get on the COUCH and let's talk about this and much more!!!! 


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    Public School teachers hate School Choice

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    There is a lot of truth that all public school teachers do hate school choice, for they hate the fact that they many not have a job. 

    I have been told that every child in the United States of America does belone to the government by all public school teachers, and it is up to the government to raise all children according the the way the liberals, democrats, and republicans that happen to agree with this "Statement that all children are property of the United States Government" this come from the public school teachers that tell me to stop premoting school chioce, for they even said they hate the compantion of what school choice would bring.

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    Parent Talk Live: Literacy and Digital Literacy for All Public School Students

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    Dr. Mike Robinson, host of Parent Talk Lives discusses the value of universal access to Literacy and Digital Literacy for all public school students. His guest is Ms.  Karuna Skariah a National Board Certified Teacher, Maryland State Certified Teacher with Prince George’s County Public Schools, the 17th largest school district in Maryland.


    Karuna Skariah is a National Board Certified Teacher, Maryland State Certified Teacher, and a teacher leadership coach. She has been an educator for twenty years. As a Maryland State Department of Education National Board Teacher Leadership Coordinator, she mentored teachers through the National Board Certification process with much success. She has an M.A. in Writing from Johns Hopkins University, B.A. in Sociology, Anthropology, Economics and English Literature. Karuna’s Equity Initiative for the students of Prince George’s County Public Schools advocates for literacy and digital literacy for every student. She advocates for 21st century college and career preparedness by providing crucial infrastructure of reading, technology and library/media teachers in every school. Karuna has been trained in the Common Core State Standards and continues to provide professional development workshops for public and private school educators. Her expertise lies in education performance management, school needs assessment, and teacher training with a concentration on Common Core. Her workshops focus on effective educational change through teacher driven discussions, trainings, and data driven planning. She provides teachers with best practices tools on how to generate critical thinking skills. As an adjunct professor, Karuna has taught graduate courses on teacher leadership at the National University, California.


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    Is Public School Safe?

    in Education

    We will be dealing with being indoctrinated in the school system of the West & finding solutions to get our children out of the grasp of the Beast

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    Episode 13_ Two Week Countdown To School

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    Newark schools will open their doors and begin another school year in just two weeks. Who's ready?

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    School Corruption And Choas In Public Schools

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    We are now in the days of Ellijah but we are also in the days of Noah. Noah let us to know there was total apathy toward the principles of Gods values and ways along with the rise of violence. It appears that apathy and violence is a day to day occurance and has made too many public schools in the urban communties war zones. can we as citizens continue to allow less when we should be demanding more. Its time to hold our elected officials accountable and no longer accept lip service and false promises. Those that have complied to this corruption should be dismissed and parents should be given the power to choose their childs school and not have them resigned to failing institutions.

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    Episode 14 School starts in 7 days—is Newark ready?

    in Education

    Providing much needed information for parents and students as they prepare for the 2015–2016 school year.