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    Gannett Fleming Summer Safety Stand-Down June 2015

    in Business

    Gannett Fleming Summer Safety Stand-Down June 2015

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    Minneapolis: Public Safety and Shadows

    in News

    According to the Star Tribune, the North Side Safety Summit was organized to examine ways to fight crime in troubled Minneapolis neighborhoods. Unfortunately, this DFL embedded group felt it necessary to exclude the voices of Minneapolis civil and political rights activists – to include members of the Republican Party of Minnesota. Sources told IBNN – Minneapolis city council president and Minneapolis’ “Godmother” Barb Johnson wanted a “quiet meeting.”

    Many say in order for Black folks to really move forward we shouldn’t look to anybody to represent us. We need to represent ourselves. There is no person that represents white people. Racism is the motivating factor that keeps people of color from advancing. We must keep in mind; the spread of racism requires the destruction of an individual’s confidence in his/her own mind. Such an individual then anxiously seeks a sense of identity by clinging to some group, abandoning autonomy and rights, allowing groups to tell him/her what to think. Because we think of ourselves as a racial entity, we feel those of the same race are here to assist us in the struggle, when in fact the same people who are suppose to assist us, use black disparities to get money from the white philanthropic arm. Most of the money goes to their salaries.

    Having Black leaders and all that stuff is just another way of self-oppression. We all have to represent each other, the sad thing is the people who come into the inner city and say they represent the Black folks and then jump into their expensive cars and go home to the suburbs paid for with the quid pro quo of politicians, it shows they have learned how to maneuver the system to their advantage. The cover-up is a full time job.

    Tune in for a great conversation and some special guest updates.

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    Safety and the Paranormal

    in Paranormal

    Paranormal Investigators by trade delve deep into the abandonments of our history to explore and prove the existence of ghosts and the paranormal.  The buildings and outcroppings teams explore are not always safe and sanitary.  Many times teams may not take every precaution to ensure each member of the team remains safe at all times during the investigation. Join us tonight as we talk about safety before, during, and after each investigation.

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    Summer Safety Tips for National Safety Awareness Month

    in Business

    Anna's Journey is advocating for summer safety as June, "National Safety Awareness Month" draws to a close.

    Check in with Anna if you have any safety issues!

    Call in 1-661-554-9121... let everyone know what safety issue you experience(d) or tips you may have.


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    Home Office Safety & Security

    in Technology

    Kat and Josh talk Home Office Safety & Security for today's modern homes and offices. We interview Richard Ang, the CEO and Founder of Neposmart and The Internet of Things.

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    Travel Today -- Airline Safety Special

    in Travel

    This week, Travel Today with Peter Greenberg is a special edition on aviation safety and security from the studios of United Stations in New York. Joining us for this special program is airline pilot Patrick Smith, author of Cockpit Confidential with some surprising accident statistics. Veteran Journalist Joe Sharkey tells the remarkable story of his survival of a fatal midair collision over Brazil. All of this and more on this week's special Travel Today with Peter Greenberg on airline safety.

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    Bomb First: Safety/Self-Defense

    in Culture

    Since the murder of our brothers & sisters in Charleston safety/self-defense has become a major talking point around the country. Places of worship have often been considered a place of sanctuary since the beginning of time. After this massacre it’s hard to believe that anywhere is safe & it sparks the question, how do we protect ourselves? This week will discuss our thoughts on fire arms & self-defense on this week’s episode of Tee & Jay Radio.

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    On-The-Line Public Interest News

    in News

    On The Line - Public Interest News which debuts on June 9th through the 13th and presents a variety of subjects of worldwide public interest from the humorous and entertaining to some of the most serious issues confronting people in varying parts of the world today - from basic health needs such as food, water and medicine to international crime.

    We'll conduct interviews with people from around the world who are committed to confronting and mitigating the various issues vital to our global audience. 

    And we'll present the information in a compelling, educational, objective and non-ideological manner.  Our first program will feature the interesting story behind Major League Baseball and The Big Chew.

    Rich Gehlhausen conducts an in depth interview with Matthew Fairfax, one of the founders of the Justice and Soul Foundation, confronting the global sexual exploitation of children and human trafficking.  Be sure to tune into On The Line - Public Interest News on June 12th at 4:00 PM PT

    Host Rich Gehlhausen

    On The Line Public Interest News is Managed and directed through Storytellers Campfire Radio

    Website: On-The-Line

    Website: Storytellers Campfire Radio

    Show for Justice and Soul will air On Friday, June 12, 2015 at 4:00 PM Pacific Time

  • Come And Go With Me To A Place Of Safety

    in Christianity

    When I think of safe places I think of home, my parents house, or church. Today we will discover other places of safety. Safe feeling secure and as if no harm can come to you in these special places. There is a scripture inn the King James Bible that talks about Jesus name is a place of safety. I can testify that his name has saved me on many occasions. I am sure other Believers can testify to the same.

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    Govern America | June 27, 2015 | Public Executives

    in Current Events

    Hosts: Darren Weeks, Nancy Levant

    COMPLETE SHOW NOTES AT: http://governamerica.com/radio/radio-archives/19712-govern-america-june-27-2015-public-executives

    Stormy days, rainy nights, flooded out and under water. We talk about our adventures with recent storms, which cause us to revisit the issue of FEMA floodplain mapping, the National Flood Insurance Program, and how these programs are progressively being used to take away private property rights. Also, EPA and pesticides, highways for bees, water sales, and global warming doctors. Public administration and governance. Agenda 21 depopulation, mandatory vaccinations, control of food, and meals that glow in the dark. Greece-IMF negotiations at a standstill. Free Trade Fast-Track speeds through as Congressional traitors take money for their "yes" votes. Jobless claims up, while American standards of living, savings, and homeownership are down. Organization of American States (OAS) Secretary General Luis Almagro Lemes gives speech in which he talked about transparency, among other things. Why hasn't anyone ever heard of the OAS, apart from our listeners? Why are the agreements always kept from the people?

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    Your Desires for Wealth, Health and Safety!

    in Lifestyle

    Is being rich really the sign of greed or is it a sign of being an integrated thinker?  Other than falling-into someone else's wealth could you really get rich without making choices and taking the appropriate actions to have wealth.  What would the world look like if we didn't have wealthy people?

    Is a thin body the sign of good health or is the glow of the largest organ, the skin, the sign of good health?  What does it take to have good health both physically and mentally?

    Do police officers and military indicate safety or were we safer when we knew our neigbors and we formed communities to build the next barn?  What is safety and are you a peace seeker or war monger?

    What do you desires have to do with your daily activities to selfishly create the things you want or need?  Do you work it baby?


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