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    Talking Creature Feature POSEIDON REX with Director MARK LESTER

    in Paranormal

    Amphibious freaking T-rex - people that's a whole lot of destruto power rampaging over land and sea!

    POSEIDON REX - a small, secluded island off the coast of Belize suddenly finds itself terrorized by a deadly predator from Earth’s distant past when deep-sea divers accidentally awaken an ancient evil.

    Jackson Slate (Brian Krause) and his team of underwater cave explorers unearth much more than the long-lost treasure of Cortez while plumbing the depths of a world famous blue hole. They disturb a creature that’s been hibernating for over 60,000 years - a rampaging behemoth of death and destruction not only at sea but also on land - and it has BABIES!

    Filmed on location in Belize by Hollywood legend Mark L. Lester, written by Rafael Jordan (RAGIN' CAJUN REDNECK GATORS), and starring Brian Krause (CHARMED), Anne McDaniels, and Steven Helmkamp, POSEIDON REX opens in theaters and iTunes on April 18.

    Director, writer, producer Mark L. Lester is best known for helming the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring box-office mega-hit COMMANDO (1985); Stephen King's supernatural thriller FIRESTARTER (1984) with Drew Barrymore and Martin Sheen; SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO (1991) starring Dolph Lundgren and the late Brandon Lee in his first major role; and two frighteningly prophetic films about the state of society, CLASS OF 1984 (1982) with Michael J. Fox in his first film role; and the sequel, CLASS OF 1999 (1990). In 2005 he produced and directed PTERODACTYL, the highest-rated Syfy Channel feature film to that time.

    For more than 20 years, Mark L. Lester oversaw the development and distribution of over 100 films at American World Pictures. He founded Titan Global Entertainment in 2012 to continue producing and directing quality features for many years to come.

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    Dirty Sons of Pitches

    in Movies

    Ep 31: Holiday Spectacular: Christmas Zombies, Kwanzaa Pterodactyl and Ben's Mom!

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    Battle Red Radio: Now Simulcast in Pterodactyl

    in Sports

    We recap the bad-assery of this past weekend's victory and look ahead to a game against The Washington Native Americans.

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    So we are starting a radio show!

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    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Thurs Night Swag

    in News

    Vince was on the scene today as alleged members of the infamous hacker group "Anonymous" filed into federal court in San Jose to plead not guilty to charges they carried out a cyberattack on PayPal late last year to retaliate for the online pay service's decision to cut off the accounts of the website Wikileaks. Tonight he will discuss what he witnessed and take your calls. Get your swag on!!!