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    Paintball Dynamics Episode 29 - Medic Anyone?

    in Hobbies

    Has anyone evr played as a medic before? If so we would like to hear your story or see your video as well. Tonight the hosts of Paintball Dynamics will be discussing the benifits of having a medic in the game and how vital it can be to a teams success. Also we want to officially announce our new host to the show as well and can't wait to hear all the great things they have to bring to the show. It's going to be great and again we love hearing form you guys and gals so keep the comments flowing.


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    Universal Energy Media ~ Spirituality for Everyday Living~Family Dynamics

    in Spirituality

    Spirituality for Everyday Living! Ursula and Anna are chatting it up about family dynamics. We choose HOW we are BEing all the time. It's the holidays and we may feel obligated to spend the holidays with people we may not be happy to be around because they are related. Understanding YOUR energy in the creation is very powerful in shifting family dynamics. How we shift our BEing shifts everything around us... WE choose EVERYTHING!! From Turkey to Tequilla, how do you handle YOUR energy?

    Visit Ursula Lentine at UrsulaLentine.com
    Visit Anna at LifeGetsBetterandBetter.com

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    Paintball Dynamics Episode 26 - Where do we start!

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    Host Jonathan Sampson and Evan Hughes talk about the begiining of the second revolution of paintball. The challenge has been acceppted and now the two hosts of Paintball Dynamics are heading the movement with their own team and equipment! Lets do this! Calling all players to make their mark on the paintball world. Also they will be sharing some of the things that they did to help grow the market to the younger and newer players coming into paintball. Listen and enjoy!

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    Clearing Patterns of Disfunction Within the Family Dynamics with Raquel Spencer

    in Spirituality

    Join Marilyn, Joeaux and Raquel Spencer as they explore the family dynamics and how to clear the disfunction with gratitude for your family members

    About Raquel Spencer. Raquel Spencer is an internationally acclaimed Multi-Dimensional Energy and Cellular Light Specialist, Facilitator and Intuitive. Raquel has been described as a Multi-Dimensional Computer, Energetic Electrician and Master Healer of Cellular Light. Working within the Quantum Fields and Pure Potential of Light and Sound, she specializes in activating the dormant mind/body Light pathways and multi-dimensional cellular codes of Light that assist with remembering your Divine Essence.   

    Considered one of the “Next Generation’s Transformational Visionaries and Leaders’, Raquel’s mission is to assist humanity to expand our perceptions, embody our own unique soul essence and awaken to the truth that we are ALL Multi-Dimensional Masters of Light.

     Learn more about Marilyn and Adironnda, and Joeaux at Adironnda.com and their annual Visionaries in Light Convergence, next year in Denver, Colorado.

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    Paintball Dynamics Episode 28 - Max Yourself

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    What's up party people! This week we are talking about maxing yourself out on the paintball field. What are the advatages of certain things and what changes the game on the field as you play. How do you make yourself the best player you can possibly be? Today the we will be sharing a little bit about what some of thier advantages are out on the field and hopefully we will here some new ways that others are using as well.

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    Paintball Dynamics Episode 24 - MagFed come Join Us!

    in Radio

    Glad to be with you guys for another week of Paintball Dynamics. Here is our invitation to our listners to come join us in our magfed social campaign to invite others into our magfed world.

    Yes! we are doing this and so should you. If you love what you do then why not invite! Host Jonathan Sampson and Evan Hughes are taking the challenge and running with it. Also today we will be sharing a litte about the magfed evenents happing in Texas as well as the new Houston Paintball League. Never the les enjoy the show guys.


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    Paintball Dynamics Episode 27 - Worlds Collide

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    Worlds Colliding is it a good idea or bad idea? Well we discuss that on the show today! What does this mean for airsoft and paintball players? As usual we like to have fun on the show and today we will be doing just that. Also we talk about Operation Spire that will be happening at Tank's Paintball which is a local field down here in Houston, TX. It has a lot of perks so make sure you guys check that out or checkk out our page to get the scoop on that. Besides that enjoy the show guys!

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    Paintball Dynamics Episode 18 - We're Back Baby!

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    It's our first show of the year and we are back and crazier as ever! This week we are going to be talking about Operation:STARFALL(shout out to the Texas Magfed Group) and some of the new changes made in the paintball community. As usual we are just having fun so if you would like to join in the fun call in or like us on facebook just by searching Paintball Dynamics. It's a new year, so let's make it great!


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    Paintball Dynamics Episode 20 - Night-time Dynamics

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    All right guys today we will be starting the topic of night time game play. Do you like night time play? Do you hate it? What is some of the things you use or need? We will be answering some of theses questions today on the show. Call in and share your insights on the show or reach out to us at info@paintballdynamics.com.

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    Paintball Dynamics Episode 25 - We Are Magfed!

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    Hosts Jonathan Sampson and Evan Hughes talk about what the insignia "We Are Magfed" is all about! Also Jon Rotilie is on the show to share a little about Magfed Monthly which is a magazine he is publishing April 1, 2015. We are excited for this project and honestly can't wait for it to be realesed. The " We Are Magfed" is a callout to magfed players no matter where they are from to help grow the game of paintball. If we want something to grow then lets take the intiative to make that happen. What is your "Magfed" moment and post it to our page.

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