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    Parenting The Gay/Lesbian Teen Bullying Dr Stewart Adelson

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    Dr. Adelson is an adult, child and adolescent psychiatrist, Chair of the Advisory Committee of the Initiative for LGBT Health in the Division of Gender, Sexuality and Health, a new division of Columbia's Dept. of Psychiatry. 
    He is the principal author of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry's (AACAP's) "Practice Parameter on Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual Sexual Orientation, Gender-Nonconformity, and Gender Discordance in Children and Adolescents."  He is also a longstanding member of AACAP's Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues Committee, and the Group for Advancement of Psychiatry's Human Sexuality Committee. He is the primary author of several peer-reviewed publications about the psychiatric assessment of sexuality, sexual development, and psychodynamics in psychiatrically ill, sexually abused, and normally developing children and adolescents. 

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    Exploring Personal Ecology – Improving Your Life Psychodynam

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    Most of us are on a continual quest to improve our lives.  We seek a better job, a larger house, better gadgets and possessions, even improved relationships, etc.  In this pursuit, we may overlook a primary place that can affect our lives – our inner terrain and unconscious.  How can we explore this inner terrain – and, if we do so, how could that benefit us in our lives?  Does our unconscious truly affect us consciously and our lives, as well as our health?   Diane Brandon is joined this week by Dr. Richard Pimental-Habib, a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist, as well as Owner of Well Nest Center, a wellness center.  Dr. Pimental-Habib has seen marked improvement in fulfillment with his clients, and he shares with us how our unconscious can drive our behavior and affect our lives, how we can work on making our unconscious more conscious, and some noninvasive ways to improve our inner terrain.  These are great, green ways to improve our lives! 

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    Grant Rubendunst, MRC, CRC, CLPI, is the Assistant Director of ParaNexus, a non-profit association of anomalous researchers with members located around the world. He is also the co-host of ParaNexus Universe, a weekly radio program for anomalous researchers. Grant's area of interest is focused on the various factors that influence a person's unique socio-religious and cultural beliefs systems and their relationship with the paranormal activity being experienced. Grant takes an eclectic approach that incorporates both psychodynamics and anthropological factors. He is an outspoken advocate for the need of education in the field as well as remaining objective and grounded regarding evidence of anomalous phenomena.

    Grant is a graduate of the University of South Florida. He holds a baccalaureate degree in Social Work and a Master's degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling. He is also a nationally certified Rehabilitation Counselor and is a qualified addiction specialist. He is an accomplished professional speaker. Grant resides in Southwest Florida along with his wife, Linda and his two sons. He has spoken to many groups in the paranormal field, has appeared on several radio programs, and is available for media interviews, paranormal talk shows, documentaries, and speaking to groups about related topics. He can be contacted via www.ParaNexus.org.

    Near Death Experiences

    Grant's work as a medical social worker in the late 1980s stimulated his interest in NDEs. He is familiar with all of the various theories surrounding this phenomenon. It's origins are as old as humanity itself and the future of research in this field will eventually redefine the meaning of death, but may also lead us to answers into the very nature of human consciousness.

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    Episode 9 - Special Guest Psychoanalyst Dr. Bill Sandberg on “Is Freud Dead?” or What is t

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    Dr. Bill Sandberg will join us to talk about psychoanalysis and it's practice today. He has had extensive training in psychoanalysis and will share his knowledge from his training and his practice. Early spoiler alert, Freud died in 1939 in London where he was living after fleeing the Nazis. Freud's methods and ideas, though, live on in important in clinical psychodynamic ideas and approaches. In academia his ideas still maintain significant influence in the humanities and some social sciences.

    Plus our regular feature “A Minute on the Mind” where Dr. Mark Kiefner, Clinical Director of Bayside Neurorehabilitation Services, brings us some of the latest and most interesting in brain research.

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    "Why are so many people involved in adulterous relationships in today's times?"

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    On Sunday August 17, 2008 Brother Marcus was joined by several prominenet guests for a discussion on the topic, "Why are so many people involved in adulterous relationships in today's times? What are the new 2008 reasons, rational and revisions to our collective attitudes about cheatin?" Marcus was joined by Dr. Harry R. Davidson, Author of two books which includes, "God Save America: An Assault on Democracy, Religion and Reason;" "Somebody's Trying to Kill You: The Psychodynamics of White Racism and Black Pathology", Dr. Jesse Hargrove, Chair, Division of Education for Philander Smith College, Mercedes Terzol, Author of the book, "999 ways to say no to a no good man", and Reverend Barbara Dixon, author of, "Seven Principles for Purposeful Living" This was one heck of a show, so tune in and listen!