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    "Gone Girl: How to Avoid Dealing with a Psycho"

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    Whether it’s Angela Bassett’s character in Waiting to Exhale, Lynn Whitfield in A Thin Line Between Love & Hate, Wesley Snipes character in Disappearing Acts, or real life examples of Tina Campbell attempting to stab her husband and shooting his car up…Immature, violent, vindictive behavior is never a good idea and often stems from deep rooted insecurity and self-esteem issues. Please join us on “The Dedan Tolbert Show” LIVE TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST, as we discuss “GONE GIRL: How to Avoid Dealing with a Psycho”, where we’ll also discuss hot topics like: Creflo Dollar seeking a 65 million dollar plane, interracial dating and MANY others. Call in LIVE with comments/questions to 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com...” REAL Radio that Matters for over 10 Years”

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    ISPS Radio Show with @ManuelFerrero w/ Jeremy Isenhower the PSYCHO!

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    ISPS Radio Show with @ManuelFerrero


    Tonight's Special Guest Jeremy Isenhower from Miken Sports!

    Follow them @jisenhower2 & @mikensports


    Talking about his new Bat, the PSYCHO!  And his new line of Sports Apperal IZZY SPORTS!

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    "No Good Deed: How to Avoid Dealing with a Psycho"

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    One of the most anticipated movies of 2014 (at least in the black community) was “No Good Deed”, starring Taraji P. Henson and Idris Alba, which centered around an escaped convict who targets the home of an unhappily married woman and her husband. Tune into “The Dedan Tolbert Show” LIVE tonight at 9:00pm EST for our special on “No Good Deed: How to Avoid Dealing With a Psycho”, where we’ll provide an in depth analyzation of the movie, explain exactly why Idris wasn’t the only psycho in the film and how to avoid attracting these types of men and dealing with the sex, dating & relationship drama that’s sure to follow. Listen LIVE by calling 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “REAL Radio that Matters”.

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    Psycho"therapy" and the Myth of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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    I will tell the story of my work with several individuals suffering from so-called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. I will widen the story's focus to include the role that war has in making human life meaningful and how the way we currently deal with returning soldiers helps insure that while we pray for peace we insure the reality of the next war. I will reprise how the myth of mental illness and the role played by the mental health industry based on Psychiatry silences the voices of those veterans that are filled with fear, rage, shame, guilt and profound feelings of betrayal at the hands of the politicians that sent them to war. I will suggest that when those of us fail in our role as citizens to speak out against those who glorify war we not only insure the reality of the next war but we abandon those soldiers seeking to create new meaningful, creative and loving lives. I will argue again that anyone can be a psycho"therapist" for themselves and others if they learn how to say and to listen to that which society says is unsayable. 

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    Dr Umar Johnson Author of of the Psycho Academic Holocaust of Black Boys

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    Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson is a Certified School Psychologist who practices privately throughout Pennsylvania and lectures throughout the country. Umar is a blood relative of Frederick Douglass, the great Black abolitionist and orator. As a school psychologist Umar evaluates children ages 3-21 in an effort to determine if they have educational disabilities and a need for special education services. Umar is considered a national expert on learning disabilities and their effect on Black children, as well an expert on helping schools and parents modify challenging behaviors that can ultimately lead to disruptive behavior disorder diagnoses in Black boys.  As a child therapist, Dr. Umar specializes in working with at-risk, violent, suicidal and depressed African-American boys and girls. For five years he served as the youngest of five African-American male school psychologists in the 5th largest public school district in America – The School District of Philadelphia. Dr. Umar has been featured on various Black talk shows, college campuses, workshops, conferences and panels in the United States and beyond.

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    Everybody has met that one crazy/psycho!

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    Let's talk about our experiences with that one person thats crazy/psycho. How long did it take for you to find out and what was the give away? Of course we don't want to mention any names.

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    TREATMENT and RECOVERY: Conquering our Fears, Insecurities, and Inadequacies

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    Show Topic:  In the TC model, but not limited to this model, are five integrated core competencies that must be addressed while going through the treatment experience. Today we're going to to discuss three aspects within the Emotional / Psychological competency that must be identified, examined/validated, addressed, and resolved, PRIOR to leaving the treatment setting. We're talking about ones Fears, Insecurities, and Inadequacies. We'll disucss why this particular competency is integral to overall success in Recovery, and some tools for initiating the process.

    Show Segments:  Happy Recap, Show Topic, Recovery Support Time

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    Psychos 5: Laying down hatchet on the final Psycho show/commentary by Tina #98

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    Tonight, join Huggy, Krayola & Zuul as they go into their final 3 episodes.  We also talk on the FINAL "PSYCHO" show, and truly bring out everything, how things realy are, people's true colors, and put this to rest once and for all.

    Join us again, on another thought-provoking, honest, brutal, dirty, filthy show, that you've come to expect from us here on HOLLYWOOD CORNER.

    Krayola & Zuul also give away their identities finally. :D

    So we set the record straight with that. 

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    Practical Spirituality & KiCKASS WiTCH /Psycho Spiritual Wheel of the Year

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    This month we have the KiCKASS WiTCH, Joanna Devoe, of http://www.joannadevoe.com. She will be showing us how to set our intentions with zero excuses. This witch is all about getting it done with the transformative power of love using her  own Psycho Spiritual Wheel of the Year. What is a Psycho Spiritual Wheel of the Year? How can it benefit you? Tune in Friday night @ 11pm EST to find out. 

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    Tank on Yakuza Kick Radio!!!!!

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    July 22, 2015 "Strong Style Psycho" TANK is Jay's guest! Topics include: How did Tank become interested in pro wrestling? -Who were his favorites growing up? -Training to be a wrestler. -How did he get the name Tank? -How did he hook up with Iceberg? -Why didn't Tank work for ROH? -Tank in CZW. -When did Tank start working for Ian? -Working with Samoa Joe. -Thoughts on inter gender wrestling. -Tank gives his perspective on the Mike Levy incident. -Memories of matches with Brain Damage. -JC Bailey memories. -Who are the hardest hitters that Tank has ever faced? -Hardest head that Tank has butted? -Working for IWA-DS. -Thoughts on Death Match Wrestling: How much is too much? -KOTDM 2015 vs Matt Tremont. -Favorite current wrestlers to watch. -You might be a shitbird if .... -What's left for Tank? -What would a 3-match Tank compilation tape include? -Sports Talk.