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    Psychic View, with Tarot Intuitive, Mona Van Joseph

    in Spirituality

    Each Monday morning at 9am, your questions answered LIVE on this interactive radio broadcast. Mona takes your calls and answers your most personal and important questions.

    Each week, Mona chooses one listener to be her featured caller and spends extra time with a full spread of cards. To be considered as a featured caller, please "Like" Mona on her Mystic Mona OR Psychic View Facebook page. Write on either wall that you'd like to be considered.

    Mona is considered the Official Psychic of Las Vegas and since 2002, holds the Psychic Arts License through the City of Las Vegas. Her answers to your questions are considerate and thought-provoking. Readings by Mona are intended for your entertainment and consideration. She's the creator of the Dice Wisdom app for iPhone and Android. www.dicewisdom.com. Mona is available for private phone sessions by calling 702-571-0461.

    Remember, Psychic View...because the present moment IS the gift.

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    Clairvoyant, Sensitive, Tarot Cards Interpreted and Answering Psychic Questions

    in Spirituality

    This is how I read for my clients or anyone.  I am clairvoyant and I will discuss the gift. I also interpret the tarot cards that I use.  It's reading beyond their picture and words. 

    I will also discuss what many people are dreaming about. 

    I will also discuss how to expel energy between clients.  This is my technique. 

    I will also tke your psychic questions. 

    For a detailed reading contact me by phone or by message on http://www.Kasamba.com/psychic/mia0899cs


    Love and Light, 


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    Kate Daily Tarot Girl~ Tarot Cards

    in Spirituality

    Host Lindsay Marino will touch on topics that will improve your intuition, guide your consciousness, and help lay the foundation of balance throughout your day. Lindsay welcomes and encourages her audience members to call in during the show, so that you can receive personal messages to guide you towards your best life. As well as giving mini readings, Lindsay will regularly have special guests come on the show to share their insights. It is her mission to guide you in living abundantly and fill you with rich infinite beauty and peace.

    Website: www.lindsaymarino.com

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    Free Psychic Tarot Readings from Yarrow and Sli

    in Spirituality

    We are settling in on a permanent schedule: Mondays and Fridays at 11:00pm! Please send us love, comments, and emails! 

    Yarrow uses tarot cards to help her callers identify and deal with their troubles. Sli, a gifted musician, is the Master of Ceremonies, providing inspiration while Yarrow ponders the cards. If you are in need of psychic healing and spiritual insight, call the show today.   Sweet.fern.tarot@gmail.com   Yarrowtarot.com



    Yarrow and Sli consider themselves storytellers who create a story from randomly selected tarot cards in order to provide a reading to those that desire one. Yarrow and Sli do not *claim* to have any supernatural or magical abilities. If the reading you receive from Yarrow Tarot (whether written or auditory) resembles your life, it is entirely coincidental (if you believe in coincidences!) Do not make any decisions of any sort based on the stories of any stranger, including Yarrow and Sli; you are responsible for all of your actions!  Yarrow Tarot is exclusively for entertainment purposes only.  If you need professional help, get professional help.  We make absolutely no guarantees or promises of any kind. You must be 18 years old to participate.

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    Astrology, Numerology, Science of the Cards & Tarot

    in Spirituality

    We'll explore themes of Numerology, Personality Numbers, Life Path Numbers, Personal Year numbers, Astrology & Sun signs as well as dynamics between signs, chinese zodiac signs, Science of the Cards including Birth Cards, Cards of Destiny, and Love Cards, and Tarot symbology. Free mini-readings to callers.

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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Psychic & Tarot Readings with Melinda

    in Spirituality

    A fun night filled with Psychic & Tarot Readings with Melinda Carver!

    What does the Spirit Realm next door want YOU to know tonight?  Are your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones waiting to speak to you?  Do you need clarity or enlightenment on your love life, carer, family relationships or finances?  Call in tonight to get your answers!

    Psychic Medium Melinda Carver is the Official Psychic of the Tarot Guild, and the host of Positive Perspectives.  She travels the country appearing at metaphysical expos, conferences, stores and groups.  She is a frequent guest on radio shows and has written several articles for various publications.  Melinda has her own magical line of products now in 25 stores nationwide, the Caribbean and on Amazon.  She is available for private sessions!



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    Learn tarot: healing with the cards

    in Self Help

    You can use tarot for more than a heads up if you understand them well. breaking them down to crucial elements is the key to using them for healing, Today Dorothy is taking callers to demonstrate how this works so you can do this for yourself. it is a combination of cognitive and meditative response to the information acheived. Spending time with a card  can offer solutions and understanding moving you along your path at the spwwd of light.


    tarot discussion page  http://www.amazon.com/gp/forum/cd/discussion.html/ref=ntt_mus_ep_cd_tft_tp?ie=UTF8&cdForum=Fx14AM6FE21QKVD&cdThread=TxCSI0QXDLZRMW

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    Intuitive & Tarot mini readings.

    in Spirituality

     All Intuitive & Tarot mini readings.

    I will apply a little numerology into your reading.


    You Always had the Power Within! 





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    Curious Times – Intuitive and Tarot Reader, Yvette Howell

    in Spirituality

    Yvette Howell is a Psychic, Medium and Tarot Reader who began studying Astrology at age 11. Her style of reading is reflective as she reads a snapshot of the person in that very moment and recognizes their beauty and reflects it back so they can see themselves as they truly are.  Yvette’s goal is to empower, her hope is to reflect, and she works hard to remain detached from the outcome.

    To learn more about Yvette, or to book a private reading visit her website or Facebook at:



    To contact the host of the show (Chris): www.curioustimes.ca or www.facebook.com/curioustimesradio


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    Tell Me Tarot Now By Dre ThePsychic

    in Spirituality

    Hi my name is dre i am an psychic medium and an tarot reader i have been reading people all over ther world for maybe 6 years strong 

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    Free Psychic Tarot Readings from Yarrow and Sli --- TUNE IN! Episodes 3 &4

    in Spirituality

    Thanks for all of the support our show is getting! We would love it if you left us some comments or feedback. What kind of show would you like to have? If we get some love, we may consider upgrading to a premium package and doing a full hour (or maybe even longer!) show. All input is appreciated, and all ideas will be considered. We are going to try letting the guests get more time to tell there stories after their readings. So be on the lookout, and remember how much we appreciate you!

    Yarrow uses tarot cards to help her callers identify and deal with their troubles. Sli, a gifted musician, is the Master of Ceremonies, providing inspiration while Yarrow ponders the cards. If you are in need of psychic healing and spiritual insight, call the show today. 

    All readings are absolutely free with no commitments of any type. These readings are for entertainment purposes only. No guarantees or promises! Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for the support of this show! 



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