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    Psychic Readings; Rock Your Intuition!

    in Spirituality

    Find the clarity you’ve been looking for. Call in to the show for your free one question mini reading. 

    Join the fun by calling (657) 383-1936.

    For more information on Ethel Roberts and the services she provides, visit www.ethelroberts.com

    Are you living your life purpose?  FREE training available to Discover Your Life Purpose.

    *Disclaimer – Ethel Roberts will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings.

    These readings are for entertainment purposes only. All information and/or advice given to you by Ethel Roberts should not take the place of any medical, legal or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional.  All sessions by Ethel Roberts are not a substitute for medical, legal or financial advice.

    You must be 18 years of age to use this service.

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    Crystal Healing Therapies: Using Gemstone to Increase Psychic Intuition

    in Spirituality

    Pre-recorded, Originally aired 4/9/2014

    Join internationally known clairvoyant and recent guest star on Gaiam TVs Beyond Belief, Dr. Lauren Cielo, owner of Golden Rose Psychic Services with Special Guest Bonnie Jean Knill for another great episode of Golden Rose Psychic Radio brought to you on the Women's Movement Radio Network! .

    In this episode, Dr. Lauren and Bonnie discuss crystal healing therapies and how to use gemstones to increase your psychic intuition. Learn which crystals we recommend to increase psychic clairvyance. Call in and get a FREE Psychic Reading on which gemstones make you more psychic.

    Don't forget, during the show we'll announce the Coupon Code for our BLOOMING ROSE special. Once you hear the code, go to Golden Rose Psychic Radio’s Facebook Page for the link to purchase this week's special.

    And you may be the winner of this week’s FREE PSYCHIC READING. Click HERE to enter contest and gain access to our hidden webpage full of even more FREE STUFF!

    Callers are welcome and of course, lots of LIVE Free Psychic Readings! We hope you'll join us!

    Golden Rose Psychic Services is powered by 3-Point Virtual Services

  • Psychic Tapestry's Love Show

    in Spirituality

    Psychic and Author Toni DeMaio and former skeptic Ken Kessler welcome Spiritual, Intuitive Transpersonal Practitioner Julia Hoffman back to the show! Toni, Julia and Ken will all be using intuition, pendulums and tarot cards to answer your questions about matters of the heart!  They'll be taking your calls live, as well as answering questions from the chatroom, Facebook and Twitter!

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    Psychic Readings for You

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Psychic Tuesday.     I am here to do short readings for callers.   You may want to take notes, often I can give you small details that come up in the future.  Please just give me your first name, and the state you are calling from.   I can tune in and give you what I pick up on.  I appreciate it if you limit yourself to one call to the radio show for a reading, I am available at readings@lindaschooler.com.     See you on the radio!


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    #6 Intuition & Psychic Development/Aristotle's Messages by Katy,Psychic Adviser

    in Spirituality

    "We are not alone in this Universe of Universes!"Learn what channeling is, how to connect to Light Beings, Katy's 4 step process for psychic & intuitive skills.Hear Aristotle's 3 inspirational messages #8 - #10 on Altruism,Reasonability,Commitment & Promise.These can be used as high vibrational meditations.By Katy Simmone,host & advanced channeler of Light Beings.

    To Evolve into Your Best Life! A special time where different dimensions intersect for spirituality & metaphysics. 

    About Rev. Katy, Providing Life Wisdom from Beyond

    http://soulevolutioncenter.com/*.  Click here to download her free eBook "Aristotle's Teachings for the New Age, a series of Channelings" *Author*Speaker*Workshop Facilitator*Private, Small or Large Group Certifications in Tarot Basics, Psychic/Intuition Development Basics, & Oracle Card Readings by Phone/Skype/ or Computer* Speaking & Coaching Topics on Spiritual, Metaphysical Topics

    See her Blog, Soul Evolution Center FB page, & YouTube.  

  • Psychic Tuesday September 8

    in Spirituality

    Here we are, after Labor Day.    Hope it was a great day for you.  I am here to do sample readings for callers.   I have been a professional psychic for over 20 years, and I love doing readings.      Please call in to the show only once,  I am available at readings@lindaschooler.com  for further information.   If you want to take notes, feel free to do so.    Often I give you little details about things that occur in the future, and it is nice to have a record of it.     Thanks for coming by.    See you on the radio!

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    Psychic Tapestry

    in Spirituality

    Psychic and Author Toni DeMaio and Spiritual, Intuitive Transpersonal Practitioner Julia Hoffman will be joining us once again for a Saturday version of our Friday Love Show! Toni will share her story of past lives that has led her to her current path, and Julia will explain her method of intergrating Eastern and Western Psychology with Spirituality. We'll be taking your calls about all matters of the heart, and answering your questions from the chat room, Facebook and Twitter!

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    Let's Get Psychic, Tuesday is Here!

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Psychic Tuesday.        It's a wonderful time of year.  The change of the seasons and the excitement of the holidays is becoming more evident.   I am here today to give you a short psychic reading.   I have been a professional psychic for over 20 years.      I can connect with you when you say your name,  and just give me the state you are calling from.    If you want to take notes, please do, as often I give you details that may not make sense at the time, but wil later.      See you on the radio.!

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    Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    World-renowned psychic Neil Baker and host Kristin are featured on this hour long show which deals with the vast, expansive world of psychic phenomenon. This show delves into the extraordinary mysteries that reside beyond the physical realm of common experience. Neil and Kristin are your guides and teachers as they establish a stage that is both personal and universal, while callers have the opportunity to connect with Neil for one-on-one readings. The call in number for the Neil Baker Psychic Hour is 914.338.0164.  For all other inquiries, please call Neil directly at 562.596.7818.

    ***ATTN.:  All content of "The Neil Baker Psychic Hour"© is protected by copyright.  No copyrighted material may be reproduced, stored for retrieval, or transmitted in any other form or by any other means without the prior written permission of "The Neil Baker Psychic Hour"© and its agents. All rights reserved.

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    Curious Times – Psychic Medium Kathleen Moore, Intuition v Ego

    in Spirituality

    Kathleen Moore is a gifted psychic medium, clairvoyant, spiritual counselor and ordained minister.  She has given countless readings to people seeking her counsel from around the world. Kathleen has been helping her clients with connection to their loved ones, intuitive coaching and being able to see into their future.

    Kathleen grew up in British Columbia and moved to the United States in 1985. Kathleen worked as a seasonal naturalist for 20 years.  This career was chosen due to her love of nature and connection to spirit through animals. Kathleen knew at a young age that she saw the world differently. Being different than others is part of her spiritual resume.  It is a gift she believes she was given to help others along their spiritual journey. She started professional readings at 18 while obtaining her degree in interpretive science.

    Kathleen has been doing readings for over 25 years strictly by word of mouth and referral. She delivers her readings with confidence and in a no-nonsense way.  Her services include private readings, gallery readings, house cleansings and motivational speaking events.  

    She has always felt great honor in connecting with her clients and she enjoys assisting others.

    To learn more about Kathleen and the services she provides:

    Phone - 330-554-8202 or by email at KathleenMooreReading@gmail.com



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    Adrianna's Psychic Sampler

    in Spirituality

    We are  all psychic we are all connected, it is our right as sentient beings to connect with each other and spirit. Adrianna will be discussing various ways to communicate with the other side, guides and angels.She will also be answering one question from lucky callers. Listeners will learn how to properly use a pendulum, crystal ball, oracle cards etc.