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    Test Proxy Prod

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    The Goldfish Proxy

    in Comedy

    Episode 147 “The Goldfish Proxy” John is wearing a poodle skirt, and the duo talk fighting loud music on subways, tax evaders,  and cat messaging. Hummingbird drones and goldfish simplicity solve world issues in a  round of “If Animals Ruled the World”, and Elsie gets attacked while offering the wine-themed chocolate End of Show Food. Guest: Minimalist, artist, comedian and filmmaker Marty Stano discusses his approach to life, his TedTalk, AwesomeFeet project, and a piano on the river!

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    Creep Show Radio: The Midnight Proxy

    in Film

    It's that time again folks, another fright filled episode with your hosts Chris MacGibbon and Daniel Schein as they discuss the latest in horror hot topics in news! This week we'll also be reviewing Ti West's latest offering with THE SACRAMENT, then boasting into a low budget affair with THE MIDNIGHT GAME and finally getting over our morning sickness with PROXY. 

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    Violence by Proxy, the outsourcing of brutality

    in Politics

    In tonight's edition of A Voice for Men Radio, JtO and GWW take a closer look at violence. Necessary in this examination is discarding the childish notion that all, or even most violence in the world is direct. The use of violence by proxy, at one or more remove is the principal way that we disguise the use of violent force, from others, as well as hiding our own violence from ourselves, if we experience the ethical failing of the use of force.
    The proxy violence of ideologues opposing the human rights of men is thrown under a bright light tonight with Hosts John the Other, and Girl Writes What. The call in number for the show is 310-388-9709

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    Are you tired of all the bullshit? Are you ready for something else?

    in Military

    Has this thing called reality just not worked for you?  

    Have you always known something else must be possible here? 

    Your host, Tim Janakos, has too.  It's that time again to see what else is possible. 

    When you've tried everything else and it didn't work as well as you knew it should, it's time for some energy healing. 

    Until Dec 31st, Tim Janakos is running a special for five 30-minute proxy healing sessions, for the price of 3, which is just $147.00 US for five sessions.  How does it get even better than that? 

    Go to www.tjmusic.org/blog.html for more information. 


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    A Day Out of Time

    in Spirituality

    This show is dedicated to worlds leading mystic and seer of our time  exploring the mysteries miracles and mysticism in everyday life and the sacred teachings and experiences of these sacred teachings of Almine 


    Tonights show we speak about a day out of time which is today ! we also have a little audio about this from Almine which is a little reminder of what you can do for a day out of time  and some  of Almine's exquisite music alchemy which is also sound healing , we hope to turn this into a streaming Almine event with her sacred healing elixirs considering the day thats in it as a proxy so  sit back and enjoy !

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    What Energy, Space and Consciousness, Can You are Your Body be Today? with Tim

    in Spirituality

    Are you ready for a better Thanksgiving than last year?  what else is possible? 

    Call in and let Tim Janakos, certified Emotion Code practitioner and student of Access Consciousness, Body Code, Three Dimensional Therapy (T3), Quantum Touch 2.0 (QT2) and many other healing modalites help you get over the terminal and incurable disease of the holiday seasons.  

    How did we get so lucky?  How does it get even better than that? 

    Until December 31st, 2014, Tim is running an incredible special where you can get 5 private proxy sessions for the price of 3, go to www.tjmusic.org/blog.html for more information. 





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    Another Grindhouse Mixtape? Why The Hell Not? @AfronerdRadio.com-Sat @6pm!

    in Politics Conservative

    Believe it or not, we're going to keep this simple and succint (for a change)!  Join Dburt, Capt. Kirk and the "Uncanny" Daryll B. for a new episode of Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse Mixtape (when The Comic Shoppe and Afronerd Radio lines are "blerd") broadcast airing this Saturday at 6pm eastern. The topical cornucopia to be discussed while gassing up the Mike Tyson "mystery van" are:  as Will Ferrell's Funny or Die site gets shopped for a sale that could be north of 300 million dollars, Dburt asks the immortal questions-So where's Black version?; Harvard students take the 1964 Louisiana literacy test intended to supress Black voters of that period and as expected, the alleged brightest young minds of our country flunked!; the crew continues (with Daryll B's assistance) to decipher last week's Big Hero 6 and Interstellar film releases; a serious discussion regarding American's fascination with Kim Kardashian's (and White women by proxy) plump posterior and why minority women seem to be suspiciously left out of this American phenomenon; animator, LaSean Thomas (Boondocks, Black Dynamite) has a Kickstarter campaign for a project entitled, Canon Busters; YourBlackWorld.net's Dr. Boyce Watkins' latest op-ed ponders why the highly esteemed Black Enterprise mag reimagined basketball legend, Michael Jordan as a Black leader worthy of a fantasy placement on Mt. Rushmore; actor/game show host/speechwriter, Ben Stein is at again with a scathing commentary levied toward the Black underclass; The Washington Postprovides yet another ponderous and indefensible disquisition on the evolution of the "n-word" (double yawn); and if time permits, in Blue Area news, a former teacher develops an app that may close the achievement gap in underperforming schools.  Call live at646-915-9620.   

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    NATO's Secret Armies in Europe: Interview with Daniele Ganser

    in History

    This week on SOTT Talk Radio we're discussing the biggest story never told in modern Europe: NATO’s secret warfare against European civilians. Proxy wars, false-flag terrorism, assassinations, economic warfare, color revolutions, interfering in elections... it's no secret that the U.S. establishment has done all that (and more) through its application of a psychopathic 'strategy of tension' around the world since the Second World War.

    What is not generally known is that such 'secret warfare' was also taking place in Europe. For the briefest of moments, CIA and MI6 coordination of a 40-year-long, Europe-wide terror campaign - going by the code-name 'Operation GLADIO' in Italy - came to light in several European media in 1990, but the scandal was quickly buried by the rather fortuitous invasion by Saddam Hussein of Kuwait and the subsequent build-up to NATO's first 'expeditionary mission' to Iraq.

    We'll be interviewing Dr. Daniele Ganser, author of the seminal book NATO's Secret Armies in Europe, now translated into ten languages. Ganser is a historian lecturing in contemporary history, energy issues and geo-strategy at the Universities of St. Gallen and Basel in Switzerland. You won't want to miss this show. We're live this Sunday 9th November from 11am-1pm PST / 2-4pm EST / 7-9pm UTC / 8-10pm CET

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    BelVaspata World Radio:Grand Mastery

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Belvaspata world radio with your host Denise and Malue. Tonight we are delighted to share with our listeners a Grand master level Belvaspata session. We also share a beautiful meditation by Almine. Please join us for this sacred hour with the angels. Bring your pillow and blanket and get comfortable. We offer this show by proxy to bring Effortless manifestations of Infinite intent, (todays poetic tone).

    Do you have an experience with Belvaspata that you would like to share on our show? We would love to hear from you

    Please contact us at Denise@almine.info

    Thank you for tuning in. Praise, Love, Gratitude and Trust

    Denise and Malue

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    Empire of Chaos: Global Insanity

    in Politics Conservative

    We suffered a silent coup, while we were comfortable, entertained and distracted.  Willing victims of psychological manipulation thinking we make choices while the corporatist machine tells us what to consume, for whom to vote, what to believe and whom to fear. Political theater lulls us into a soft despotism under the guise of democracy, when in fact we suffer an oligarchy.

    In this land of confusion, we have an entrenched duopoly, whether you pick the blue team or the red team; the end result is the same. After decades of voting the bums out, we still have endless war, debt, chaos and a wide array of choices, so long as we choose to stay within the narrow confines of the false left-right paradigm.

    Government’s principal duty is defending the Republic, yet your appropriated government runs a global empire threatening our security and engendering hostility while disturbing the domestic tranquility with false economics and an omni-surveillance police state.  Some threaten their propaganda, like Sen. Rand Paul, whom they attack as a proxy for undermining your yearning for liberty; but do Americans have the resolve to reclaim our inheritance?

    Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people band together right now to restore Constitutional governance from your own neighborhood on up to dismantling the Welfare/Warfare Duopoly.  Restoring sound money, free markets,  The Constitutional Militia of the Several States, religious and civil liberties and a sensible foreign policy of non-interventionism; or watch the statists in both parties push their corporatist agenda to their benefit and our demise. To defeat the the statists, collectivists and oligarchs especially the Democrats, first you MUST CRUSH the Neocon RINOs-for liberty!

    Please LIKE and SHARE our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/LibertysThunder

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