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    The Erik Rush Report. Was Downed Russian Airliner an Obama Proxy Attack?

    in Politics

    The sound of an apparent explosion can be heard on the flight recorder of the Russian-operated plane that came down over the Sinai peninsula, killing all 224 people on board, adding to mounting evidence that a bomb was smuggled aboard, French media sources said on Friday. Giving further credence to the idea that the plane crash was a terrorist act rather than because of structural failure, Russia, which for a week has been resistant to speculation about a bomb, suspended flights to all Egyptian airports.

    An Egyptian-led international team of aviation experts, including some from France, successfully recovered the black box, the flight recorder, from the crash site. Several French media outlets, including the television station France 2, reported that the investigators had listened to it and concluded that a bomb had detonated, which would seem to rule out structural failure or pilot error. The pilots can be heard chatting normally, including contact with airport controllers, up until the apparent explosion.

    The reports about the black box contents came as British attempts to bring passengers home from Sharm el-Sheikh descended into chaos on Friday.

    Scott Bennett is on the first hour to give a military perspective.

    *Erik Rush *Founder and Chief Editor Instigator News Network instigatornews.com   Erik Rush is a New York-born columnist, author and speaker who writes sociopolitical commentary for WorldNetDaily  and other publications. He is also the founder and Chief Editor of Instigator News Network.  In February of 2007, Erik was the first to break the story of Barack Obama's ties to militant Chicago preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright on a national level.

    Open Telephone Lines.

    Call In Number: 347-989-8853 (press 1 to get on the air)

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    Siri Proxy

    in Technology

    I talk about the new Siri proxy server I'm making.

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    The Captain's Very Special Guest: Amber Parham

    in Politics

    Join The Captain Tonight With His Very Special Guest:  Amber Parham

    Amber Is Yet Another Parent Accused Of Munchausen By Proxy

    If Getting All The Best Care You Can For Your Child Is A Mental Illness . . . Then What Does That Say About The Sane?

    Amber Will Be On Board Tonight To Discuss What Happened To Her Family . . . And How Easy It Is To Happen To Your Family 

    Tune In Tonight 8pm Eastern (7/C) With My Guest:  Amber Parham


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    The Collision of Faith and Politics with The Ninja Pastor! Oregon and FEDS! 2

    in Politics Conservative

    What is actually behind the Hammond Family abuse by the Federal Government?  You know, YOUR government!  YOUR Representatives that YOU elected to REPRESENT YOU AND YOUR WISHES.... They, and by proxy WE are doing this to an otherwise AWESOME Family....  How are YOU with that?

    I answer, in this VERY powerful and IN YOUR FACE broadcast, all the questions you might have...  Well, I won't solve for world peace, but, almost every question...  Listen in and maybe YOU can help?!?!?




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    Behind the Headlines: Christmas in Syria – Interview with Eva Bartlett

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    This week on Behind the Headlines, we’re interviewing – for the second time – freelance journalist and human rights activist Eva Bartlett, who was on this show two months ago. Bartlett was aboard the Dignity, one of five Free Gaza relief operations to successfully sail to the Gaza Strip in 2008. She ended up staying in Gaza for some time, reporting from there during Israeli Operations ‘Cast Lead’ in 08/09, and ‘Pillar of Defense’ in 2012.

    In the last couple of years, Bartlett has been one of the few Western journalists to report truthfully on the situation in Syria, a country she has visited several times, including independently on a journalist visa. Bartlett recently returned from spending 8 days over Christmas in the war-torn country, where she attended conferences, visited recently liberated districts, and met Syrian officials, religious and community leaders.

    Listeners can find Eva’s writings on Syria and Palestine at her blog, InGaza.wordpress.com, and support her continuing work as a voice for the voiceless through SyriaSolidarityMovement.org.

    We hope you'll join us from 2-4pm EST / 8-10pm CET, this Sunday 10th January 2016, for an account of life in Syria you won't hear anywhere else.


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    The Raw Reaction

    in Wrestling

    We sit just six days before the 2016 Royal Rumble (the 29th one). Let's be honest, the last two Rumble matches have been a bit of a disappointment for various reasons (the lack of Bryan in '14, the final three booking of 2015), so they almost have to do it better this time by proxy. All the same, we also have quite a few other major matches to talk about for that card. Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens in Last Man Standing has show stealing potential. Both of the Alberto Del Rio and Kalisto matches last week were above average and both should be motivated to entertain. The diva's title match has actually been pretty well built this time as Charlotte defends about Becky.

    So, you're definitely going to want to know what the guys are thinking about the 2016 edition. Be sure to join Harry Broadhurst (PBP voice of Real Action Pro Wrestling), Tony Acero (411mania's Raw Reporter) and Rick Beslin (Facebook's Fantasy Wrestling League) as they bring you the go home edition of the Raw Reaction tonight at 11:30 PM (EST) on DeMarco Wrestling Radio. In addition, be sure to call in with your picks at (914) 803-4532.

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    The Fourth Branch with Debbie Carroll; Medical kidnapping

    in Current Events

    Host Debbie Carroll. Tonight I will explore the occurrence of Medical Kidnapping and the use of the Colorado Child Mental Health Treatment Act. The featured guest is Leanna Smith, who will be discussing ways that families can fight back against medical seizure of children for profit and lucrative business ventures. Going into a hospital with a sick child or and elderly parent can be more dangerous than you ever imagined.

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    The Goldfish Proxy

    in Comedy

    Episode 147 “The Goldfish Proxy” John is wearing a poodle skirt, and the duo talk fighting loud music on subways, tax evaders,  and cat messaging. Hummingbird drones and goldfish simplicity solve world issues in a  round of “If Animals Ruled the World”, and Elsie gets attacked while offering the wine-themed chocolate End of Show Food. Guest: Minimalist, artist, comedian and filmmaker Marty Stano discusses his approach to life, his TedTalk, AwesomeFeet project, and a piano on the river!

  • Test Proxy Prod

    in Rock Music

    Test Proxy Prod

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    Navigating the Trade: 2015 Stealth Bear Becomes 2016 800lb Grizzly

    in Finance

    rcmTradingDesk - Your source for all aspects of trade navigation - From building trading systems to managing risk

    Co-Hosts Bret Rosenthal and Bill Jacobs breakdown in graphic detail actual trades occuring in real time and teachable moments of recent vintage. 

    Today's focus: Stalking the Bear: Claw Prints Everywhere 

    Bear market evidence:

    S&P500 equally weighted index (See Blog)

    High Yield Index collapsing - HYG vs SPY (See Blog)

    Commodities prices collapsing (Oil is the proxy) - USO vs SPY (See Blog)

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    Behind the Headlines: Libyan 'Islamic State', with James & JoAnne Moriarty

    in News

    On this week’s episode of Behind the Headlines, we’re speaking once again with James and JoAnne Moriarty, an American couple who witnessed first-hand the so-called ‘Libyan Revolution’ in 2011. Invited by an international NGO to participate in a fact-finding mission, and trusted by Libyan political and business leaders, the Moriartys travelled throughout Libya during NATO’s massive bombardment of the country in 2011, observing and documenting events, and personally witnessing numerous unspeakable atrocities.

    After barely escaping with their lives when the ‘rebels’ placed them on a kill-list, the Moriartys finally made it back to the US with bodies and evidence intact… only to discover that their troubles had barely begun. In this second interview with the Moriartys, we'll be asking them about the current political climate in the destroyed country, and discussing some of the myriad connections between the criminals brought into Libya to tear it apart and those brought into Syria to do same.

    You can listen to our first interview with the Moriartys here or here. You can find extensive documentation for the Moriartys’ claims on their website, http://libyanwarthetruth.com/, where you can also purchase their DVD, Escape from Al Qaeda.

    Join your hosts this Sunday 13th December 2015 from 2-4pm EST / 11am-1pm PST / 7-9pm UTC / 8-10pm CET for what promises to be another horrifying but informative interview.