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    in Spirituality

    PEACE AND BLISSINGS FROM THE FIRST WORLD ORDER RADIO FAMILY...Tonights TIPZ AND TRIKZ TUEZDAY Broadcast is in tribute to Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and her significant role in opening the door to the study and proliferation of melanin (GIVE THANKS)..."BLACKNESS” is a divine, cosmic principle of the Universe. BLACK is the meaning of Kam or Khem the name in which the ancient Egyptians called themselves. From this word we get “Chemistry,” the study of the building blocks of Life. Life is founded upon CARBON, the Black element present in all living matter. Black carbon atoms link to form Black Melanin, which has “Black Hole” properties! Black Holes are found at the center of our own galaxy and countless others. In physics, a “Black Body” is known to be a perfect absorber and perfect radiator of all forms of light and energy...IN TONIGHTS TIPZ AND TRIKZ PORTION THERE WILL BE TIPZ ON HOW TO PROTECT MELANIN AS WELL AS ENHANCE MELANIN PRODUCTION....


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    Protect Yourself

    in Business

    People set themselves up to be losers by not using the tax and legal system to their advantage. The average person sees a news story about businesses filing bankruptcy and assume that means failure. This couldn’t be more wrong. This week we talk with Rich Dad Advisor Garrett Sutton about protecting yourself and your assets from legal action. Don’t wait until you’re rich to protect what you have, take steps NOW!

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    Protect Yourself

    in Business

    People set themselves up to be losers by not using the tax and legal system to their advantage. The average person sees a news story about businesses filing bankruptcy and assume that means failure. This couldn’t be more wrong. This week we talk with Rich Dad Advisor Garrett Sutton about protecting yourself and your assets from legal action. Don’t wait until you’re rich to protect what you have, take steps NOW!

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    Protect your home with Mortgage Protection

    in Self Help

    Is mortgage protection the same thing as home owners insurance?  Many will learn what it is and who it is desgned to help protect.  Contrary to popular belief home owners' insurance does Not protect the home owner, its designed to protect the banks!  Many are not aware of this and how they can protect your family.  

    This show is for those who are looking to purchase a home, are purchasing a home or those who purchased a home but did Not purchase Mortgage protection to protect your own family.  

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    Protect U.S. Workers from H-1B Visa Abuse with Sara Blackwell

    in Politics

    Qualified American IT Workers (and Americans in many other fields) are being forced to train their foreign replacements knowing they will be fired at the end of the training!  This is anti-American and it is illegal discrimination against Americans.  Americans must come together to protect American workers.  This is a national crisis for which most Americans are wholly unaware.  The outsourcing and offshoring of American jobs will result in the downfall of America.

    Special Guest - Sara Blackwell - Founder of Protect US Workers. Sara is an attorney and advocate displaced American workers.  Sara is representing the IT Workers of Walt Disney World and for many other companies all over the nation.  Sara has been communicating with various politicians and news outlets to educate America on this issue. Tonight we will have an in-depth discussion on how Immigration Visas are being used against the American workers. The Chat Room will be opened for you to post your questions and comments.

    Protect US Workers  We are warriors and educators. Our mission is to educate America about the horrific misuse of H1B and other visas to terminate Americans or lower the wages of Americans.  If we educate America, they will be outraged and once outraged, we can provide them with the simple solution to amend the problem.

    Please provide your story on the www.protectusworkers.org website or contact us for any questions or concerns.

    Protect US Workers also provides free review of severance agreements and free legal advice. 

    The larger of an army we become, the more America will have to take notice.  The technology world understands......it is time to teach everyone else!!!!

    Like  https://www.facebook.com/ProtectUSWorkers/?fref=ts

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    EDL Radio ~ Ladies (and Gents) Protect Yourselves!

    in Politics Conservative

    Women across Europe are being raped, assaulted, mugged, beaten, and murdered by Islamic migrants. Signs are popping up in public places, warning women (and men) to group together if attending public events/ social gathering places, and to not venture out alone at night, due to the vast hijra migration of (primarily) young Moslem males who bring an ideology that surpasses our own nightmares in terms of social and ideological norms.

    We offer some tips on how one can protect oneself. DISCLAIMER: These are just guidelines. The EDL does not endorse violence nor encourage Vigilantism. Use these tips with discretion. Opinions expressed on this particular program do not reflect official EDL Policy. Listener discretion is advised.

    Welcome to the English Defence League Radio Show with Geoff Mitchell, Kel Fritzi, Dave Milner, and Tim Burton.

    This show engages in discussions pertaining to the facts, not the polished and anonymous half-truth that the authorities and MSM publish to throw you into a state of complacency.



    EDL You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/EDLNoSurrenderChannel

    Follow us on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/EDLofficialpage

    "All That is necessary for Evil to Prevail Is that good men do nothing" ~ Edmund Burke



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    3 Ways to Protect Your Time

    in Business

    Your time is one of your greatest resources. My guess is you dont treat it that way. We will focus on how to look at your time differently and how to protect your time and attention so you can get more done in less time.

    Todays Guest: Frances Biernacki 

    Frances Biernacki is a Productivity Consultant and Professional Facilitator. Frances believes the key to business success begins with targeted training programs. As a life-long trainer, Frances has led training and development across North America for a global marketing company. 


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    Johnny Manziel needs to find an "offensive line" in life to protect him

    in Sports

    Johnny Manziel was the first Freshman to win the Heisman Trophy and he was unstoppable in college. Some people questioned if he could take his athletic style to the NFL game. The Cleveland Browns believed he could and selected him with the 22nd pick, in the 2014 NFL Draft. Johnny Manziel lived up to the hype, off the field. Manziel headlined local and national media for his off the field antics more than his play on the field. After two seasons he only started eight games, which is the fewest of any quarterback the Browns have selected in the first round. As the offseason begins, it is only a matter of time before the Browns and Manziel part ways. The question looms, "Will any team take a chance on Manziel?"

    The answer is probably not because Manziel is being investigated for domestic violence. He also entered rehab before the 2015 season to get his drinking under control. All reports pointed to a new and rejuvinated Manziel until he was pulled over during the season and admitted that he had been drinking. No charges were filed, but he openly admitted that he was drinking. Manziel has always lived life to the extreme, but it might be time that he finds a good offensive line in life to help protect him from himself.

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    RYW- 180 Gun Trusts- Why, When and How to Protect Your Firearms

    in Entrepreneur

    The right to bear arms is a sacred right to many, but also, too many gun owners don't consider the fate of their guns when they pass away. Gun trusts are a powerful tool to protect valuable firearms with financial and sentimental value. Mark and Mat will be joined by National Gun Trust Expert David M. Goldman who will break down the Why, When and How when it comes to gun trusts. If you own a gun, you can't afford to miss this show. More info at www.refreshyourwealth.com.

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    Protect Yourself Before, During, & After a Natural Disaster

    in Weather

    Do you have a plan when it comes to a natural disaster?

    You watch the news and you see that there's a storm approaching your area in a few hours.  The meteorologists are saying that the storm could possibly spawn tornadoes throughout the evening and that everyone should take cover.

    What is the first thing that you do?  For a lot of us, it's change the channel to find something else to watch.   

    However, we should take weather events a lot more seriously than we do.  Every morning, I tune into my favorite meteorologist, Brittany Bell, to find out how I should approach each day.  Knowing what's going on during a weather event can not only help you protect your property, it can also help you protect your family.

    We'll also discuss the following:

    How important is it to trust your meteorologist?
    What about natural disasters that occur with little-to-no warning?
    How credible are fund raisers for disaster relief?
    What can you do to avoid scams from getting repairs done from storm damage?

    All of this and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

    Scheduled for 75 mins.

    Show No. 553


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    Protect Our Children with Ursula Shepherd

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to today's episode of Soul Matters Radio, where Barbara Patterson talks to Ursula Shepherd about one of her passions.
    Ursula has launched a project and entered a competition with Virgin Media Business to raise awareness for a vital topic in our world: Protecting our children.

    Ursula's vision is to develop tools, training and resources to protect children and prevent abuse by:
    increasing confidence, awareness and capability;
    removing stigma and fear;
    eradicating complacency and ignorance as well as teaching life skills.

    We invite you to support this project by voting online using this link:


    Also, Ursula would love you to get in touch with her for any ideas, suggestions, questions and additional support.

    The network is growing fast, be a part of it!