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    Does Jesus love prostitutes and strippers?

    in Religion

    What leads a person down the path to live in the sub cultures we've created in America?  Could they have suffered a broken heart first?  Does the Bible have anything to say about those living in darkness - perhaps even that Jesus came specifically for them?

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    From A Pimp's Perspective: Why Prostitutes Need Pimps

    in Entertainment

    Every wonder why a woman who becomes a prostitute would need a pimp? I mean it's her body, her service, so shouldn't she, or couldn't she just run her own thing? Why the middle man? Why a pimp? Well M&M breaks it down for ya!

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    Milling About With Patrick Stewart

    in Entertainment

    Patrick Stewart stars as Walter Blunt in the Starz series Blunt Talk; a straight talking newsman who brings his English wit and wisdom to American broadcast news. This is not your Star Trek or Shakespeare Stewart. Blunt is much more politically incorrect; a bawdier, mischievous scalliwag who spoons his female manager, snorts cocaine, suckles prostitutes and makes no apologies for his behavior. And that's just the first four episodes!

    Patrick tells host Robin Milling the character is closer to him personally than any other in that he shared his deepest secrets with writer Jonathan Ames (HBO Bored To Death) which made their way fictiously into the series. He even named the character based on his pseudonym.

    Patrick talks about his first on-camera sex scene with Elisabeth Shue, guest stars from the Enterprise including Brent Spiner, and  throws down a rap about salmon, charmingly revealing there are many hidden talents we have yet to discover about him.


    in Christianity

    The united States of America continues to be an ideal conceived in liberty and believed in by those that have found that spiritual principles of righteous, peace and liberty are the foundations that produced and sustained this wondrous experience, but that part of mankind that have Luciferian rings in their noses, which are being led around by their lusts and their insatiable appetites for money, power and the blood of other men, because they covet the women and children of others, have been revealing their plans for mass murder, unlawful incarceration and Satan worshiping in offering millions on the alters of their witchcraft and lust. The people financing mass murder all over the world have been recognized as the lamprey eels and hagfish that have attached themselves to this body politic and sucking the life out of our nation and other victim nations around the world. What will the Righteous God and King of heaven and earth do to these perverted and hate-filled ghouls? Would you like to talk about this? 347-826-9733

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    The Butcher's Block Party LIVE

    in Religion

    Talking about D.U.M.B.S.(hit), and other things on the ACSLIVE.TV podcast network and free mobile app. (347) 957-1024 to call in. 

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    in Comedy

    This week, Krystyna's vag is actin' bratty and Corinne's would-be dude is actin' a fool. But, no worry, because today's episode might just CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE. Join Sorry About Last Night as they sit down with former stripper/pimp and current relationship expert/comic/Host of The Beige Phillip Show DANTE NERO as he regales them with tales of losing his virginity to the babysitter, maintaining a stable of 12 prostitutes and sleeping with over three thousand women. Additionally, discussions are had about how the definition of rape has changed over the years, the art of anal sex, and why Dante didn't fuck Peaches (the bus driver, not the rapper). PLUS: The girls give their thoughts on the doc HOT GIRLS WANTED.

    Catch us at Lizz Winstead's Lady Parts Justice show THIS SUNDAY 6/14 at The Creek and the Cave! For tickets, click: http://lpjsexstories.bpt.me/

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    Sacred Sunday~I Corinthians Chapter 6/Sue Not, Lest Ye Be Sued

    in Paranormal

    Welcome to Sacred Sunday!

    Sue Not, Lest Ye Be Sued. Paul has some other advice. Don't take each other to court over every little thing. Somewhere, Judge Judy is cheering. Sue Not, Lest Ye Be Sued. Seriously, Corinthians.  Let the church community help settle it. Sounds like a good idea. That's way better than going in front of a bunch of non-believers in Roman courts. What would be even better was if Christians didn't sue each other at all, but Paul's not going to shoot for the moon here. Kingdom of God Entrance Exam. After all, Paul explains, terrible people are not going to inherit the kingdom of God. Not even a little bit. Fornicators? Idolaters? Adulterers? Male prostitutes? Sodomites? Thieves? Greedy folks? Drunks? Abusers? They're all out. Paul points out that some of the folks in the Christian church used to be guilty of this kind of stuff. Uh-oh…But, then they were baptized in Christ and it's all good.  Let's just try to keep it that way, guys. It Does a Body Good. Because they've become new people through baptism, it seems the Corinthians think that they can do whatever they like. Not quite. Sure, they could go around having sex with loads of different people and eating whatever they want, but Paul doesn't really think this is a swell idea. They've got to treat their bodies right. After all, the Corinthians' bodies belong to God. They're his temples, remember? Besides, it's not like their bodies are going to get left behind in the end. Nope. God is going to raise them up… eventually. So that means if you have some sexy times with a prostitute, then you're becoming one with a prostitute and not with God. Look, Paul says, the point is, our bodies aren't our own. We can't just go around sleeping with whomever and think it's a-okay, because it is not. There goes the Corinthians' fun weekend plans. Thanks to www.shmoop.com

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1110

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Jody Williams from Las Vegas, a survivor of child abuse, rape, domestic violence, and sex trafficking. Jody's a returning NAASCA family member. She has been in recovery from drug addiction and the sex industry as well as mental illness since 1985. In 1987, Jody founded Sex Workers Anonymous - the first program of it's kind to help men and women across this country to exit the sex industry and/or find recovery after having left it. The hotline answered hundreds of thousands of calls over the years. What started out as a small meeting in a coffee shop soon exploded, and there were eventually meetings across the USA, as well as in five other countries now. Spending five years interviewing 1,000's of recovering prostitutes and sex workers, Jody published the Recovery Guide. This is her group's version of what is the Big Book in Alcoholics Anonymous. For decades Jody has been successfully fighting back the legal brothels from expanding outside of their small county into both California and Nevada. But her activism has sometimes been met with violent retaliation. In 2014, Jody came out with an e-book for parents on "What to do if you suspect your child is involved in prostitution" based on years of getting the same phone call question over and over again.

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    in Politics

    State news shorts, commentary and part 3 of my discussion with Kansas activist Frank Smith of Pine Bluff about the billionaire Koch brothers and emperor Brownback's legions.

    Read Chris Reeves up-to-the-minute state budget report as the legislature "goes into hiding."

    Thaddeus Russell is author of A Renegade History of the United States (Free Press, 2010). Russell's talk was recorded by Todd Boyle and broadcast on "Mind Over Matters" by Mike McCormick (www.talkingsticktv.org).

    New World Notes is produced under the auspices (Latin for "gun") of WWUH-FM, a community service of that beacon of light in darkest Connecticut, the University of Hartford.

    The leisure we enjoy today--weekends, vacations, etc--was not granted freely by employers. Rather, it was taken without permission by "renegade" workers of decades past. These included slaves, drunken craftsmen, unmotivated factory hands, etc. For instance, plantation slaves established the practice of "vacation"--much to the annoyance of their masters. (They'd agree to return in exchange for not being punished.)

    Part 2 focuses on sex and women's rights. Many rights and freedoms enjoyed today by U.S. women (and their male friends) were won for them--not by feminists--but by 19th & early-20th century prostitutes & madams. These include the right to own property; to acquire wealth; to dance, smoke, and drink in public; to wear attractive clothing; to give or receive oral sex; to have interracial intimacy; and to use contraceptives. 

    A rollicking good story, well-told by Thaddeus Russell.

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    52 - 200 ROSES

    in Comedy

    Anya and Sam are joined by Liza Treyger and the Comedy Cellar's own--and America’s Got Talent's own--Dan Naturman! Topics include: AGT, going to parties alone, "on fleek," trendy slang, "the N word," restraining orders, Conan, Letterman, Misery Loves Comedy, Rich Vos, Kevin Pollack, Jim Norton, Millionaire Matchmaker, balancing passion with leisure time, comics dating comics, Bonnie McFarlane, Bourdain & his wife, male psychology & needing to be needed, prostitutes, Tinder, Heidi Klum, Sam Kinison, Wife Swap.

    Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/anyamarina ... http://twitter.com/sammorril ... http://twitter.com/philmhanley ... http://twitter.com/glittercheese ... http://twitter.com/dannaturman ... http://twitter.com/standupnylabs.

    Visit www.StandUpNY.com to see when Phil and Sam are performing live at Stand Up NY.

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