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    Prospecting Online

    in Business

    Join WomeninMLM.com & Taurea Vision Avant as she goes over proper techniques to prospecting online! This call is also going to be interactive so that all listeners may also ask questions to Taurea in regards to the topic of discussion! 

    Social Media is a tool that is aggressively growing in the world of business and if you are not using Social Media to build your business, you will fall behind. Join Taurea as she discusses how to meet people online, build a relationship with them and connect with them offline.

    If you would like to submit any questions, go to www.womeninmlm.com and ask your questions there! 

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    Team Training ...... "Prospecting for New Distributors"

    in Health

    Join Dr. Fred Valdes and his associate, Dlynn Saumer - at 1 pm CST today - as they continue a series of training calls for the new distributors in Zija Int'l.

    Today, Dr. Fred Valdes will lead the conversation in: "Prospecting for New Distributors for Your Zija Business"

    The calls will be recorded shortly after the call ends so you can share these calls with your new distributors, anywhere in ZijaLand - 24/7. You simply have to give them the link to this channel or the specific url.

    We will have special guests joining us over the next few weeks.

    Please watch your email for Updates.

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    For Business Success: Do You Know What The Hawk Knows About Prospecting?

    in Business

    Take 5 minutes from your busy business day and listen to expert business advice to grow and improve your business with Howard Lewinter.

    In today's 5 Minute Business Strategy Howard talks about... For Business Success: Do You Know What The Hawk Knows About Prospecting?

    CEOs, presidents, founders, business owners across America trust Howard Lewinter's business advice to solve business problems, increase business profits and live their entrepreneurial dreams of running a successful business with less stress.

    For more business tips, follow Howard on Twitter: @HowardLewinter - or connect with Howard on LinkedIn.

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    Prospecting: Identify, approach, and sell to qualified leads

    in Business

    Many organizational training programs are built on the foundation of "product knowledge."  While majority of sales training programs teach new hires what to sell, many organizations forget to teach their teams how to sell.  Steve Kloyda is the Founder of The Prospecting Expert and, he has identified the need for proper education for salespeople and their teams on effectively identifying, approaching and selling to qualified leads.  Steve has personally made more than 250,000 sales and prospecting calls, analyzed more than 25,000 sales calls, and facilitated over 6,000 one-on-one coaching sessions.  

    In this episode, we are going to dive into what makes a sales call effective and unique, how to overcome sales call reluctance, and what you can do to leverage your own network for more qualified leads and referrals. 


    Download Steve's Prospecting Playbook by clicking here.

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    Is Prospecting Important To Your Business?

    in Business

    Want more profit, more success for you and your business in 2014?

    Business expert, Howard Lewinter, shares business insight and perspective mixed with real life examples and observations of running a business in today's economy. If you are a CEO, president, business owner, founder or entrepreneur who wants more success - more profit and less stress in running a business ... Take a five minute break during your busy business day and listen to Howard's 5 Minute Business Strategy every Monday - Friday.

    Today's 5 Minute Business Strategy talks about: Your Business: Is Prospecting Important To Your Business?

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    The Power of Professional Prospecting

    in Business

    The TalentCulture #TChat Show is back live on Wednesday, March 19, 2014. #TChat Radio starts at 6:30 pm ET (3:30 pm PT) and the convo continues on #TChat Twitter chat from 7-8 pm ET.

    Last week we talked about creating a “world of work” culture of optimism, and this week we’re going to talk about the power of professional prospecting via LinkedIn.

    Since its launch, LinkedIn has been known as a recruiter and job seeker professional networking site, but it’s been extremely under-utilized as a recruitment search and marketing resource, to continually attract, find and engage with their ideal candidates by leveraging content marketing, influencer relations and so much more.

    And you thought it was just getting old and tired.

    Join #TChat co-creators and hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman as we learn more about better leveraging LinkedIn and professional prospecting with this week’s guest: Viveka von Rosen, CEO of Linked Into Business, co-founder of LinkedProspecting.  

    A special thank you to our sponsors: RIVS, Dice, TalentWise and Globoforce.

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    How to Evolve with the Times: The Future of Prospecting

    in Business

    Join us for some tough talk about the evolution of prospecting and what it will take to succeed in the years ahead to keep a full pipeline of prospects.

    Mike Manes is a 41-year veteran of insurance and financial services, who brings brain tissue and scar tissue to the marketplace to share his thoughts on the future of prospecting and selling.

    Mike is on the front lines of change -- being scrutinized by other innovators and being challenged and attacked by those protectors of the status quo. 

    Mike has served as an instructor of Risk and Insurance at Louisiana State University, consumer advocate, public policy initiatives through task forces with the Louisiana's Governor, Commissioner of Insurance, House of Representatives, Attorney General and LSU's E.J. Ourso School of Business.

    This will be a thought-provoking kick-in-the-pants interview for salespeople!

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    How To Create Your Perfect Prospecting Environment

    in Real Estate

    Get your game-face on, time for some prospecting! Are you truly ready for prospecting, though, or are attempting this critical part of your real estate business in a disorganized manner wastes not only your valuable time, but also lets those precious leads fall into the cracks? Today we're discussing your "prospecting environment", and how creating an optimal prospecting environment is going to give you better results, make more money, and save your valuable time.

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    Prospecting Businesses

    in Health

    Have you ever thought about prospecting businesses who offer their employees alternative health benefits?
    There are quite a few companies that pay for their employees to join gyms, massage therapists, chiropractors etc.
    Why not introduce them to our product line?
    Join me as I talk about how to do this....
    Pat Andersen Diamond Elite, Zija International

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    In Business, What's More Important - Prospecting Or Customers?

    in Business

    Today's 5 Minute Business Strategy with business expert, Howard Lewinter, talks about: In Business, What's More Important - Prospecting Or Customers?

    Howard Lewinter advises CEOs, presidents, founders and business owners throughout the United States to more success and greater profit with practical advice and creative solutions to help business flow. 

    Take 5 and listen as Howard shares business tips, strategies, ideas and business thought leadership that will help improve and grow your business.

    Got a business question for Howard that you'd like him to address on the show? Tweet it to him! @HowardLewinter on Twitter.

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    Avon Motivational Radio Show- Prospecting

    in Business

    This is a weekly Radio show which is designed to uplift and motivate Avon Representatives and assist them in take their business to the next level.

    Whether you have been an Avon Representative a day or 50 years, this show has been designed to help you.

    Each week our guest will include Life coaches, Authors, Avon Representatives Leaders and Spiritual advisors. This is a show you don’t want to miss! Make sure you have a pen and paper at the computer when logging on!

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