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    Proportions and priority: How selfish have we become?

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    Discussion  topics:

    Proportions and priority: How selfish have we become?

    Edward Snowden interview, can he get a fair trial in the U.S. if he returns?

    Police chiefs and surveillance cameras - deals among police chiefs and vendors?

    Netanyahu and his address: critical of U.S. intelligence and Obama, Pelosi upset.

    Remains found: Baby wooly rhinoceros found in Russia, attempt to distract DNA.

    Putin's rival assassinated not too far from Kremlin in Moscow.

    Himalayan bear found in a box outside the circus who now cares for little bear.

    Chicago Police and their black building, interrogation and beyond.

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    The Super Game Bowl of #FATSWAG Proportions!

    in Comedy

    Welcome to the weekend that is known around the world as Super Game Bowl FATSWAG weekend! We tell you everything you need to know about the FATtest football game of the whole entire year! We will give you the #FATSWAG pick of who will win the NFL's most prestigious prize. Who will take home the Lombardi well we are here to tell you along with all the other great moments that will happen in Arizona! The SHOW is here to explain to you all the intricacies of the game right down to the proper size and weight of the pigskin! 

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    Harsh Words with Friends: Seinfeldian Proportions

    in Comedy

    Dante delves into why people are so fascinated with "absolutely nothing". That, The News Cycle and more!

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    The Origin of Races Revealed For The First Time!!!

    in Religion

    RACE:   Any of the major biological divisions of mankind, distinguished by color and texture of hair, color of skin and eyes, stature, bodily proportions, etc: many ethnologists now consider that there are only three primary divisions, the Caucasian (loosely ‘white race ), Negroid (loosely ‘black race ) and Mongoloid (loosely, ‘yellow race ), with various subdivisions: the term has acquired so many unscientific connotations that in this sense it is often replaced in scientific usage by ‘ethnic stock  or ‘group .”

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    The Wally World: Apoca-geddon of Sharknado Proportions

    in Comedy

    As the men of your dreams return to the interwebz and the SHOW that make your nightmares come true, we discuss why Wal-Mart is worse than a trip down Elm Street on Friday the 13th! Yes, "Black Friday" is a dark day indeed for so many who dare to walk the aisles of this bowel movement enducing store. The guys will also give you their predictions on who will survive "Black Friday" along with thier usual rants from the sports, financial and political realms of your world! 

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    The Butcher's Block Party: Bill Schnorenberg, David Resa

    in Sports

    Tonight on the Block party we kick off,.. or is it TIP OFF?.. the first hour on the ACSLIVE.TV podcast network with two interviews. First up is the national recruiting director at Elevate Basketball Circuit, an organization that helps out prospective college ball players from 5-12th grade to compete at higher levels and gain exposure, Mr. David Resa. Next up is Bill Schnorenberg, the head coach and director of player personnel for the 2014 WABA champion Flint Monarchs. Then, Steve Lafrate, Robert Gordon and I delve into topics unknown, and unravel a conversation of epic proportions and profound punditry. Tune in, turn on, and drop IN by calling (347) 857-1024. Guests appear on the Every Victory Earned hotlines courtesy of assistant talent co-ordinator Chris Maltsburger. 

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    SpiridiumCircle Talk Radio: Raven's Rant and Creating Positive Vibes Around You!

    in Entertainment

    Come and join us in a journey of mass proportions where we speak about creating positive vibes in our own environments and help those in need who call in with our #RavensRant segment. Feel free to call in and be a part of the many that we have help in challenges in life abroad. Helpful tips and hints of how to create and keep positivity in yourself, your surrounds and in those around you are going to be given throughout the show. We will also be having straight talks about some things that you can comment on and call in to give your opinions upon. This is an 18+ show, so children are not recommended to listen to us under the age of 17 without parental consent. 

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    Chatting With Sherri Welcomes Back the Amazing Brooks Wachtel

    in Entertainment

    Emmy Award writer Brooks Wachtel joins us again on Chatting With Sherri to chat about his book; Lady Sherlock: Circle of the Smiling Dead, his teaching of animation writing and the award winning documentary; Silver Tsunami which he co-wrote and co-produced with Cynthia Harrison. The Silver Tsunami is a world-wide crises. We will be facing a global catastrophe of overwhelming proportions, with a multitude of diseases and costly care. http://www.silvertsunamimovie.com/

    Music by "Cowboy Sting" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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    The I Got 199 Problems but the SHOW ain't 1

    in Comedy

    On the precipice of greatness that is 200 episodes the Caped Crusaders bring you a SHOW of epic proportions and CONSEQUENCES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME! We have a great announcement regarding the weekend to be known as #BradleysBDayBash! Yes, Fuzzz will be flying into Flo-town for all of the festivities to honor the 40th Year of the Wheelchair Legend, Bradley Dupree. We will reveal all of the events that will be blessed with our presence on this upcoming weekend of March 14, 2015! 

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    BS of the Sun Podcast 3/4/15

    in Basketball

    Dave King is my copilot again this week as we discuss an eventful week of games that included a Westbrook vs. Bledsoe showdown, a beatdown of epic proportions by the Spurs, a wrestling match against the Heat and a slump busting victory over Orlando.

    Randy Hill from Fox Sports Arizona joins the show to discuss the X's and O's of the Suns offense and addresses the topic of player effort.

    We also touch on the negative news from the week including Markieff Morris calling out the fans (then getting ejected the next game) and Channing Frye taking a shot at the Suns front office. Basically, a pretty normal week for the Suns as of late.

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    Hurricane Katrina: Ten Years After: Our Children and Heroine

    in Books

    Heroes of Katrina: Ten Years after:  Bonnie Kaye:  Our Children and Heroine
    Tuesday, March 3rd at 8:00 pm, EST, 7:00 pm, CST, 6:00 pm, MST, and 5:00 pm, PST.
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    Or call in at:
    Since Hurricane Katrina, the onslaught of heroine into St. Bernard Parish has increased to nearly epidemic proportions.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that in 2009, the drug induced death rate in Louisiana was higher than the national average.  For the 2004 - 2008 time period, St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana had the 5th highest rate of drug poisoning deaths in the country, at 48 deaths per 100,000 population.
    Our guest, Bonnie Kaye, lost her daughter to heroine.  Bon­nie’s griev­ing began years be­fore her daugh­ter Jen­nifer stuck a needle in her arm for one last high.
    “My daugh­ter was dy­ing for a long peri­od of time,” Kaye, an Ox­ford Circle res­id­ent, said re­cently. “You are dy­ing for a long time be­fore the ac­tu­al death comes.” 
    Kaye shares the heart­break­ing story of her daugh­ter’s over­dose death in 2002 with her new book Jen­nifer Needle in Her Arm: Heal­ing from the Hell of My Daugh­ter’s Ad­dic­tion.
    Writ­ing is fa­mil­i­ar ter­rit­ory for Kaye, a re­la­tion­ship coun­selor and au­thor of eight books who also op­er­ates the North­east GED Cen­ter, in Philadelphia.  But that ex­per­i­ence, as well as the pas­sage of 12 years, didn’t make her latest book any easi­er to write. 
    Please join us for a compelling and emotional look at an American tragedy.

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