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    Harsh Words with Friends: Seinfeldian Proportions

    in Comedy

    Dante delves into why people are so fascinated with "absolutely nothing". That, The News Cycle and more!

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    The Wally World: Apoca-geddon of Sharknado Proportions

    in Comedy

    As the men of your dreams return to the interwebz and the SHOW that make your nightmares come true, we discuss why Wal-Mart is worse than a trip down Elm Street on Friday the 13th! Yes, "Black Friday" is a dark day indeed for so many who dare to walk the aisles of this bowel movement enducing store. The guys will also give you their predictions on who will survive "Black Friday" along with thier usual rants from the sports, financial and political realms of your world! 

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    MissusSmartyPants: A Matter Of Proportions

    in Family

    This week's topic: Learning to dress your body's proportions by measuring them so you can create a balanced look.

    Also, a style challenge or call to action so you'll stop waiting until____(you fill in the blank w/ your excuse) before you can finally be stylish. What's holding you back from being that beautiful stylish woman you want to be?!

    Link to this week's MSP Style Blog

    The Know-it-all of style MissusSmartyPants Fashion Rescue. I'll help solve your dressing dilemmas! This show is for women looking to reinvent their style. Tips are offered weekly for makeup, dressing, hair and more! Come join a supportive group of women & get a style tip or two.

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    Cancer: Is There a Natural Solution for an Unnatural Condition?

    in Health

    Cancer.  In the last century, cancer has raised to epidemic proportions, particularly in highly developed nations. Billions have been spent in research, with no cure.  But is the cure right under our noses?  How did our pre MAAFA ancestors avoid this devatating killer.  

    We'll talk about this and more. Bring your paper and pencil and take notes.

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    Detroit Sports Rap

    in Sports

    Pistons are in the Playoff hunt. Is this a good thing or bad thing? SEA/GB and NE/INDY recaps. SEA/NE who has the edge? Will this be a classic Game or a blowout of epic proportions. Brady and Belichick go for their 4 rings and make their 6th SB appearance. Caris Levert out season.Two weeks until signing day and the feelings at UM/MSU couldnt be anymore different. Pacquio agrees to preliminary terms of Mayweather fight. 

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    The United States has a prison crisis of epic proportions. With just five percent of the world population, but 25 percent of the world's prisoners, the United States has, far and away, the highest incarceration rate, the largest number of prisoners, and the largest percentage of citizens with a

    criminal record of any country in the world. what we are learning is that the United States is not just imprisoning people at an outrageous pace, but that men and women are dying in these prisons at all-time highs, often at the hands of guards, in the most awful and brutal ways imaginable


    Soledad Brother: reading Discussion - March 24, 1970 letter about " the psychopathic personality that searches out a uniform"

    Much to be discussed Enroll in GJU call or emaill:



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    I Wanna Go Back, and Eddie Money Won't Let Me!

    in Spirituality

    Eddie Money isn't the only one who wants to go back. In fact, the older I have gotten the more I have realized his famous song of that title is a spiritual masterpiece. Who among us, having left the farm of the comfortable spirituality of our childhood, hasn't at one point or another - perhaps many times - wished we could return to that simpler time with simpler answers to simpler questions? Yet, we also realize that life is not simple and so engaging it with integrity requires perhaps increasingly complex answers with each passing year. That doesn't stop the occasional, and sometimes frequent, yearning to return home. What does that yearning mean?

    These questions were brought home for me in a unique way late one night when I visited the website of a local Episcopal parish. They had pictures on their site of the bishop's visitation, and I was struck by the fact that there was only a handful of families present - so few in fact that the children's homily he gave before his sermon had only a few children listening to it. We could see this as a referendum on his Episcopacy - he certainly is a pompous ass of epic proportions - but I suspect the smattering of people in attendance actually reflected the state of the religion to which we sometimes long to return - the death rattle is being breathed. What do we do when that to which we long to return is no longer viable? This and more, today on Interspiritual Insights!

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    The decline of fatherhood and the male identity crisis

    in Family

    America is rapidly becoming a fatherless society, or perhaps more accurately, an absentee father society. The importance and influence of fathers in families has been in significant decline since the Industrial Revolution and is now reaching critical proportions. There has been a "progressive loss of the father's authority and diminution of his power in the family and over the family."

    "If present trends continue, "the percentage of American children living apart from their biological fathers will reach 50% by the next century." "this massive erosion of fatherhood contributes mightily to many of the major social problems of our time...Fatherless children have a risk factor of two to three times that of fathered children for a wide range of negative outcomes, including dropping out of high school, giving birth as a teenager and becoming a juvenile delinquent." 

  • The Unknown Zone : Food Wars

    in Paranormal


    Experts predict that in the very near future, wars will be fought over basic resources such as food and water.  This is nothing new as such wars occurred as early as 4500 years ago in Mesopotamia.  But with a continued population explosion on planet Earth food and water scarcity will reach dangerous proportions as early as 2030.  Currently 12% of the world's population is malnourished as a handful of multinational corporations cornor the market on food producion and access to potable water.  And you wouldn't believe how much food is wasted on a daily basis.

    Join Judy Sellins and Dave Turco of the Unknown Zone and find out what the causes of this potential disaster are and what you can do to protect yourself.

  • The Low Down, Down Low With LT and What's Her Name...

    in Comedy

    Here is a show about the opinons and comedic stray rants from the minds that bring you this great quote...Where nothing is ever accomplished, and greatness is always achieved. So come get the Low down, down low because you have to get down to the ground or give us a hand cause we are both little people. Come join all the craziness that will be achieved on this chaotic journey of hilariousness and epic proportions.  So tune in to see who comes on the show, or who we drag in with us. Check our facebook page at www.facebook.com/blksheepradio at least an hour before the show for the google hangout and show links..We will start promptly at 9pmish est/8pmish cst every Saturday night. The number to call in to speak with us is 805 830 8338!

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    Episode 34: Biblical Proportions

    in Soccer

    Jon rolls off the cuff as Ryan and Noah chat about the United States' friendly win against Nigeria, the value of formations and a closed-door friendly against Belgium that - at time of recording - they still believed would happen.

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