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    Ministerial Mentorship - Lecture: New Testament Prophets & Prophetesses (4)

    in Christianity

    This is the second in a series of twenty one (21) scheduled lectures on the interrelated subjects of Satanology and Spiritual Warfare.  The title of this lecture is Satan - Fact Or Fiction?

    All students MUST request the corresponding outline for each lecture.  Students can request the outlines by e-mailing us at iibbms@hotmail.com and providing the COMPLETE TITLE and DATE of lecture.

    The International Institute Of Biblical & Ministerial Studies is entirely listener supported.  It is suggested that for EACH lecture and accompanying outline the student give a $10.00 love offering.  All donations are greatly appreciated and ensures that the institution remain financially solvent and serving the Body of Christ on a global scale for years to come.

    The International Institute Of Biblical & Ministerial Studies is a ministry of Love Remnant Tabernacle Radio Church.

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    The 3 specific problems addressed in this message are: 1. Witchcraft which is the domination of one person over another person or group of persons. 2. Heresies – departures from the Christian faith. 3. False Religions – religions that do not profess to be Christian. God Himself never invades the sovereignty of human will and God requires that we respect the sovereignty of each others will and personality. Derek expounds on each of these problems with scripture and examples. He believes there are things God has tolerated in the past that He isn’t prepared to tolerate any longer. If you have a spirit in your life you can use, it is not the Holy Spirit. No one uses the Holy Spirit. He is God. The Lord gave Derek a definition of witchcraft – it is the attempt to control others and make them do what you want them to. He gives instances of witchcraft via prophetesses in some churches and cases of people he knew. You can never be what God wants you to be when dominated by another person. On the subject of heresies – I Timothy 4:1&2 – people who have been in the faith and depart from it to false religious spirits which entice people further away. Religion is the devil’s main instrument to deceive and destroy the human race. Derek gives examples of false prophecy. Doctrines of demons – II Peter 2 – brings in damnable heresy – costs you salvation of your soul. Heresy means to choose. He gives more instances. Don’t believe everyone that quotes the Bible. 

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    Preach and the image of women in ministry

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    This decade has been the decade of reality minsitry. Shows like Preacher's Daughters, Preacher's Ex's, Preachers of LA and Detroit, and others have been ratings boosters and attention grabbers for secular networks. The newest show, Lifetime's "PREACH" shows the interactions between women prophetesses and the women they mentor as proteges. Is this show and others like it tainting the image of women in ministry and creating a greater gap for gender equality in a patriarchial church? Tune in for this and other great topics with Pastor Neal

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    Examining Dangerous Church Customs & Our Review Of Preach on Lifetime

    in Christianity

    A hot topic among Christians is Lifetime's new show, "Preach," which follows four female "prophetesses" and their proteges.  Join the crew today as we review and give our take on Preach. Search the Scriptures with us to determine whether the things on this show have any Biblical basis. We'll also continue our segment on dangerous church customs. In the show we saw discussion of being an Armor Bearer, evidence of someone carrying around a towel with a prophet's sweat and blessing and a host of customs. Are these important Biblical things or man made fluff?

    Want to join in on the conversation? Call in live to (347) 850-1622 or login and join us in the chat room.

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    Who Runs the Church: Women as the secret weapon of the Church

    in Christianity

    March is Women's History Month and women who made great contributions to the world are being recognized around the world. Women play a major role in the life and ministry of the church. If we were to be candid, women run the church yet are still highly oppressed because the church still functions as a patriarchial organization. What can be done to help create a more liberating role for women in the church? Is recognizing their gifts as pastors, prophetesses, and teachers enough to accomplish this? Join Pastor Neal for another lively discussion and dialogue on Zera Today.

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    Integrating Women of the Bible with Women Today 7 February 2015-False Prophetess

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    Integrating Women of the Bible with Women Today 7 February 2015-False Prophetesses

    We women today need to understand what God's plan is for us in today's society.  God is NOT difficult.  We need to understand the women of the Bible, their trials and the understanding of the Virtuous Woman in Proverbs.  God is real and we are his tangible testimonies.  Let's prepare ourselves to live according to the scriptures of God's Holy Word.

    Host-Minister Rhonda Bello

    Co-Host-Pastor Bamidele Bello, Senior Pastor and Founder of Holy Mountain International Ministries

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    "Jesus Christ IS God...and He has NO EQUALS!"

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    TITLE: "The Doctrine of The Holy Ghost...PT. 5"


    Part of being a Bible Teacher is having THE ANOINTING to relay DEEP messages of The Most High God,unto a people that DO love,know and Hear Him,and ALSO to a people that DON'T.The whole world CLAIMS to LOVE God and FOLLOW God,and there are even BABY Christians that CLAIM to SERVE Him and even those that have INTRUDED INTO Ministry Offices that CLAIM tht GOD PLACED them there,even with NO BIBLICAL PROOF OF their Office...it could be something THEIR DENOMINATION made up,and they'd STILL say that GOD...placed them IN that Office.ONE of the reason that FOLK have the GALL to MOCK God and to LIE ON Him is because they DON'T FEAR Him.They don't DREAD Him...they DON'T find HIM WORTHY of Worship. ONLY THOSE that FOLLOW God,that FEAR God and those that HONOR God...and those that REJOICE BECAUSE OF HIS NAME...find Him WORTHY...of WORSHIP.When YOU KNOW Jesus Christ,and WHO WAS IN Him,then you'd KNOW that He has NO EQUALS! OR RIVALS! There will be MANY that set themself UP AGAINST Him,but,they have NO CHANCE..."but why?",you may ask...let's find out...by delving into:
                               "The Doctrine of The Holy Ghost...pt.5".

        Get your Bibles and let's examine this point of Truth...in Jesus' Name,Amen.


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    "you made it THROUGH because THE HOLY GHOST BROUGHT you through!"

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    In The LAST Edition of this Series,we discovered that The God of Heaven told Brother Zerrubabel that by The Holy Ghost,would he,Zerrubabel,finish building the temple.God told him that NO MOUNTAIN would be ABLE to stand before him,but would be FLATTENED.The bottom line WAS that he WILL COMPLETE the building of the temple.When The Holy Ghost brings you OUT of something,NO ONE can keep you BACK.When The Holy Ghost OPENS a door,NO ONE can close it...when The Holy Ghost SENDS YOU OUT, NO ONE can STOP you.He IS God...He IS OUR Seal,indicating that WE ARE OWNED!
    He has Ministries...or services...ONE of His Ministries concerns The Saints. ANOTHER of His Ministries concern the nation of Israel...ANOTHER of  His Ministries concerns the UNIVERSE...but,let's deal with His Ministry that concerns the devil...let's get into:
                              "The Doctrine of The Holy Ghost...pt.7".

    Get your Bibles, a notebook and a pen,and let's examine this BOOK of Truth...in Jesus' Name,Amen.

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    "Monkey see,Monkey Do"

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    Many people think that their Anointing started with them. There are those that are Evangelists,because there are and were Evangelists in their families. There are Many people who think that their Anointing started with them. There are those that are Evangelists,because there are and were Evangelists in their families. There are Prophets and Prophetesses,because there are and were Prophets and Prophetesses in their families BEFORE them. Then you have the BAD leaders...the TRADITIONAL leaders...the rebellious folk...even THEY come FROM bad leaders...or traditional leaders...and even rebellious folk...you HAVE to know WHERE YOU come from...otherwise,you'll be lost from the start...GOOD LEADERSHIP produces GOOD LEADERS...TEACHING Ministries produce TEACHERS...PROPHETIC Ministries that follow ELOHIYM produce TRUE PROPHETS and POWERFUL PROPHETESSES...but,for those that rebel AGAINST God...for those that can EASILY LEAVE God...why is it to easy? Because you've seen someone ELSE BEFORE you do it! It is easy to BE carnal,because you may have COME FROM a carnal Ministry..."Monkey SEE,Monkey DO"...

    This is Part 3 of the Teaching series called : "Family Secrets: you do what you know!"

      Grab your Bibles and let's Feast on God's HOLY Word...in Jesus' MIGHTY Name,Amen...

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    "Joyous Word"

    in Spirituality

    Apostle Zakia McKinney, Evangelist Ruth Johnson, Pastor Linda Ubeku &and Prophetesses Crystal Simmons are four powerful women and speakers of the “Due Season” Conference  at the Destiny Center in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, August 16 & 17.
    Apostle Zakia McKinney is a pastor and prolific speaker, teacher and Author.  She is also the founder of the “Junia Company”, Eves House, and Freeing Captive Hearts.
    Evangelist Ruth Johnson is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, having spent her entire life in pursuit of God.  Her expressions of the gifts that the Lord has given her can be as simple as a smile and encouraging word in due season, to gathering believers to go into the inner city to bring a song and a meal to the broken and hurting, to traveling the nation teaching and preaching the Word of God.  She imparts the Word of God into your life by any means necessary!
    Pastor Linda Ubeku is a powerful speaker teacher and woman of God and pastor at the “Kings Word” in Cincinnati Ohio
    Prophetess Crystal Simmons is a licensed evangelist in the Church of God in Christ and attends Transformation Ministries under the leadership of Pastor Joel C. James. In 2005, Crystal surrendered her life to Christ and had been serving Him ever since. She functions as a leader many areas of ministry.

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    Chillpak Hollywood Hour #300 - Susan Larison Danz at the Conscious Life Expo

    in Film

    “Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… For tonight, we dine in hell!”

    That’s a quote from the movie 300 and as this is the 300th episode of YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour, it seemed appropriate. It’s also appropriate for there is much talk of Hell on this installment, which is full of the nourishing conversation that is the cornerstone of any hearty Spartan breakfast!

    This might be the first episode where your friends in podcasting have ever discussed Heaven and Hell, Evangelicalism and prophetesses!

    Recorded this weekend at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness welcome special guest Susan Larison Danz, who hosts the Frontier Beyond Fear radio program.

    Enjoy much comedy, consciousness, conspiracy and even talk of movies!

    Plus, there’s a very touching tribute to musical legend and genuine truth-seeker Reg Presley, who died this past week. Reg was a friend to Dean and Phil and he contributed a great deal to their film The Truth Is Out There