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    Red and Green Lights for Prophetic Revelation

    in Religion

    1 Corinthians 14:3: "But one who prophesies speaks to men for edification and exhortation and consolation." 



    Consolation and Comfort

    Tuning our Spiritual Through wisdom


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    Rewards for Servants of Christ

    in Christianity

    Matthew was a tax collector who was called by Jesus to be one of the twelvel disciples.  Jesus had more than 12 disciples, but these were the ones closest to him.  At that time, Jews disliked the tax collectors because most of them paid the Roman government for the right to collect taxes and then turned around and collected as much as they could from the taxpayers; sound familiar?  Our tax laws have been set up to fund the government and is unfair, for the most part.  Tax collectors were considered swindlers at the time of Jesus, so it was not a popular thing for him to associate himself with one.  

    However, Matthew was a good businessman and bookkeeper whose records appeared to be accurate.  Matthew's gospel tells the story of the life of Jesus and treats the story of redemption by going back to the OT to demonstrate that Jesus is the promised Messiah and the OT prophesies his coming.  Today, we will focus on Chapter 10 about the mission of the 12 disciples and their importance in suffering for Christ.  Please go back and read the whole book of Matthew, but especially Chapter 10.  I am starting with vs. 16.

    Stephanie Hill Williams

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    Predictions, Prophesies and Timelines

    in Spirituality

    Predictions, Prophesies  & Timelines with Aingeal Rose & AHONU

    Every Saturday for the last few years, Twin Flames Aingeal Rose & AHONU have discussed exciting and controversial subjects on The Honest-to-God Series on World of Empowerment Radio. Today we discuss Predictions, Prophesies  & Timelines. We look at our orientation in terms of past, present and future, how we create our futures, the martyr consciousness, victim and victimizer suffering and how we move into resurrection consciousness.

    For those wanting to listen to the archives here on Blog Talk Radio, simply search for "The Honest-to-God Series", "World of Empowerment Radio" or "Aingeal Rose" or "AHONU". You will also find us on our websites at http://aingealrose.com/podcasts and http://worldofempowerment.com/archives/ and on iTunes.

    Thanks for being with us!


    Aingeal Rose & AHONU

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    Style with Trysh ~ Trish Morrissette

    in Entertainment

    Prophet. Wife. Mother. Motivational Speaker. Entrepreneur.

    Trish Morrissette is a powerfully, anointed woman of God who preaches, teaches, motivates, inspires and prophesies just as God gives it to her. She is also a partner of Kingdom Agenda International Ministry with Pastors Anthony and Zenovia Andrews in Panama City, Fl.  There, she serves as the Director of the Prophetic Ministry and Prophetic Training.  Prophetess With a global mandate on her life, Prophetess Trish Morrissette is determined to use her voice to bring change to communities and nations all around the world.

    In addition to being a prophet, Trish Morrissette is a successful business owner. She is President & CEO of her own translation company called Professional Translations, Inc.  She is also Co-Owner and President of Fresh Aura Inc., a fashion consulting company. She graduated from Troy University in Troy, Alabama with a double major in Spanish and English.  She taught Spanish International Baccalaureate classes for 8 years. From there, she went into the sales industry working in insurance sales as well as pharmaceutical sales.

    Prophetess Trish Morrissette has been married to her high school sweetheart, Minister Derrick Morrissette, for over 12 years.  They have 2 beautiful children, a son and a daughter.



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    Who is Jesus ? BY Dr. Chuck Missler part 2

    in Current Events

      Is really Jesus the Messiah of Israel . Dr. Chuck Missler will lead us in this study and with the help of the Holly Spirit we will discover the Truth with the light of the Bible. 





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    Estudio del " Libro de los Hechos " con Maestra. Hna Tereza Gohagen

    in Current Events

       En este dia estaremos transmitiendo el estudio de la Escuela Dominical a cargo de uno de nuestros maestros Hna Tereza Gohagen que por mas de 30 anos a dedicado su vida a la ensenanza de las escrituras. Desde la Igelsia " La Nueva Jerusalen "  de las AD , ubicada en la ciudad de Pompano Beach Florida con nuestros Pastores Gregorio del Valle y  Aida del Valle.

    Libro de los Hechos 2:25-36

    preguntas y sugerencias: vglaexport@hotmail.com



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    Estudio del " Libro de los Hechos" con el Maestro Luis Mendez

    in Current Events

      La Iglesia Cristiana " La Nueva Jerusalen " AD ubicada en la ciudad de Pompano Beach Florida US. Los pastores Gregorio del Valle y Aida del Valle les  invitan a escuchar esta importante ensenanza de la palabra de Dios con el maestro Luis Mendez que por mas de 30 anos ha dedicado su vida a la docencia en materia teologica.

    Tema : El libro de los Hechos

    Capitulo 2:14--24

      Para preguntas y sugerencias sobre el tema comunicarse al : vglaexport@hotmail.com

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    "NOT In the Name of JESUS!"

    in Education

    Today's show will focus on exposing a lot of false teaching going on in the modern day church!

    These wack pastors can only get away with this stuff because Christians are too lazy to read the Word of God.

    The Word of Truth is their ONLY DEFENSE and they don't know it!

    Many church leaders are making declarations, predictions, educated guesses, prophesies and out-and-out LIES about "hoes not being loyal," twerking in the name of Jesus, receiving financial blessings, 

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    Los jovenes de la Iglesia " La Nueva Jerusalen" hablan de Jesus en la Cruz

    in Current Events

    La Iglesia " La Nueva Jerusalen " AD .,  la cual Pastorea Rev Gregorio del Valle y Aida del Valle,por mas de 35 anos han estado al frente de esta congregacion en la ciudad de Pompano Beach Florida . Durante el servicio de la pascua tuvimos el privilegio de oir a nuestra juventud predicar a Jesus en el momento mas importante de la cristiandad y es la muerte y resurreccion de Jesucristo. 

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    Understanding Addiction with Dr. Nora Volkow ( NIDA )

    in Current Events

    For much of the past century, scientists studying drug abuse labored in the shadows of powerful myths and misconceptions about the nature of addiction. When scientists began to study addictive behavior in the 1930s, people addicted to drugs were thought to be morally flawed and lacking in willpower.

    As a result of scientific research, we know that addiction is a disease that affects both the brain and behavior. We have identified many of the biological and environmental factors and are beginning to search for the genetic variations that contribute to the development and progression of the disease. Scientists use this knowledge to develop effective prevention and treatment approaches that reduce the toll drug abuse takes on individuals, families, and communities.

      Dr. Nora Volkov is the  director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse will teach us today about this important topic.  

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    Credo Mutwa, South African Zulu Shaman, His words of wisdom, Future Prophesies

    in Self Help



    The Zulu sangoma (a shaman or healer) and high sanusi (clairvoyant and lore-master) Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa is recognised by many as one of the most distinguished African traditional healers around today. He is, in fact, the spiritual leader of the sanusis and sangomas of South Africa. 

    As well as being a successful artist, author and historian, Mutwa is also an outspoken victim of alien abduction, having allegedly been in contact by entities his people call the mantindane (‘the tormentors’), which are similar in nature to what we in the English speaking world call ‘the grays’. Stories of UFOs and alien beings make up a big part of African tribal culture, he says.

    Awakener of the Zulus

    Mutwa was born on July 21, 1921 in the South African province of Natal. The name Vusamazulu means ‘awakener of the Zulus’, and was appointed to Mutwa during his initiation as a sangoma. Mutwa means ‘little bush man’, and Credo means ‘I believe’. Born out of wedlock, Mutwa was considered “an illegitimate child, a child of shame.” Because his mother, who was descended from a long line of medicine men and women, refused to convert to Christianity, Mutwa’s parents separated shortly after his birth. Thus he was primarily raised by his Roman Catholic father, who frequently travelled from place to place, working as a builder.






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