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  • LOTL The Comfort Zone Welcomes Mariea Antoinette.Debuts Straight From The Harp

    in Music

    Mariea Antoinette  is bringing an entirely unique sound to R&B and contemporary jazz: her soulful harp. Offering a Straight From The Harp:” seduces and sways with refreshingly distinctive sounds placed in a seldom heard context that will change your perception of the ancient stringed instrument. Antoinette partnered with Emmy-winning and two-time Grammy-nominated producer-songwriter Allan Phillips

    The exotic mid-tempo original “Fly Away” introduces Antoinette’s thesis that the ethereal harp can bring exciting new sonic dynamics to urban-jazz grooves. Phillips and Antoinette sped up the cadence on “Rock Wit ‘Cha” while adding celebratory harmonies. Another original, “Slick urban nuances propel Curtis Mayfield’s inviting “Give Me Your Love.” Vocalist Chanel Fields penned “A Single Dance,” an R&B vocal cut decorated with gossamer strands of Antoinette’s sparkling harp riffs. Saxophonist Reggie Codrington contributed a couple tunes to the record, including “Spend Some Time (With You),” a romantic overture that he wrote with Phillips. The ‘70s classic “Boogie Nights” starts with a swinging jazz ride before rampaging through a sweltering workout of exultant booty shaking. “Journey” is the first of two mystical solo harp mediations with the title track being the other. Syncopated R&B rhythms provide the flowing undercurrent for Antoinette to float funky harp flourishes on Barry White’s “I’m Gonna Love You.”.

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    Couch Conversations ... Will Power

    in Self Help

    COUCH CONVERSATIONS is back, live 7 a.m. EST. Every Tuesday and Thursday. Couch Conversations is a leader in the online Self Help community and we can help you transform your dreams, desire and life around. We are kicking off our fall season talking about WILL POWER! That inner force that pushes us when didn't know we could go further.

    We have talked with some true down to earth people about their struggles with WILL POWER please catch all 6 episodes because this will really propel you to PUSH forward.

    COUCH CONVERSATIONS is hosted by #RevJ and is an outreach of

    Blessed And Know It Ministries.

    #RevJ #CouchConversations #WillPower

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    Take Action Get Profits Radio

    in Business

    Take Action Get Profits Radio with Host Michele Scism and her guests Rhonda Townsend & Arman Sadeghi:

    Rhonda Townsend - As a first generation entrepreneur, she's never let societal norms or other people's limitations hold her back. In fact, she excels at making her dreams a reality by designing practical, business savvy processes and carefully implementing each step toward success. Her secret lies in a rare ability to blend her executive managerial skills with creative vision and inspiration. Her motto, “Be you. Live you. Love you,” exemplifies her spirit of enthusiasm, ambition, and respect for individuality. Rhonda draws from her educational background with a MBA and experience serving at high profile companies including Exxon, Hewlett-Packard, and Insperity, to propel her own brand and effectively motivate and manage her team. She's also active in her community. 

    Arman Sadeghi is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and coach dedicated to sharing the tools that allow individuals to attain high level success on a consistent basis while enjoying daily fulfillment and happiness. He has spent 22 years crafting his Titanium Success Method, which has helped thousands of people reach peak performance. He attended 2 years at Harvard Medical School, and has a degree in Neuroscience and Molecular & Cell Biology from University of California Berkeley. Sadeghi has established and grown twelve companies in various industries and currently plays an active role in five; one of which, All Green Electronics Recycling, has over 120 employees and was recently ranked as the 366th fastest growing company in the United States by Inc. Magazine. In August, 2015, he will host his highly anticipated annual event, Titanium Live, at the Anaheim Convention Center.

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    Inspirational Monday

    in Radio

    We all need a word of encouragement to help us make it through the day, week and year.  Our mission is to give you that boost to help propel you through whatever it is that you maybe going through.  Tune in each week for a weekly dose of Inspiration, Uplifting, and encouragemnet.  No matter what your situatuion is, you can be sure that by listening to this show, you'll be ok.

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    Baby Boomers Live With Special Guest "VALERIE J. TUCKER" 9/21/2015

    in Entertainment

    Baby Boomers Live Like our FB Page Follow to enjoy our BBL Pics & Flix 

    Every Mon. 10 a.m. PST 



    Baby Boomers Live  Hosted by Reatha Grey & James Zuley Baby Boomers Live, "All things Baby Boomer, from a Baby Boomers perspective.

    Special Guest: Valerie J. Tucker is the visionary behind GloRoc Productions LLC (circa 2014) and VALJTUC Management (circa 2006). As owner of GloRoc Productions and VALJTUC Management, Valerie has combined a potpourri of skill sets from CEO to Producer to booking agent to publicist in her management of Caleb Quaye and The Faculty, Hawkins Jazz Collective and formerly The George Lesiw Band. Her varied life experiences and street savvy, along with her formal education and expertise from decades of employment at the top echelons of the news and entertainment world, have made her an extremely effective and fiercely respected individual in the entertainment industry.. If her clients' talents are the engines that propel their success, Valerie's drive, intelligence and amazingly diverse abilities are the fuel that provides the thrust. From overseeing production, promotion, distribution and marketing of content, and actually staffing the crew.
    Hot Topics: Weekend warriors...

    Jim's Gem: Plan ahead....

    RG Teck Time

    Brought to you by: DAEXPERTS.ORG

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    Can someone let Lin in please?

    in Basketball

    It's time for more Hornets talk for the hardcore fan. The weather is finally cooling down, football is heating up but we're only two weeks away from Hornets camp and their first preseason game October 3rd. We're doing our preliminary scouting of teams that stand between the Hornets and a playoff spot in 2015-16. We're beginning with the team that drafted right before Charlotte in this year's draft, the Detroit Pistons. Will Stanley Johnson propel them to the playoffs or are they still a work in progress. Roger Castillo from Sports Radio Detroit joins us with the low down in Motor City.

    PLUS our very own Austin Peters joins us to discuss the idea of adding one more piece to this Hornets roster, whether it be through a trade with the Suns or possibly a fringe player already on the roster. 

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    Land Jacked - The Gullah Geechee Republic

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall be speaking with Queen Quet of the Gullah Geechee Republic.  The "defacto" Republic Of The Gullah Geechee" extends from Wilmington, North Carolina to the Jacksonville, Florida metro area.

    Queen Quet will be sharing with us the history of the Gullah Geecchee Republic and bring us up to speed on the current state of affairs withing the GGR.

    We shall also explore how to preserve and propel the generational wealth of the GGR and your estate as well.

    Visit our website: www.itsmyhouseonline.com

    Listen to "It's My House Radio" by calling 712-432-8863.


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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Bill Saracino, Ben Carson 2016 Campaign

    in Politics Conservative

    All the political pundits are wondering: How is it possible that little known neurosurgeon and political outsider Ben Carson keeps showing up at the top of the presidential polls and is now tied for first place with Donald Trump?

    Now two years later, with $20 million total raised, 147,000 individual donors, 31,000 volunteers and full-time staffed offices in Iowa and New Hampshire, a Carson spokesman put it best recently when he said:

    [Carson} is benefitting from the "Run Ben Run" 2016 Committee that has been building support on the activist level for over a year.

    "What is magical about them is they got an 18 month start over practically everyone else in the race with the exception of Hillary Clinton. It is sort of a silent surprise for us and from what I have seen they have put together a pretty effective organization.

    2016 Committee National Director Bill Saracino will talk tonight about this incredible story and the large grassroots "Win Ben Win" support network they have built across America to propel Ben Carson to the White House.


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    9/14 Charlotte View: Soul Whisperings Adeola Fearon, Raising Conscious Children

    in Family

    Charlotte View presents Soul Whisperings with Adeola Fearon. This show is a purposeful, inspirational, and insightful journey for listeners to gain self-awareness and compassion.

    Episode Topic: Raising Conscious Children. Guests: Sam Wazan (Parenting for Humanity), Angela Gala & Ranjit Deora (Youth Meditation)

    How raising our own consciousness, intentions and taking action can elevate our children to fulfill their destinies and uplift humanity. It’s the little things that matter.

    Adeola's journey as poetic storyteller, Intuitive Coach, Ancestral Visionary and Reiki Master bridges understanding and elevates the human spirit. Adeola is the author of the poetic book: Soul Whisperings...Messages to Activate Compassion. Adeola’s believes when one begins listening and reading everyday signs it can unlock messages and unblock roads to assist individuals to heal and succeed. Her intuitive coaching has ushered many to reclaim their connection with their ancestors, family and life’s destiny.

    Join her as she shares inspirational messages, speaks with special guests and invites you to develop insights into your own soul’s whisperings. Inspirational and motivational. She addresses topics on spiritual growth, explores wisdom teachings, builds interfaith understanding to engage you into discovering what was always in front of your eyes. 

    We are here to experience the inner-experience (or inspirations) to propel our lives. Reveal and take note of the role of the serendipitous and unexplained.
    This is an invitation to be present, live fully and become greatly-filled by the everyday.-- “In truth all life whispers...” (book excerpt)

    Adeola Fearon
    at: www.MyOlaCreations.com

  • Ghost Lit Kingdom interview September 12 ,2015

    in Music

    The music of Ghost Lit Kingdom features a textual blend of musical, dynamic and vocal contrast. Dual vocals, as unique together as they are apart, are lain upon a canvas of flowing sound; moving through sections of quiet substance to passages of powerful vigor.


    "Anthemic alternative indie pop is the genre description of choice for this Southern California based quintet. Born from an acoustic side project and developed into an emotional catharsis filled with cascading dynamics, powerful vocal and lyrical substance, stunning musicianship and innovative songwriting, Ghost Lit Kingdom is poised to be the next indie band of note to come from the Los Angeles scene. The band draws from an eclectic set of influences including folk, pop, alternative, hip hop, jazz and many between to create a unique and cultivated sound that sets them apart from their fellow indie musicians. There is an energy in the music that is reborn on stage time and again, making the live show a captivating and moving experience. There are big things on the horizon for Ghost Lit Kingdom as they propel themselves into the LA music community."
    -Axiom Records-

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    The Dr. Pat Show - Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    The Christine Upchurch Show -Dare to Dream Dangerously and Act Confidently with guest Gail Sheehy. Join Christine and New York Times bestselling author, Gail Sheehy, as Gail offers a thrilling experience of the transformative power of daring based on her new memoir, Daring: My Passages. She'll share some of the most startling scenes of her extraordinary life – from dodging bullets on Bloody Sunday, to discovering how PM Margaret Thatcher used her sex appeal to help end the Cold War, to her own stirring romance and years of creative care-giving for New York magazine creator Clay Felker. Gail offers a fascinating window into how daring propelled her life beyond fear, and can propel yours too.