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  • Unsigned Artist, Be Aware of the Phantom Promoters!

    in Music

    Live Tonight from 8pm -10pm Estl

    Tonight's Topic: Artist, Be Aware of the Phantom Promoters.

    As with anything there is an upside and a downside in just about everything we venture in to accomplish. The Music Business isn't any different and has not been granted amnesty of the toxins, Artist, often experience from the dark sides of the industry. Tonight we will talk about the good, the bad and the ugly tactics of Promoters.

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    To listen or participate call: 213.559.2995

    Show Date: 8/4/2015

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    Today we discuss the topic of "Janky Promoters" and Con Artists in Hip Hop

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    Promoters Day on Turnbuckle Turmoil

    in Sports

    There would not be wrestling shows without promoters. Sometimes fans take for granted just how much work these men and women put into bringing wrestling to the local arenas. Regardless if they're looking to make sure fans in out of the way towns get live wrestling or if they're trying to get the notice of the nation they have a lot to do to get things in the ring. We'll bring you some of these promoters and pick their brains to get their unique views on the wrestling buisness.

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    DRT - EP60 - S**T Promoters/Promotions & Fantasy Faction Draft.

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     S**T Promoters/Promotions who bring professional wrestling down & Fantasy Faction Draft.Who knows who will show up and what will happen?!

    Dobashi's Radio Takedown is hosted by The Beast from the Middle East, Yemeni Maniac, The Modern Day Sheik, Diafullah The Butcher Dobashi. He loves beating his opponents for his own and your entertainment. But now he is entertaining you right here. After all, you do watch sports to get entertained don't you? With special guest and talks on all combative sports and entertainment and a SOAPBOX TO SPEAK ON ANYTHING. If you need to settle a problem,you can do it right here. “CENSORED FREE!" Anything can happen on Dobashi's Radio Takedown. Send emails to: RadioTakedown@gmail.com or go to the website for official links at: www.TheRadioTakedownNetwork.com 


  • 2D Sports Radio Network Presents: PWR SLAM'S! 1st Ever Promoters Round Table!

    in Wrestling

    This week PWR SLAM! Attempts something that has only been done once before, but that was in a regional setting, tonight we attempt to go worldwide. The Promoters Round Table features promotions in the United States, Canada, & one promotion from the other side of the globe. The promotions represented are Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling out of East Carondelet Illinois, Pinfall Wrestling Association out of Springfield Illinois, NWA Smoky Mountain out of Tennessee, Deathproof Fight Club out of Toronto, Ontario Canada, SMASH Wrestling also out of Toronto Ontario Canada, Swiss Power Wrestling out of Switzerland, Ocean County Championship Wrestling out of New Jersey, Mid-Atlantic Wrestling League out of North Carolina, United Independent Wrestling Affiliates own Suquamish Championship Wrestling out of Washington, FIST Combat out of Santa Cruz Califorina, Allied Independent Wrestling Federation's own Dublin Sports Entertainment out of Dublin Georgia, Central Allstar Wrestling, & the lines are open to other promoters that would like to express their views and opinions. While Sean, Steve and Katie will be present, this is a time for them to exchange ideas and teach new and would be promoters so their participation will probably be limited. The listener lines will be open via skype or via phone at (347)-826-9418 at certain times to ask questions so make sure you’re listening for when we open them so you can get your questions answered. ***ALL CALLERS SUBJECT TO SCREENING & TIME RESTRICTIONS*** We also invite all of our listeners to join in on the live chat discussion during the live show by joining Blog Talk (FREE of charge). Our TWO Year Anniversary is right around the corner will we have more names to announce for next week’s TWO NIGHT Anniversary Celebration? Tune in to find out! Also don’t forget to follow us on our social medias: @PWRSLAM on Twitter or find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/pwroundtable 

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    Knuckle Up! #326 Fight Talk

    in Sports

    Listen Live to Sports Action Network Radio as we bring you internet Radio content from some of the best Boxing, Kickboxing, BJJ, MMA, fighters, promoters and Shows from around the World!

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    Fightnwords Sports Network presents Fightnwords

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    Join Butch, Tai, Zito, and the famous Dr. Chris as they review the past week in fights, remember all the famous fights and interview the fighters, trainers,and promoters. Tonight's special guest are Mr. J Russel Pelts long time promoter of Philadelphia fights and fighters, and Mr. Edner  Cherry Bomb Cherry .

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    SHOW #311- 32nd International Blues Challenge - Wrap-Up Show

    in Music

    This is the 32nd Year of the International Blues Challenge and over 200 acts will descend on Memphis TN to via for the title of the best, but also to network.  Record companies, promoters, club and festival bookers and more attend the event.  Careers have been made during IBC week.

    This is the Wrap-Up Show.  We get to speak with the winners and other Challengers and the fans during these three hours.

    Were you there?  Call in and tell us about your trip.

    Did you listen and want to talk about the shows?  Call in!

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    Fightnwords Sports Network presents Fightnwords

    in Sports

    Join Butch, Tai, Zito, and the famous Dr Chris as they review the fights from around the globe. Listen as they interview the fighters, promoters and trainers . If you have any questions please call 1 302 202 0832.

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    War a Week Radio with Don Chargin and James Gogue - Kovalev vs. Ward analysis

    in Sports

    Monday, February 1st, at 9PM ET/6PM PT, War a Week Radio presents a special "Krusher vs. S.O.G." edition of "The Sweet Science" with Hall of Fame legend Don Chargin and three decade fight trainer James Gogue, with special guest host Rodney Green!!

    Kicking off this evening's show, "the most knowledgeable man in boxing" will share his thoughts on this past Saturday night's event in Montreal, Canada, as well as the future of 175 pound kingpin Sergey Kovalev and the talented Light Heavyweight division!!

    - How would Kovalev vs. Stevenson fare on a PPV platform?

    - Is Kovalev vs. Ward an HBO PPV bout?  How does HBO nurture and build this match-up?

    "The Don" of boxing will also expound on the latest news of PBC and Al Haymon's financial rumors!!

    - How did PBC go through $440 million in just ten months of operation?

    - Does this affect the ongoing lawsuits against Haymon and company?

    - Could Haymon's biggest clients begin to "jump ship" in 2016?

    - How does this affect the other primary promoters, Golden Boy, Top Rank, Etc...the overall health of the sport?

    At the 30 minute mark, three decade fight trainer James Gogue will analyze the projected Fall match-up between Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward!!

    - Can Ward take Kovalev's power?  Will Sergey be able to land any clean shots on Ward?

    - Strengths and Weaknesses of both fighters

    - Keys to Victory

    - Gogue prediction

    Join us for another all-new edition of "The Sweet Science" with Hall of Fame boxing legend and three decade fight trainer James Gogue!!

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    Show # 63 | Interview of Marie Michaelle {31 Jan 2016}

    in Education

    About Marie Michaelle:


    I am in the business of Poetry. I model as well. I am an artist who believes in the power that art has over human emotion. I write and perform to inspire the voiceless. My delivery is designed to please my audiences verbally, visually and spiritually while exuding feminine power. Through years of observing, learning and teaching I have created and will continue to create works that will impact society in a meaningful and beneficial way. 

    WINDY CITY: POEMS OF LUST & DESIRE (a passionate or overmastering longing or craving) is my first published book.

    These 46 poems and 5 pictures will take you through an explicit journey of lust and desire. This book will introduce you to an uninhibited part of yourself from the very first page you read. By the time you've made it to the last poem you will have taken a well deserved journey of your carnal lifetime.

    I am interested in meeting people in the industry serious about networking. I am interested in meeting models, photographers, actors, producers, directors, singers, designers, promoters and fellow wordsmiths, anyone in the entertainment industry that could use my image or words to enhance their product or interested in some type of collaboration. I am serious about my work and extremely professional. I expect the same from anyone contacting me.

    "I want to wrap my words around you in a hug so powerful you melt into my poem."