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    Divine Feminine Shocker Truths - Promiscuity Truths

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    Truths about Divine Feminine never heard before; and what promiscuity's impact really is. Co Host Jhiggs with Meri Beloved 6 pm to 6:45pm (646)915-9987. Diving right in in order to cover lots of info

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    Shattering the Myths About Female Promiscuity – Marrie Lobel

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    “I've been in more laps than a napkin.” ~ Mae West

    Did you know, according to a recent survey, a woman is considered promiscuous at her 5th partner? Conversely, men are not considered promiscuous until they’ve had 25+ partners. News Flash: There are many ladies who do not feel the need to confine their natural desire for sex within a committed relationship. 

    Ladies and Gents: what do you think? What does promiscuity mean to you… and does the number of partners you’ve had really matter?

    My guest Marrie Lobel and I are pulling back the covers and busting the myths of Female Promiscuity on this episode of the Loving and Lasting Show. Please chime in with your thoughts, whether they be pure or wanton… male or female… we want to know!

    Marrie Lobel is a California based freelance dating, sex and relationship writer, Geekalicious creator of DirtyInPublic.com and Co-Host of Mr. n Mrs. Romance Podcast. By combining wit, wisdom, and a splash of audacity, Marrie takes pride in shattering outdated perceptions about women, stimulating open conversations, and igniting relationships between the sexes.

    Marrie can be found sharing the sexy love via websites and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and iTunes.

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    Paraded Pride & Promiscuity; Public Parenting

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    Hour #1: More and more people who claim to be Christian seem to have a view of holiness that's foreign to the Bible and orthodox Christianity. Does it matter how we live? What should be our response to those who profess to be Christian, but their practice contradicts it? Call 858.365.5507 to listen LIVE!

    Hour #2: Is it ever right to publicly discipline your child? Does the Bible give detailed instructions on when or how to do so? Does the Bible provide explicit instructions how parents should raise their children in EVERY situation or does the Bible give us principles and precepts for parents to obey? 

    Call 858.365.5507 with your comment or questions.

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    The Sexy Party Show: Promiscuity

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    Hosted by Mr. Locario & Miles Cunningham. 

    Dress to impress, leave your inhibitions at the door and get ready for an audio thrill ride that takes on issues of sex, dating, relationships and more with Mr. Locario, aka The Bad Boy of Dating and his right hand man Miles Cunningham.

    Today's Topic: Promiscuity

    Khalid Ramman Comedian he is better and funnier than Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, and Dave Chappelle.

    Some of the duscussion points are:

    Woman are afraid to be promiscuous because of the judgment they may face.

    Kim Kardashian gets Mr. Locario's respect because she is doing what she wants.

    Ray J debuts is song "Hit It First'

    Honesty, respect, cheating, and judgement.

    Using birth control while being promiscuous.

    Having a emotional connection are just having sex.

    Women Bashing

    Who enjoys sex more? Men or Women



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    Hour Glass Bride - Rebecca Weinberg - Sex Toys and Adult Novelties

    in Romance

    Join us for 1 hour at 4:30 PM Eastern.

    Host Nicole Brandon is one of the most sought after speakers in the world today. From Health, and Wellness to Wealth and Ultimate Success her seemingly unlimited well of information is simply mind boggling.

    Nicole is known internationally for sharing her amazing secrets and remarkable knowledge on stage, screen, TV and in books throughout the world.

    Please visit Nicole's website:



    Product Development and Brand Management leader with proven industry experience and demonstrated market success. Recognized for top tier brand management and licensing skills with an extensive track record in the development of strategy, alliances, and flexible business and distribution models for a wide variety of products and services. Ideally suited for companies desiring to build and grow their business, brand and customer base and for those requiring strong leadership with broad technical and business operations knowledge.

    Nicole's Guest:

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    College Seniors DON'T DO WHAT I DID! A Spring Break Disaster! Jagada Chambers

    in Spirituality

                       Inspiration~ Empowerment & BREAKTHROUGH! with Dr. Beverly L. Swanson                                                                    A Radio Talk Show of "Real People Sharing "Real Stories" of Great Faith & Great Victories

    So many times "Spring Break" for college students are glamorized by the music industry, movies of promiscuity and crazy fun, girls, guys, alcohol and drugs. Often times these escapades end up in disaster. Someone is badly hurt, arrested even death! Meet my special Guest Jagada Chambers~ Author of the Book "Based on a True Story" Jagada shares with us just what happened his Senior year of college with just one month left to graduation day. He was an accomplished athlete, an excellent student. but one wild night on his Spring Break in another town...cost him EVERYTHING. College, Career...Prison. This Sports Writer & Illustrator by profession comes out of the closet to Share His Story to help young people today. Join me on the AIR! with my special guest Author Jagada Chambers! WEDNESDAY 12/03/14, 11AM (PST)

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    Drawing the Wrong Kind of Attention

    in Religion

    I grew up surrounded by families that warned their daughters against wearing clothes that attracted “the wrong kind of attention.” When I was young I accepted this at face value, and understood (rightly) that these parents were trying to protect their daughters against men only interested in getting laid. It made sense to me (and still does) that the way a woman presented herself directly affected the way she was perceived - and most women didn't want just sex.

    It assumes that a woman's clothing is responsible for others' perception of her sexual mores.

    While there is a small grain of truth to this, it resides only in the most extreme cases (think: cheap hookers). The kind of women that would actually need to be reminded about attracting the wrong kind of attention are not the ones concerned with avoiding it. Conversely, the women actually getting warned about attracting purely sexual attention are almost always those who are in no danger of it. While this is sometimes because the girl wanting to avoid sexual attention has not been taught how to make herself sexually attractive to men, it is more frequently function of the fact that adornment and presentation are low on the list of factors indicating a girl's promiscuity. Her behavior is what matters, and girls that don't want casual sex don't usually act like whores. 

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    Feminism:  Christian or Anti-Christian.  Is feminism a socialist scheme to destroy the family unit, so that the government can raise the children and turn them into mind control slaves?

    "Women Against Feminism" by Suzanne Venker Three tenants of feminism:  1) Women are imprisoned by their negative view of women and their place in the world.  2)  Injustices perpetrated on women including the fact that they MUST have babies and men do not have to… 3) There is no difference between men and women other than their sex organs. 

    1) Feminism did not liberate women. It has actually harmed women by placing them in a prison of negative thinking and promoted dead-end promiscuity.

    2) Studies show that women today are LESS happy under modern Feminist assumptions and cultural practices.

    3) Women today do not owe feminists for everything. Feminism did NOT give women the right to vote or go to college. Those rights existed BEFORE the "Second Wave Feminism" of the 60's.

    4) The Women's Suffrage Movement was NOT a "feminist" movement: the "Suffragettes" were actually Pro-Life, Pro-Family and Conservative women. (Today's Feminists would reject them, ironically.)

    5) Feminism has robbed women of placing family and marriage at the center of their lives, as the most meaningful part of their existence. Instead, it shames women into believing that career materialism should be placed at the center.

    6) Women should ignore the institutionalized, Feminist cultural prescriptions that demean motherhood and marriage. They should sequence their lives in a way that place family as the most central, meaningful experience of their lives.

    7) Feminism is a finished movement in America.

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    Q&A: Anarchism's Case Against Government, Sports, Sleeping Around, and More

    in Self Help

    Philosopher Dr. Diana Hsieh answered questions on anarchism's case against government, the value of sportsmanship, sleeping around, and more in this episode of Philosophy in Action Radio. 

    Question 1: Does the government monopoly on the use of force violate rights? 

    Question 2: What is the meaning and value of sportsmanship? 

    Question 3: Why would anyone even want to sleep around? 

    To download or feed a high-quality version of this episode, plus show notes and other details, visit its archive page. 

    For more from Dr. Diana Hsieh on the application of rational principles to the challenges of real life, visit PhilosophyInAction.com.

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    Teenage Promiscuity

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    Teenage Promiscuity - It appears that teenagers in today's society are more promiscuous than back in their parents' era. I would like to focus on why? What makes them so promiscuous? Are they excercising precautions? Are they aware of the ramifications of their actions? Are they even concerned about STDs or pregnancies. My goal is to get to the root of this behavior. Is it learned? Are they crying out for help? Please join me in attempting to grasp and understand this kind of behavior. Our children need us. Lets take it back to when everyone looked out for each other's children because "it takes a village to raise a child".

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    S2 E9 Promiscuity, Open Relationships and How to Find the One with Cameron Gantt

    in Lifestyle

    In this episode we are thrilled to welcome J. Cameron Gantt the Instigaytor to the show.  He is the Head Dating Coach at Insti(Gay)tor.com, The Exclusively Gay Matchmaking Agency. Based out of Chicago, Cameron has had the opportunity to help hundreds of gay men bring excitement back into their love life and meet quality singles who are looking to find their perfect match. He currently serves as the gay dating expert for various dating and lifestyle websites dishing the good, bad and just plain dirty on love and relationships. In this episode we’ll be talking about what it takes to meet the right person and open relationships and promiscuity.

    We look forward to having you join us…

    and make sure to bring protection!

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