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    Prom Safety

    in Youth

    It's prom season! Teen hosts Drew, Ayana, and Sydney discuss this year's prom trends, and how to have a fun prom while staying safe and not spending a lot of money. Our guest is Trina Luttinger, a student assistance counselor with Contact Community Services.

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    PROM 411: A Guy's Perspective with R&B Group, History In The Making!

    in Entertainment

    There's no doubt that prom is one of the most celebrated events in high school, if not the biggest. To add, we put so much emphasis on the dance for girls, but never guys. Make sure to tune in on Monday, April 13 @ 9p/8c to hear TD Radio hosts Aeshia, Moiba and Brianna chat it up with R&B newcomers, History In The Making, as they share their perspective!

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    Should Christians Go To The Prom?

    in Religion

    In this episode, I will discuss the importance of deciding whether to go to activities such as the prom, father-daughter dances, etc. Follow me on twitter @jonathanexum, and Facebook. Have your Bible ready, and be sure to take notes. Enjoy our program!

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    Clippers Basketball Killer Prom

    in Politics

    Why did the owner of the Clippers have to play the race card?  He's busted and he will pay for it.  Also, a student stabs his desirable prom date to death on the East Coast.

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    Daily Gogetemism #195 Prom Time Expenses $$$$$

    in Lifestyle

    Are you ready for the prom send off parties and festivities of the class of 2015? Ready or not here they come. Hold on to your wallet!

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    Prom Safety

    in Youth

    Teen hosts Lindsey, Allison, and Salwa discuss the excitement and tradition of prom, as well as ways teens can safely enjoy their prom. Our guest is Cindy Squillace, Student Assistance Counselor at ITC in the Syracuse City School District.

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    TFV 45 Prom-ised Land

    in Comedy

    Rob is in studio with J for the first time in over a year! With prom season in full swing, the guys talk about prom drafts and prom night busts. Plus, what's wrong with having a little fun on church grounds? 


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    Prom Night From Hell

    in Comedy

    Join these three ladies as we tell you our thoughts on the latest prom trends, who our dates were or weren't and the ones we would Sadie Hawkins the hell out of all in one 30 minute episode of The Lady Suits

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    Love 101: Take My Mom to Prom!

    in Culture

    We interview Eddie and Desiree Hall, founders of Real Love Ministries, as we discuss a movement of dads taking moms to prom. We thought it was just for the high school kids, but she'll tell you why dressing up and treating your wife like a princess for the night makes ALL the difference!

    Tasha Phipps is Miss Love 101, teacher, counselor and life coach extraordinaire. She and her sidekick Andre Harrison, author of From a Fatherless Father to his Sons, dole out Passion Tips of the Week and their frankest advice for lovesick twentysomethings. Need some love advice? Send your letters to tasha@newdmagazine.com

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    #144 Wilsons Prom Review and Gold Coast Preview

    in Fitness

    Each year one of the highlights of the Australioan Running Calendar is the Wilsons Prom 100 organised by Running Wild.

    Wilson’s Promontory National Park offers, Australia’s most spectacular coastal ultra. You can experience the sound of waves crashing on rocks, feel the sand under your feet, the wind in your hair and the water up to your waist as you tackle this wilderness paradise. The Prom 100 offers runners 44, 60, 80 and 100km run options and is only a 3 ½ hour drive from Melbourne.

    With limited support mandatory gear is required as you refill your water at camping grounds along the way. 

    We run the 60km event on May 3rd and report on this stunning event.

    Max Lim is the person behind the popular blog Runwitme. Max, based in Malaysia is covering the 2014 Gold Coast Airport Marathon and is interviewing Couple on the Run for his blog. In this episode of the Partnerunning Show we answer Max's questions as we preview Gold Coast 2014.

    Regular segments include:

    Over the shoulder
    Ask Sue
    The Road Ahead

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    in Automotive

    how to find a and know what to look for by renting a limousine