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    PNN - Progressive Journalists Roundtable

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    PNN Producer and News Director Rick Spisak welcomes his fellow Progressive Journalists as Panelists:

    Gwen Holden Barry host of Here Be Monsters, Brian Stettan and Ruthann Amariefio hosts of Progress toward Democracy, Wendy Lynn Lee Professor of Philosophy and Anti-Frack Actiivist, and our Senior Correspondent Luis Cuevas of Progressive Push. These exceptional progressive will discuss issues of the day and bring you insights from their perspectives.

    We also welcome back our top European Correspondents Emine Dilek, publisher of Proressive Press from Madrid SPAIN, and Denis Campbell publisher of UK Progressive and host of Three Muckrakers a YouTube channel near you!

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    PNN - National Progressive Voices

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    PNN welcomes National Progressive Journalists 

    Greg Palast internationally known former BBC reported and financial writer addresses some of the challenges progressives face in 2015

    We'll also be joined by Lori Price Publisher of  Citizens for Legitimate Government and Well-known GOOGLE Pariah will discuss her perspective on some of the new stories of the day.

    We will also be joined by Cris Costello to give us the HEADS UP on the Clean Water Rally in Tallahassee coming Feb. 18th 

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    The Progressive News Hour.

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    The Progressive News Hour.

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    The Progressive News Hour.

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    Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Australia has been ‘taken for mugs’
    when discussing proposed changes to Australia’s immigration and
    security policies. But what are the real causes of radicalization? We
    speak to Anne Aly from the School of Humanities at Curtin University
    about her research into radicalization.
    Also, there’s been another ‘leak’, not from Julian Assange or Edward
    Snowden, but from the South African intelligence agency. And this
    ‘leak’ could have real consequences for world peace!
    Anne Aly is the chair of PAVE - People against Violent Extremism -

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    Charlie Doucot on Talent Management System

    in Social Networking

    Charlie Doucot, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Lumesse drops by @DriveThruHR  and talks with @williamtincup & @Thehrbuddy on selecting the right talent management solution. 

    DriveThruHR was designed to be a captivating and easy-to-digest lunch discourse that covers topics relevant to HR professionals.  Each 30-minute episode features a guest speaker who shares her or his knowledge and experience in human resources. Our hosts and special guest cover a wealth of topics, including HR Technology, Recruiting, Talent Management, Leadership, Organizational Culture and Strategic HR, every day at 12:00 pm Central Time.  The radio program is hosted by @williamtincup, @thehrbuddy, @TheOneCrystal & @MikeVanDervort. The #1 HR show, with amazing HR conversations and follow us on the twitters at  @drivethruhr and #dthr.





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    Progressive Conversation

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    Andrea Miller and Rev. Dicks are joined today by Michael Zweig, Professor of Economics at State University of New York at Stonybrook  Center for Study of Working Class Life and Michael Eisenscher of US Labor Against the War.

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    The Progressive News Hour.

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    The much maligned United Nations was created in 1945 to maintain peace
    in a war  ravaged world. Has it succeeded - if not, why not? Should
    the UN be reformed ? To help answer these questions we speak to Annie
    Herro from the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at Sydney
    Also, we preview Tony Abbott's up coming speech about Immigration
    reform and we look at how Syriza, Greece's new government, is
    Please read Annie Herro's book;
    UN Emergency Peace Service and the Responsibility to Protect.
    Abington, Oxon; Routledge.

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    in Education

    We will discuss how to effectively manage the group dynamic and negotiate a successful outcome.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Meatballs in Marinara Sauce and the "adventure" recipe will be Jambalaya.

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    Civil Asset Forfeiture – Revisited

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle talks  about how federal agencies assist local and state law enforcement to seize the property of innocent Americans.

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    Tom Dowd: Time Management Manifesto (New Book)

    in Self Help

    Time management is a disciplined mindset to be able to live in the moment while working toward the future. It is all mental—it’s an attitude.  Having control in your life is about commitment, routines, flexibility, adjustments, and planning.  We create our own self-limitations.  We say we’ll do tomorrow what we really want to do today.  Eliminate what’s holding you back.  “Time Management Manifesto” offers specific actions that will teach subscribers the following themes:

    •           Manage your time, don’t let it manage you

    •           Time management is required of all levels, in all positions

    •           The benefits of managing professional time effectively spill into your personal space

    What if you could accomplish more in a forty-hour week then your current fifty, sixty, or seventy-hour work week? What if your success was simply a matter of working smarter, not harder?  Good time management and organizational skills are a must for successful professionals. You’ll be challenged to strengthen your commitments and habits relating to time management and organizational skills without being a slave to it.  You will find the power of routines and people, while learning how to effectively deal with “fire drills” that will reduce stress, increase success, and ensure that you sleep better at night knowing your life is in control.  

    Twitter: @TomDowd4
    Email: tomdowd@roadrunner.com

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    The Progressive News Hour.

    in Politics

    Today, we introduce you to our American correspondent, Lisa Savage,
    from CodePink and talk about the groups activity's and the state of
    American politics.
    The aftermath of the Liberal Party leadership challenge and we've got
    a book that we think you should read.
    Lisa has a personal site at; Went2thebridge.blogspot.com
    For more information about CodePink go to;  www.codepink.org
    Please read; Guantanamo Diary by Mohamedou Ould Slahi

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