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  • 01:25

    The Program RETURNS: Hello Again!

    in Sports

    If it feels like we have been gone awhile...it has because.....we were! After two years of THW Live, it was time for a change back. Yes in the offseason, The Program will be not quite on every Sunday but the old feel will return quick enough. People will remember the show as a no holds barred podcast where literally anything that was hockey went full tilt. 

    My sincere hope is that everyone enjoys the show as they did with the original podcast. Some things have changed but basically it will be a bit like old times with a 2014 twist. There will be interviews, there will be rants, and there will be disagreements. That is the whole point. It will be vocal and yet we may all laugh a little while learning something.

    The phone number as always is 1-347-826-7358. Most shows will be on Sundays and yes there will be some retro shows also. It will also signify a bit of a return for The Program website. Come join us as once again we tick the hockey world off the only way we can!

  • 01:02

    The Program -- Hockey Fans Behold The Injury Ninja!

    in Sports

    This is just a no holds barred episode with Tim and Chris as we span the hockey world and behold the wrath of the Injury Ninja. Again it will be fast paced and expect fireworks along with live scoring updates via Twitter. The TV is too slow sometimes. 

    The Program tonight will feature a little of everything starting at 9pm ET. So if you want to give us a call. Do so at 1-347-826-7358. There may even be a special caller or two. Yes there will be fantasy hockey updates too. I may even have a few surprises too.

  • 01:25

    The Program -- One Big A** Fantasy Hockey Draft!

    in Sports

    The fun part of fantasy hockey leagues is the competition among rivals. Tonight we bring you a draft so full of rivalries that the blood runs wild. Yes, it is the old The Program fantasy hockey league which will start at 8:30pm ET. Timmy joins me and then who knows maybe a few surprises along the way

    This year's league features TWENTY TEAMS. It has always been a vision of mine to go to the max and make this league as challenging as possible. The fun part is some categories have been changed so that the difficulty could be increased that much more. 

    A lot of the old guard is still in the league but some new talent has been brought in to challenge each division. Who will reign supreme? The quest for glory starts tonight!


    The phone number as always is 1-347-826-7358. We go a full two hours for this special edition and let's face it...it is the beginning of so many drafts and all that preseason. Yes there is preseason hockey this evening. So come join us for a night of fireworks and more. We promise you won't be disappointed.

  • 01:59

    The Black Program - EP 002

    in Hip Hop Music

    The Black Program rolls with its second episode. Your host Lucius Black (@LouieLafate) has new music, new featured artists, and more show. Get ready.

  • 01:35

    The Program -- Hockey Patterns, Bourques, Salvadors & Sabres?

    in Sports

    As always we have an interesting little show tonight......sixty minutes then a bit more as needed from the home office somewhere in North Central New Jersey. Tonight if it feels like an Atlantic Division get together then it might just be. Personally I now write about the Atlantic on a couple sites. Ted Starkey would be our Buffalo representative. Tim Rosenthal takes up the Boston angle. Our guest Amanda Stein hails from Montreal, who has the best record in all the NHL for now. 

    There is so much to talk about -- everything from blown leads, to Sabres winning streaks during a snow then now flood emergency and much much more. The thing is this. We even get to sneak in what we are thankful for since Thursday is Thanksgiving. Yes the turkeys make an appearance TONIGHT!


    The show begins promptly at 8 pm ET. Also, the phone number is 1-347-826-7358. Do not forget the show will be available on iTunes for download a litle while after it ends. Come listen in. You'll laugh and then laugh some more!


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    Affiliate Program

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  • 00:28

    Intro Program of " The Flame of Truth Program"

    in Spirituality

    The Flame of Truth program is deicated to Pallas Athena the Godess of Truth who holds the Flame of Truth in the inner retreat of the Temple of Truth in the higher spiritual demensions at Island Cypris Greece .

    1) program intro

    2) we will be playing two sound clips telling the story about Pallas Athena from greek storys.

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    Affiliate Program

    in Entrepreneur

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    Pilates Progressions Program Q&A episode 102

    in Fitness

    We had two case studies, one that dealt with giving clients homework for trips and one that dealt with progressions through injuries.  I also discussed how to handle client's criticism, how the lesson plans help develop your teaching and how the P3 program fosters critical thinking skills not regurgitation of facts.  

  • 00:21

    Community "IMPACT" Program (Funding In The "NEW ECONOMY" Made Easy!)

    in News

    The Community "IMPACT" Program (CIP) is a very unique and highly effective, "Funding and Resource Program" for Non-Profit Organizations and their supporters, developed as a National WORKFORCE Effort to "Put America Back To WORK! (One JOB at a time!)

    During this Seminar you will learn where to find:

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    5.  Income opportunities for you and your family to benefit from anywhere in the United States

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    Register NOW to find out HOW have it!

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    The Program Returns: Henrik It's Over!

    in Sports

    Join the guys and myself as we talk not only hockey but whatever sports come to mind in this freeflowing show. Do not forget also you can join the chat or just tweet @ChrisWasselDFS ....we will bring the pain. As for the alcohol, that will be consumed!

    Also, the phone number is 1-347-826-7358. There might even be a mention of the Nightmare Bear as well. It will be a show that cannot be missed and again, this will not just be about hockey. It just will have some focus on it. That is all.