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    The Profiler

    in Current Events

    Criminal Profiler Pat Brown is here to discuss her explosive new book "The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths." Pat Brown specializes in profiling and investigating sexual homicdes and serial killers. Tonight Pat not only opens up about the mind blowing cases she has profiled, but how she became a world famous profiler! Tune in for this dramatic interview!

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    MP Talk Radio Welcomes Back Medium Jennifer Shaffer

    in Culture

    Jennifer Shaffer is a world renowned Psychic Medium, Profiler, Co-Author of 365 Days of Angel Prayers, Seer, Medical Intuitive and more. Her cases have been profiled on Dr. Phil and she has been a reoccurring guest on the Ricki Lake show as an expert Psychic. She is an esteemed and tested member of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics and Best American Healers. Jennifer’s pro-bono work is with law enforcement on a regular basis, assisting with cold cases and helping families of victims find answers. She founded “Psychic Angels'” which is the collaboration of law enforcement and psychics working together because she believes it is better having more eyes on the scene as well as the unseen.

    Jennifer’s constant thirst for knowledge is now being brought into her monthly radio show called “Your Spirit Hour.” As a Radio host she interviews world renowned Psychics, Mediums, Teachers, Healers, Doctors, Law Enforcement Officers, Forensic Analysts and individuals who are the “Movers and Shakers” in raising consciousness. She has interviewed Lisa Williams, John Holland, “Dr. Drew,” Hans King, Alfred Ricci, Shay Parker, Allison Hayes and many more

    Website - http://www.jennifershaffer.com/

    365 Days Of Angel Prayers - http://www.jennifershaffer.com/365-days-of-angel-prayers-co-author-jennifer-shaffer/



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    Suspense Radio Inside Edition - January 24th, 2014

    in Books

    Suspense Radio is back with 60 minutes and two fantastic guests, Kelli Stanley and Elizabeth Heiter.

    Kelli Stanley with City of Ghosts: For the United States, war is on the horizon.

    For Miranda Corbie, private investigator and erstwhile escort, there are debts to be paid and memories—long-suppressed and willfully forgotten—to be resurrected. Enter the U.S. State Department and the man who helped Miranda get her PI license. A man she owes. A man who asks her to track a chemistry professor here in San Francisco whom he suspects is a spy for the Nazis. Playing along may get Miranda a ticket to Blitz-bombed England and answers about her past…if she survives.

    Through sordid back alleys and art gallery halls, from drag dress nightclubs to a Nazi costume ball, Miranda's journey into fear takes her on the famed City of San Francisco streamliner and to Reno, Nevada, the Biggest Little City in the World…where she finds herself framed for a murder she never anticipated. Forced to go underground, Miranda soldiers on alone, determined to find the truth about a murder, a Nazi spy, and her own troubling past.

    Elizabeth Heiter with Hunted: 

    Terror stalks a small Virginia town. 

    FBI rising star, criminal profiler Evelyn Baine, knows how to think like a serial killer. But she's never chased anyone like the Bakersville Burier, who hunts young women and displays them, half-buried, deep in the woods. As the body count climbs, Evelyn's relentless pursuit of the killer puts her career—and her life—at risk. And the evil lurking in the Burier's mind may be more than even she can unravel. 

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Eric Holder, Racial Profiler

    in Politics Conservative

    ISIS declares war on Hamas & the Muslim Brotherhood, while al-Qaeda In Yemen and hundreds of Americans join forces with ISIS; What’s happened since Barack Obama released the head of ISIS five years ago; Russian tank column enters southeast Ukraine; Obama's policies stoking Ferguson anger, while Eric "The Red" Holder racially profiles Officer Darren Wilson; and Obama is poised to "set the country completely on fire" with Executive amnesty order by Labor Day.

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    O*Net Profiler Career Path Test

    in Work

    Work for Life is working to leave no worker behind. The best way to find a career you like is to do The O*Net Interest Profiler. Explore careers based on your interest. Give yourself every opportunity to land a job you would like to do. Take a few minutes to identify your strengths. You might be surprised. You didn't plan to be unemployed so why not make the best of the situation. A career change could give you the new lease you need. Once you identify your strengths you will have a better idea of what jobs to seek and what companies to visit go get hired. Finding a job is about your ATTITUDE, ABILITIES & ACTIONS. Take necessary actions today by taking the interest profiler today.

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    Robbie Thomas, Psychic Profiler

    in Paranormal

    Join us as we talk with Robbie Thomas, Psychic Profiler.
    Psychic Criminal Profiler working on many murder/missing persons cases in a new television series. Producer/creator of Psychic Profiler the series/Author/Screenwriter

    Creator/Host of a new psychic crime series that is in production now. Its about helping one family while assisting law enforcement one case at a time. We have currently filmed the opening pilot on a murder case that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 
    Author, Paranormal Encounters 2010, Signs From Heaven 2006, To You From Spirit 2006 and A Link To Heaven...Chats With The Other Side 2004. Contributing Author to four other titles one of which is the Best Seller of Award Winning Screenwrite Gloria Shepherds,' Brian Jones Straight From The Heart...The Rolling Stones Murder.   wrote the screenplay to Paradox the Movie 1 and 2. Also writing the screenplay to Paranormal Encounters Movie. been featured in many magazines worldwide such as Taps Paramagazine (United States), Paranormal Magazine (England), Silent Voices Magazine (England) The Observer (England), Unexplained Paranormal Magazine (United States), Haunted Times Magazine (United States), Visions Magazine (United States), Phantom Magazine (Canada), Fix Magazine (Canada), The Mirror Magazine (United States) many more.  Appeared on numerous radio programs around the world such as CBS, Fox radio, Keeler Show NY, The Kevin Smith Show, and more. 

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    EGH Media presents Psychic Profiler Robbie Thomas revisited

    in Paranormal

    We revisit our show with Robbie Thomas
    Robbie Thomas is a visionary who enjoys writing literature such as books, screenplays, and television shows. He has six books he has written, which includes his newest release, Parasylum.  
    Robbie talks to us about his life as an author and a psychic criminal profiler

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    Live with Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

    in Current Events

    Criminal Profiler Pat Brown joins the Levi Page Show to discuss the latest crimes making headlines!

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    Derrel W. Sims~Author/Alien Hunter

    in Paranormal

     Derrel W. Sims, author of the book Alien Hunter the world’s leading expert on alien abductions, had his first encounter with an alien presence at the age of 17, he experienced a malignant contact with these alien beings that would alter his life forever. As a result of the violent encounter, Derrel made the decision that he would no longer willingly be victim to the bizarre quests of alien entities. He was determined to change his role in life from being the hunted to the hunter. When these same beings later came for his 5 year old son, Derrel put his hunt into high gear. Derrel began preparing himself for his lifelong quest of pursuing the alien prey. Every path he took would equip him mentally, physically and spiritually to become a warrior for the cause and to assume the role he feels he was born to play.  Derrel has spent the past three decades researching the world of alien beings. His focus has been two-fold: To acquire the skills necessary to design and implement a program of compassionate and effective counseling for victims of alien contact; and to collect and analyze medical and scientific evidence of the alien presence. He served in military intelligence and worked with the CIA, and after the service worked as a police officer, and as a licensed private investigator. From advanced scuba diving training to skill with weaponry; from his certifications as a Master Hypnotherapist and Certified Medical Hypnoanaesthesiolgist to studies in graphoanlysis; Derrel’s eclectic accomplishments have had a single aim: to defeat the alien menace. Each case enhances his unique perpective as the pre-eminent Profiler of alien beings. Every clue contributes to the patterns Derrel has observed in the hundreds of cases he has examined worldwide. http://www.alienhunter.org

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    Robbie Thomas-Psychic Profiler/Best Selling Author/Screenwri

    in Paranormal

    Robbie Thomas is an accomplished Best Selling Author with six titles to his name. Parasylum is Robbie's  new book which we will be discussing. It is amazing-
    The horrors are plenty with many twists and turns and an ending that will keep you shaking your head.
    Robbie has managed to succesfully  create and will Host a new television series called -Psychic Profiler coming very soon, we will be dicussing this too.
    As a   Psychic Profiler Robbie has assisted on many high profile murder/missing persons cases with Law Enforcement and Families, who seek him for answers to tough cold cases as well as new ones.
    Robbie has been featured on many television broadcasts,, newspapers, and radio broadcast for many years.
    Visit Robbie at-  www.robbiethomas.net

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    in Radio

    Alexander O'Neal (born November 15, 1953) is an American R&B singer. He is best known for the songs "If You Were Here Tonight", "Criticize" and "Fake" and the duets with Cherrelle, "Saturday Love" and "Never Knew Love Like This"O'Neal was born in Natchez, Mississippi, but moved to Minneapolis when he was 20. He is an alumnus of Alcorn State University. He joined a group called "The Mystics" and played the local coverband circuit. O'Neal spent a short time in a group "Enterprise" before being recruited into Flyte Tyme, a band that included Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Monte Moir.

    Later signed by Prince to the Warner Bros. label with their name changed to The Time, a disagreement with Prince led to O'Neal leaving the band and being replaced as lead singer by Morris Day. Allmusic profiler John Floyd asserts that O'Neal was ousted for "looking 'too black'",.[1]

    O'Neal immediately formed an R&B band called Alexander and recorded a 12" single, "Playroom," for a Chicago-based independent label, followed by the release of "Attitude" on the Rich Records Label. Three years later, in 1984, O'Neal signed a deal with Clarence Avant's Tabu Records. He did some backing vocals for other artists on the same label, including The SOS Band and Cherrelle.

    O'Neal released his eponymous debut album in 1985. It included three singles that reached the top twenty of the R&B Singles Chart. The same year, he also scored his first R&B top ten single with "Saturday Love", a duet with Cherrelle from her High Priority album. "Saturday Love" song peaked at #2, and it also reached the top ten of the UK Singles Chart, peaking at #6.