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    WIW: Professionalism Worldwide

    in Entertainment

    Linkedin is one of the larger social media websites with members from across the globe.  Tonight one of the questions we take on asks is Linkedin just a professional Facebook for elitist snobs?

    Women from around the world often complain about the unwanted romantic advances they get on this professional site.

    In a forum that is designed for supporting other peoples careers why do we still have trolls?

    A Special edition Psychospirilosophy view of the Art of the Ego Ninja from our resident Shaman and don't forget The Maxy the Porch Mouse Minute.

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    Professionalism in the Paranormal Industry

    in Paranormal

    Join your host, Christina Barber and co-host, Scott Barber as they discuss professionalism in the paranormal industry. Unfortunately, the industry seems rife with in-fighting, mud slinging and bullying, placing the paranormal industry into a very negative light. Is it possible to 'rise-up' from this maelstrom of unprofessionalism, to gain respect among the scientific community? Tune in to find out what Christina and Scott have to say!


  • Professionalism in the Barber Shop...Where has it gone?

    in Entertainment

    BarberZone Radio presents "In The BarberZone"

    We discuss topics that effect Barbers and trade of Barbering. Open & Honest dialogues about the Industry and the People that Love it.  

    Show Topic: Professionalism in the Barber Shop...Where has it gone?

    Show Time: 10pm EST

    LISTEN LIVE on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device at www.barberzoneradio.com & Become a friend of the show on Blogtalk.     

    Call-in number... 3476373850 and Press 1...To express your opinion of the show topic.

    Follow BarberZone Radio on Facebook & Twitter:

    #InTheBarberZone #ComeGetYourHeadRight #BarberStrong #BarberUnity #BarberPride

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    Diane Brennan, MBA, MCC - Coaching Professionalism

    in Current Events

    Coaching Professionalism: Owning our roots and strengthening the field

    This show will be about the evolution of coaching and coaches as professionals. What are the disciplines, theories and practices that influence coaching? Why is important we own our roots? What do we really need to know as practitioners?

    Special Guest:
    Diane Brennan, MBA, MCC works with leaders and teams to expand thinking, navigate change, and create a learning culture. Her clients are in aerospace, academics, healthcare, science, and engineering.  She is Dean of the Master Coach Program for the Business Coaching Institute, Helsinki, Finland. She served as the first Director of Training for Fielding Graduate University's Evidence-Based Coaching Program. Diane is co-editor of The Handbook of Knowledge-based Coaching with Leni Wildflower, PhD (2011) and The Philosophy and Practice of  Coaching (2008). Diane is recognized internationally as a leader in coaching and served as the global International Coach Federation President in 2008. She is also a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, a founding fellow of the Harvard Institute of Professional Coaching and the International Positive Psychology Association.

    Diane lives in Tucson, AZ. She can be reached at diane@coachdiane.com

    Coach Conversations is sponsored by the ICF Phoenix, produced by Ana Melikian an Elite Level Book Yourself Solid Coach, and hosted by Katharine Halpin, MCC.

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    in Lifestyle


    Dr. Patrice J. Carter resides in Fayetteville, NC and is married to the love of her life, Dalton and mother to son Miles. 

    She is the Founder of Breakpoint Coaching, CEO of Carter Multimedia Consulting, a Motivational Speaker, Author and Minister with Speak to the World Ministries in partnership with her husband, Evangelist Dalton J. Carter. 


    Dr. Carter is a passionate, empowering speaker whose passion is to reach men and women who are working towards personal and professional excellence.

    As a Christian Life Coach Dr. Carter works with Christian Executives and Celebrities who are struggling to Live out Loud as their truest selves and want to bring their life visions to pass. 

    Dr. Carter completed her first book, in 2010, entitled, “SUPERb Woman:  From Bad Girl to God’s Girl” which focuses on worthiness and self-esteem; and a deconstructed view of the Proverbs 31 woman for women of all ages, whether single or married. 


    Dr. Patrice J. Carter has 26 years of combined experience in the areas of Business, Military and Healthcare. She holds the following academic designations: PhD in Organization and Management, Capella University, M.B.A, Webster University and an M.S.A. in Healthcare Administration from Central Michigan University. 


    Dr. Patrice J. Carter can be reached via phone at (910) 551-7358 or email at bcomegodsgirl@gmail.com. 

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    in Hip Hop Music

    Derray Ward, born July 25th, 1988, better known by his stage name MrNewz, is a rapper/song writer. Ward was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He started writing poetry in grade school. Later he decided to try something new, turning one of his poems into a rap song. He quickly grew attached. Regardless of the genre he always loved music from: Blues to Jazz to Rock. He started writing music at the age of 12 but only for the fun of it. He started off “freestyling” at local parties and at school during passing time. He would rap about anything you pointed to or called out. People grew to like him very much. They started asking him when was he going to record a cd or if he was going to become a rapper. He brushed off the questions without thinking about them. Then one day he thought to himself, hey why not! With the lacking of money and materials, he could not afford studio time. So he asked his teacher to borrow a tape recorder. That’s where it all began! He would stay up all night and record tapes full of songs. Although the recorder didn’t offer good sound quality or professionalism, it did not lack lyrics and talent. He would record multiple tapes and pass them out to his peers. They couldn’t get enough. They would ask for more music and challenged him to make songs about many different topics, and he would do just that. In 12th grade challenged himself to join the talent show. He and a fellow classmate remixed 50cent and Game’s “How We Do”. In MrNewz’s verse he incorporated school related information. Such as things he learned in Trigonometry, Chemistry; etc…. Not only did he overcome the challenge of performing for the first time, he impressed his peers and teachers. That’s when he realized he wanted to make music for a living.

  • Just One Nail

    in Education

    -Stand up comic Anjelah Johnson  became an internet sensation with her viral video, “Nail Salon” dipiting her own real life salon experiences.

    The comedy portrayal of the sterotypical Vietnamese nail technician must be hilarious, it made the comedian famous over night, but what does it say about nail professionals when they share it openly on social media? Is making fun of  Asian nail techs helping or just making you look bad? How did the Asian nail community react to this video? Find out tonight


    -We speak with Kym Quy Ho Lead trainer for Mirror Effect Gel. 

    7 PT  9CT  10 CT

    Call in 917-932-8407




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    The Blood Shed: Professionalism

    in Entertainment

    This shouldn't have to be covered.
    Let's be realistic, though, there are many kinksters who forget common courtesy, respect, and professionalism.
    Professionalism within play or scening and also professionalism within industry genres, like photographers and models. What is having a level of professionalism and how to achieve it?
    Listen live EVERY Tuesday at 9 PM!

  • Beautiful Butterfly Welcomes MUA Paija J

    in Lifestyle

    Meet Our Special Guest: Paija J is a freelance makeup artist, beauty blogger, and product influencer based in glamorous Los Angeles, CA specializing in making your look memorable for the occasion. She provides on-location service for weddings, photo/video shoots, fashion shows, film, and other special occasions. Like many other women, Paija's interest in makeup began as a desire to use cosmetics to achieve “the look” at home without the help of a professional. However, it quickly grew into a passion. As a true makeup enthusiast, Paija has taken her passion and turned it into her purpose by enhancing the beauty of other to help people create beautiful memories. Paija J has been a professional makeup artist and beauty influencer for several years and received official training at the Beauty Academy at West Los Angeles College. Along with her training, she holds a Bachelor's in Business Marketing and an MBA, making her a well-rounded individual and exceptional business woman. Paija J has worked on everyone from celebrity clients to friends and family who want to feel beautiful on their special day giving all of them the red-carpet treatment. Paija's beautiful spirit, charismatic personality, and adaptability along with her polished skills always exceeds the expectations of clients. No matter what the job whether it is a birthday, wedding day, or fashion show, Paija displays her mastery and professionalism at all times creating the desired look and flawless finish on film. The project's goals and objective are always first and foremost, whether it is a sultry smoky eye or breath-taking contouring and shading, Paija always delivers a flawless finish and assures client satisfaction. XOXO Paija J Makeup Artist

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    The Impact of Social Media on Girls and Women of Color

    in Culture

    Social media has become the means of communicating, connecting, networking, sharing, and activism in the twenty-first century.  We have witnessed social media as a medium for news, events, advertising, public shaming, and publishing, etc. However, the question of how social media impacts girls and women of color is one that promises to view social media in a different light.  

    Join Dr. Culbreth, Professor Charish Halliburton and Dr. Alessandra Rosa for an enlightening discussion on how social media impacts the lives of girls and women of color in the twenty-first century psychologically, emotionally, physically and socially. Topics include racism, colorism, and other isms, social justice, mixed race identity, movements, selfies, self-esteem, bullying, professionalism, education, politics, personal issue, bullying, dangers, risks, and the pros and cons of using social media among other topics. 

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    Black Business vs. Black "Bidnit" | Straight Talk with Min. Ausar & Bro Sankofa

    in Business

    Min. Ausar and Brother Sankofa will discuss the state of Black Business and the need to for better professionalism, services, and products. We will discuss current events and take calls from the listening audience. 

    Importance of apprenticeship programs
    Importance of Self Sustanability
    Good Black Business
    Bad Black Business
    Current Events
    Communication the business and movement killer
    Collective work and responsibility