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    Professional & Retired Athletes: The Great, The OK, and The Ugly!

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    Join Chloe Taylor Brown, three time author, lifestyle coach and host of The Chloe Show and connect with Missy Echeverria, a woman who has a keen eye for making money and resurrecting the careers of celebrities and retired athletes. Missy is the CEO and Founder of ProAthletes Concierge Services (P.A.C.S). She and Chloe discuss the business of professional athletes of all levels, during the game... and after the crowd stops cheering, and most importantly, how to make a viable comeback by leveraging their past, present and potential future. 

    Missy has been an asset to the celebrity and athletic world for years and pairs them with companies and people to benefit the athletic industry needs and the celebrity needs. Growing up the youngest of 11 (nine brothers with three being professional athletes, and one sister), she grew up constantly competing with her brothers in every aspect of life and quickly became the leader of the pack, starting her own business at age 17 and making her first million by age 18. With her savvy money making skills her professional athletic brothers took notice and quickly asked her to manage thier investments. As the athletes around her brothers watched her grow into a fearless businesswoman they wanted Missy to handle their investment as well, which is now P.A.C.S

    For more information about Chloé Taylor Brown visit www.ChloeTaylorBrown.com @ChloeTBrown

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    Professional Licensing and Regulation With Jacqueline Friedman-Stein

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    The Illinois Professional Licensing Consultants is a group of highly experienced attorneys and investigators who previously worked for the I.D.P.R. will represent and/or defend licensed professionals in cases involving the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Illinois Department of Public Aid and Illinois Department of Public Health. In this monthly podcast series our attorneys and consultants will share news, tips and resources.

    Topics covered in this 30 minute show:

    Introducing Jacqueline Friedman-Stein
    Examples of professions you may encounter in professional licensing
    The IDFPR and how they work to regulate professional licensing and practice
    Applicants for professional licensing and potential issues in the process
    Licensing issues when the professional practices in multiple states
    Inquiry procedures and the disciplinary process and possible outcomes
    Restoring a professional license in various scenarios

    Jacqueline Friedman-Stein is a professional licensing attorney, of counsel to the Chicago health law and litigation firm of Michael V. Favia & Associates, and formerly the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation as well as private law firms specializing in healthcare law and legal services in professional licensing. Jackie earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado Boulder, her Juris Doctorate from Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology, and her LLM in health law from Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

    You may also contact Jacqueline Stein for more information at (773) 631-4580 and by e-mail at jfstein@lawyer.com. 

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    Getting to Know Sahalie Doe

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    Idaho State University softball student-athlete talks with A+ Athletes.

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    Professional Athletes: Avoiding career-damaging situations, dating disasters

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    Host Lori Wilk interviews Bruce Starr, the relaltionship coach to professionals from executives to athletes, known at the Luv Coach. Bruce brings his more than three decades of experience to this emotionally-charged topic and shares insights into dating dangers and making choices that jeopardize careers.This year already dozens of professional athletes have been arrested for a variety of decisions gone bad and Bruce brings coaching that could be life-changing. Domestic Violence is another area of huge concern and for those who have gone down that pathway of using their strength, anger, or violent tendencies the price to be paid for this behavior is high. There have been many who have received help to change their ways and learn how to make better decisions about those they socialize with, date, and marry. You'll want to be part of this live call-in episode with the Luv Coach, Bruce Starr. Join the conversation, call to ask questions 347.237.5638

  • Professional Pastors

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    Introduction of pastors

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    Athletes and Rape

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    Talking sports athletes and charges why are so many sports stars falsely accussed and then the media blows things out of proportion

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    Professional Ethics (Blog2)

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    Professional Ethics. Ethics in the work place are vitally important to the operation and overall success of any organization. To be efficient in this class be sure you have your required materials and text book for the class. Enjoy your learning journey.

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    Professional Ethics (Blog One)

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    Professional ethics in the workplace.

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    Professional Courtesy in Family Law

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    Kirk Stange from Stange Law Firm, PC talks about an article on Family Law Headquarters dated March 7, 2015 titled: Profesisonal Courtesy Is Important.  This is an important topic that comes up in many divorce and  family law cases.

    Stange Law Firm, PC is a family law firm with multiples offices in Missouri and Illinois in and around the St. Louis Area.  You can find out more about Stange Law Firm, PC and their St. Louis, Missouri Family Law Attorneys or their Springfield, Illinois Family Lawyers by calling 1-855-805-0595. 




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    Do LGBT athletes have a responsibility to come out?

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    This podcast brought to you by AT&T.

    Over the years we at Outsports have seen the incredible power that athletes, coaches and other people in sports coming out can have on not just their sport but youth they will never meet. Even today we got wind of a 17-year-old gay aspiring umpire who has been inspired by the coming out story of MLB umpire Dale Scott.

    Yet there are precious few out LGBT professional athletes, particularly men. They choose to not come out due to a host of reasons, from their own playing career to endorsement deals - they fear they could lose any or all of them if they come out. 

    Do they have a social responsibility to come out anyway? Should athetes weigh the inspiration they can provide, and the social change they can help move along, over their own personal wealth and playing career? And do their fears have any merit in the first place?

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    Why Derrick Rose is like 90% of All Professional Athletes

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    Is Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls to be esteemed for his comments about his long-term health concerns or criticized mercilessly?  Either way, the core show panelists will discuss why he is no different than 90% of his fellow athletes as well as respond to his comments.  We will also preview week 11 in the NFL and week 12 in college football including juicy matchups between Alabama and Mississippi State along with Florida State and The U, The Homer Report and much, much more. 

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