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    Prof Phillip Gillon...Politics and Money

    in Politics

    Prof Phillip Gillon of Politics and Money I NC. Will  explain the politics of money

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    UGP #392 Prof For POTUS Or What Should We Demand In Next President?

    in Politics Conservative

    tonight the professor throws his hat into the ring for the race to get the Republican party's nomination for President of the United States

    afterwards he will go over some things we shoud look for in the next man, woman, or Trans-presidential candidate...

    If time permits we will also look at some interesting items in the news like racist / sexist  air conditioning and the complexities of arming all military recruiters because of the patchwork of laws all over the country...


    in Relationships

    Join us on Wed. July 29 @ 9pm (CST) as we feature special guest 'Docta Carol, Licenced Professional Counselor & More! Tonight's HOT TOPIC: ONLINE DATES FROM HELL!! Each week we will feature special guests, hot topics, and crazy news!! Don't miss this hit show with hosts Kia D, DJ Red, K.O., and Angel!!!


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    FACEBOOK: Kia D of WeTalkRadio/We TV Online


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    BE A GUEST: admin@WeTalkRadio.com


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    Mysteries of Enoch the Ethiopian by Ras Ben, and featuring Prof. Kharim

    in Self Help

    A fascinating and informative show about the hidden life of a biblical hero, Enoch. An Ethiopian holy man who was so devotional of his divinitiy, he never died as a human, but ascended in his lifetime. Published author and lecturer, Bro. Ras Ben will be sharing Enoch's fascinating but largely unknown elements of the life of Enoch the Ethiopian. Prof. Kharim will be sharing the Islamic historic perspective of Enoch's life. This will surely be an interesting and informative show.

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    Madam's Finale Show On Fatherhood With Guest, RICH DE LUCA, Prof DJ, & Announcer

    in Music

    MADAM COACH's upcoming show this FRIDAY, JUNE 26TH, at 5:30 pm will be with guest RICH DELUCA, Father, Professional DJ, Announcer and Host. & Music Historian. This show will wrap-up June's focus on Fatherhood, & Brotherhood. Once again here is a man, father, and community supporter who acts with intention to share his LOVE of music, in service, for others to connect through the universal vibration of music.

    RICH DELUCA's company has over 20 years of experience entertaining thousands at weddings, corporate functions, bar & bat mitzvahs, local schools, churches, community events and family parties. His company's intention is based on the belief that customers needs are of the utmost importance and his entire team comittment to meeting those needs. Resulting, a "high percentage of business" as repeat customers and referrals enjoying an extensive "music library" from today's top hits~ yesterdays favorites.

    The show's topic discussion will be about today's, yestrerday's, and tomorrows music. Plus, how it impacts our personal lives. Acting as opportunities to HEAL or to ignite heart-pain in the "ego" which only supports a "broken heart" unable to heal. 

    Hope you will join US for this blog show. But if you miss the live show, after the show a podcast will be posted at: www.facebook.com/madamcoach.Or visit website for more info at: http://madamlifestylrcoaching.com


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    Malcolm X 90th Birthday Celebration w. Dr. Leonard Jeffries & Prof. Kaba Kamene

    in Culture

    TONIGHT: Listen to The African History Network Show, Thurs. May, 21st, 8:00pm-11:00pm EST (5:00pm-8:00pm PST) with host Michael Imhotep on The Blog Radio Network.  We'll continue our Celebration of The 90th Birthday of Malcolm X with interviews historian and lecturer, Dr. Leonard Jeffries and Prof. Kaba Kamene (aka Booker T. Colmean) of “Hidden Colors”.  CALL IN WITH QUESTIONS/COMMENTS & LISTEN AT (914) 338-1375.  Listen online LIVE and the archived show here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theafricanhistorynetworkshow/2015/05/20/celebrating-the-90th-birthday-of-malcolm-x-with-dr-leonard-jeffries-1 or www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.


    DETROIT: Dr. Leonard Jeffries will be at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Friday, May 22nd, 6pm-9pm and Sat. May 23rd, 10am-4pm visit www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com for more information.


    ORDER the new film "Resurrecting Black Wall Street" from Your Black World Films featuring Michael Imhotep of The African History Network. ORDER your copy at http://bit.ly/1FY4qMj.   Watch the trailer for “Resurrecting Black Wall Street” feat. Michael Imhotep founder of The African History Network here https://youtu.be/dTNAno3pRnU.  If you would like to sponsor a Screening of “Resurrecting Black Wall Street” for your group or organization, please email maria@boycewatkins.com.

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    In Short Order -- Dr. Charles McWilliams

    in Health

    His Excellency, Prof. [Dr. of Med.] Charles McWilliams is a doctor practicing integrated medicine who does missionary service around the world. He is the Grand Master of the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope. He maintains a large medical practice on Nevis Island in addition to his ministerial and teaching duties. His early career completed studies with a major in Biology at the University of North Carolina (1976); Acupuncture with the Occidental Institute and the North American College of Acupuncture, Oregon (1978); Chinese Herbalism with the North American College of Chinese Herbalism and National Institute of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong; and completed a Doctorate in Homeopathic Medicine with the Institutum Internationale Homeopatiae, Mexico City. In 1981 he established the first state licensed school for acupuncture in Florida, The American School of Oriental and Homeopathic Therapy (1981-86).In 1988 he relocated theSchool to Nevis Island and changed the name to the PanAmerican School of Natural Medicine where it remains active and online today, with teaching campuses on Nevis and Ecuador. He received doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine with the Yunami Institute, the International Naturopathic College (Hong Kong) and following with a Doctorate – Medico Naturopata (Medical Naturopath) – La Escuela Superior Politecnic Ecologia Amazonica (La Republica del Ecuador, Feb. 29, 2008). He is a licensed naturopathic physician on Nevis and in the Republic of Ecuador.

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    Princeton University: US is No Longer a Democracy!

    in Politics Progressive

    Recent study at Princeton determined that the US is no longer has the critical elements necessary to qualify as a democratic republic. No, voting alone just does not do it.

    The US is dominated by a rich and powerful elite which is called an oligarchy.

    So concludes a recent study --  http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S1537592714001595 

     -- by Princeton University Prof Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Prof Benjamin I Page.

    This is not news, you say. Perhaps, but the two professors have conducted exhaustive research to try to present data-driven support for this conclusion. Here's how they explain it:

    Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organised groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence.

    In English: the wealthy few move policy, while the average American has little power.

    In the next two hours your host, Bob Kirkconnell, author of American Heart of Darkness, will explore this startling fact, and the ramifications. Hey, call in and tell us what you think!

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    Magna Carta Celebration with Prof. and author Robert Pallitto, In the Shadow...

    in Education

    The Gist of Freedom is pleased to welcome Professor Robert Pallito, author of In the Shadow of the Great Charter.

    In the Supreme Court's 2008 ruling on whether Guantanamo detainees could be barred from U.S. courts, Justice Anthony Kennedy cited both the U.S. Constitution and the Magna Carta. Why would a 21st-century judge invoke a document signed by an English king in the 13th century? As professor  Robert Pallitto,  author of In the Shadow of the Great Charter; shows, Magna Carta's legacy in the United States reaches back to the nation's founding, with even the colonial charters reflecting its influence and principles that protect the rights and liberty of the citizenry. A book signing follows the program.

    Magna Carta Day: June 15-800th Anniversary of Magna Carta

    Magna Carta Cake

    Monday, June 15, 1:30-2:30 p.m.
    National Archives, Washington D.C ~ William G. McGowan Theater Lobby

    Click here for more info http://www.archives.gov/calendar/

    In celebration of the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta, join us for a slice of Magna Carta cake! Free cake with an image of Magna Carta will be served to the first 200 attendees.


    An image of Magna Carta will be icing on the cake!

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    EspreeNet News - Episode 0625

    in News


    On this program:  U.S. Supreme Court has sided with the White House on another ACA/Obamacare case again, PBS says Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr was guilty of allowing 'improper influence', SC Supreme Court Replaces Magistrate, Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for 25 Years Will Get $6.25 Million, Study: Kids with good memories are better liars,  High Court Rules Against Texas in Housing-Bias Case,  This week in court and much more.

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    Breaking Every Chain with Sister Misty with guest host Prof Carl Tone Jones

    in Current Events

    Peace Family, 

    We are diacussing the issues of morals and virtues within Black leadership with the recent transgressions of Dr. Umar Johnson as well as Rachel Dolezal. Tune in, call in to be a part of the show at 803-914-4571.