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    Interview with D'ron Forbes - Focus the Producer ( @dirtyscopebeatz)

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    D'ron Forbes (born May 16, 1985), better known by the name Focus The Producer, is a professional multi-genre music producer, music manager, music promoter, publicist and hip hop recording artist. He is more notable for being the founder and creator of Dirty Scope Productions. and dirtyscopebeatz.com
    a music production website founded in 2010 that is currently still in operation today, and is now calculated to receive over 1.5 million visitors per year.
    With a Dj for a brother and a former rapper/dj as an uncle Focus The Producer had music in his bloodline from birth.Focus The Producer first came to be known as a music producer through beat battles put together by grammy award winning Producer Rockwilder. Focus The Producer ranked in the top 50 battle winning producers of all time and the top 40 selling producers of all time. Focus the 
    Producer has produced for many artists including The Set Boys (UGK Records), Young Buck, Bino (Mo Thugs), Ike Ellis, Ceda Cash, Jah Diggs and many other artists worldwide.  

    - Beat Sample #1: https://soundcloud.com/dirtyscopebeatz/im-rollin-dirtyscopebeatzcom
    - Beat Sample #2: https://soundcloud.com/dirtyscopebeatz/ill-be-free-dirtyscopebeatzcom
    A Heartfelt Quote
    “I'm proud to say that I put God first, my family second and my career 
    as a music producer comes a strong third.”

    Focus The Producer is also an established music promoter, publicist and talent manager. He is the owner, founder and marketing manager of Major Music Promotions. Major Music Promotions is a Top 40 Music Promotion and Marketing Company. Represented clients such as E-reign, Ike Ellis, Black Diamond, Maine, Oriel Barry, AK The Rapper and many more. Providing radio promotion, music sales and publicity. 




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    Evangelist Debra A. Jackson, is the author of "Fulfilling my Destiny from the runway to the pulpit. She shares in her book about her journey on the runway and behind the scene as a model and promoter. She battle with depression and suicide , taking the time from the runway to fulfilling destiny, She shares how she spent time to seeking the word through journaling and listening to the word through music, finding gifts within untapped and she says she received a "healing for her spirit, soul and body. On Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live she speaks from the heart with words of exhortation and inspiration.  She ministers music to soothe the mind and heals the soul. She invites her listeners to call in , inviting guest authors, special guest artist, and people from all backgrounds.  Evangelist Jackson inspires her listeners to read, write and share their stories, Entering into 2015 her goal is to challenge and mentor 5,000 souls, Her next book is entitled Destiny Fulfilled, success stories shared by inspired author..  This book will be release in spring 2015. Self published through Kingdom Puplisher , founded by Evangelist Jackson. 

    email:djlive.kingdompublisher@gmail.com visit www.kingdompublisher.org


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    NextGen and Baby Gear Services - Tot Squad's Jen Beall Joins Franchise Focus

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    Jen Beall, Founder and CEO of The Tot Squad, joins Franchise Focus co-hosts Rick Bisio and Graham Chapman to discuss her involvement with NextGen and how its propelled her baby gear services franchise to the next level.   Listen in as Jen shares how her grad school business plan project has blossomed into an emerging franchise concept that already claims celebrities such as Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jessica Alba among its clients and partners.  Feel free to check out the Tot Squad website to learn more.

    About Rick Bisio's Franchise Focus

    Rick Bisio's Franchise Focus is a weekly podcast devoted to exploring key issues in franchising.   Co-hosts Rick Bisio and Graham Chapman interview industry leaders (franchisees, franchisors, service providers, media members, etc.) who share powerful advice related to successful franchise ownership.

    Bisio, the Amazon-best selling author of the Educated Franchisee and a leading consultant for FranChoice, is dedicated to helping Franchise Focus listeners realize their dreams of business ownership.  Listeners are encouraged to take advantage of the following resources as part of their due diligence process:

    Rick's Entrepreneur.com Articles
    Rick's A Franchise Coach Website
    The Educated Franchisee Book
    The Educated Franchisee Website
    The FDD Exchange
    The Glossary of Franchise Terms

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    Blurred Vision: Your Focus Needs More Focus

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    It's hard to focus on your future when your vision for today is blurred by the vision of your past. On today's Matters of the Heart we continue the discussion on how to clear your vision so you can move forward with freedom. Sometimes in life our "focus needs more focus." We'll discuss learning how to use your peripheral vision to understand your environment but not get distracted by it.

    Peripheral Vision:

    is a part of vision that occurs outside the very center of gaze
     is good at detecting motion. (ScienceDaily.com)

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    Kingdom Focus

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    Kingdom inspiration

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    Hocus Focus Radio guest Dr. Alex Dryden

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    Fork in the road? Unless you've got food, you've got a decision to make. Path diverging and you're stumped? Sit on it a while and think about it...do some thinkin' with us tonight on Hocus Focus Radio when we will be talkin' and thinkin' with our special guest Dr. Alex Dryden.

     Dr. Alex Dryden is an art psychotherapist and clinical psychology resident in Norfolk, Virginia.  He completed his doctorate from the Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology and has been in practice for over 20 years.  The focus of Dr. Dryden’s clinical work is on the effects of trauma and posttraumatic stress on people’s lives, and works to help people to resolve traumatic experiences and to make personal meaning in their lives. Tonight live 7PM, EST. Just do it.

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    Hocus Focus Radio guest John Marani

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     Pointy hat feeling a little tight? You might need to open up a seam and consider adding a pleat to your practice. Join us tonight, Tuesday, November 4th at 7PM EST on Hocus Focus Radio when we go LIVE with out special guest John Marani.John is the Head High Priest for the Tradition of the Witches Circle school in Occoquan, VA. John also holds the title of Advanced Priest of Tarot. Don't miss this spelling binding discussion. Sing the Body Eclectic: Your custom made path. How to nip and tuck your practice and tailor make it until it fits.

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    Interview with the Hottest Film Producer/Exec Producer- Datari Turner @6pm CST

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    Check out my interview with the hottest looking and the hottest film producer in Hollywood. Datari is a busy & hardworker guy that brings ideas to the light.  He has produced countless films and now is the Exec Producer of "Love Thy Sister" Reality Show on WE TV.   Listen as Datari talks about his stardom in the Fashion Industry as a Fashion Model and the rest is history!

    He gives is insightful widsom for any person that wants to follow his footsteps to encourgage individuals to never give up on your dreams.

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    KIngdom Focus with Debra A Jackson Live

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    Good Friday with Debra Jackson Live!

    Be Grateful you're alive.

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    Hocus Focus Radio topic Eccentric People of Our Village

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    One in 3 people are weird. If the two people that you're with appear to be normal...just sayin'. Join us TONIGHT and we are live and taking your calls (718) 664-6386,  on Hocus Focus Radio at 7PM EST. Our panel of 3 people will be talking about : The Village Idiot: Eccentric people and their place in society. How these colorful folk influence the 'normal' world through art, literature and trends. Many find a 'home' in the Pagan community when their 'village' casts them out. Call in and help us determine which one of the 3 of us might be the weird one or tell us why your 'village' evicted you. 

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    It takes talent to make the struggle to succeed seem effortless.  That is the gift that separates artists like Bryan Bernard (aka FOCUS, which stands for: Fully.  Over.  Coming.  Unpredictable.  Situations), from the everyday emcee.  FOCUS has been branded as hip-hop’s new voice, saying what most people want to but are afraid to.  He realizes there are consequences to speaking his mind, but there are greater consequences in not doing so.

    After polishing his sound FOCUS has released records such as the hard knocking “E Train Freestyle” and “Get Away.”  With concepts shedding light on everyday life, his songs put everyone on notice that FOCUS has come to do things his way.

     His goal is for his music to make his audiences feel emotion, whether they laugh, cry, dance, think or love.  The most common goal of all entertainers is to take complex thoughts and feelings and morph them into something simple, such as a meaningful song.

    FOCUS is ready to wake up a dormant industry and cement his name into the minds of fans everywhere, but more than that with the success of his soon to be released mixtape, FOCUS is betting that hip-hop is ready for music with substance once again.

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