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    kingdom Focus

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    Are you Kingdom Focus?

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    5/21/2015 On the show I am talking on the topic of FOCUS. How many times have we not completed a task that we set out to accomplish, simply because we allow things and/or people to get us off FOCUS?  I will tell you the enemy of focus and how we can learn to stay Focused. 


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    Let's Focus

    in Motivation

    Debbie's believes that we can all make a difference in our communities and ultimately the world, if we were to share our journey's and our experiences with each other. Debbie's greatest desire is to inspire others to overcome life issues and fulfill their dreams and purpose. Join Debbie for inspirational talks every Tuesday at 8:30 pm GMT. We all lose focus when we are faced with challenges.
    Tonight's show I will be giving you tips on how to stay focus whilst going through challenges.

    I look forward to sharing with you tonight

    D x

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    Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live

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    Depression may have you down, opression profound. Perhaps you have been searching all around for a healing for your Soul. Listen to Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live, Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11: 00 AM - 1:00 M for Spiritual Healing for the Soul.

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    Final Reflect Focus: Whats the Point

    in Indie Music

    Final Reflect Focus :What's the point

    Final Reflect Focus is a platform by Orlando Presentz and Final Reflect Entertainment, which focuses on bringing you live weekly sessions to talk about the message behind christian music, the business aspects of making your music, styles, genres, and HOW TO's on various aspects within indie music development. From Special Guest Stars to biblical references, we strive to bring you a fun, but smooth Thursday mornings. We are bringing New and smooth music for your ears. See you there!

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    Shift Your Focus Heal Your Energy

    in Spirituality

    In this episode your host Dr Jenn Royster takes you on a journey to explore how perspective drives your focus and how your focus affects your energy field. There’s power in awareness of your present thoughts driving what you manifest. Dr Jenn will lead the listeners through a guided meditation to help you shift your focus and heal your energy field during the show. Tune in and find out how you can shift gears within and change your course for the future.

    Your Host: Dr Jenn Royster is an Internationally known Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer. the Jenn Royster Show is now in it’s 5th year and syndicates throughout the world in 135 countries to several million listeners.

    Pre Recorded

    Download free guided meditations at JennRoyster.com

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    Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live

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    Ministering music with a message to soothe the mind and Heal the Soul.

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    Interview with D'ron Forbes - Focus the Producer ( @dirtyscopebeatz)

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    D'ron Forbes (born May 16, 1985), better known by the name Focus The Producer, is a professional multi-genre music producer, music manager, music promoter, publicist and hip hop recording artist. He is more notable for being the founder and creator of Dirty Scope Productions. and dirtyscopebeatz.com
    a music production website founded in 2010 that is currently still in operation today, and is now calculated to receive over 1.5 million visitors per year.
    With a Dj for a brother and a former rapper/dj as an uncle Focus The Producer had music in his bloodline from birth.Focus The Producer first came to be known as a music producer through beat battles put together by grammy award winning Producer Rockwilder. Focus The Producer ranked in the top 50 battle winning producers of all time and the top 40 selling producers of all time. Focus the 
    Producer has produced for many artists including The Set Boys (UGK Records), Young Buck, Bino (Mo Thugs), Ike Ellis, Ceda Cash, Jah Diggs and many other artists worldwide.  

    - Beat Sample #1: https://soundcloud.com/dirtyscopebeatz/im-rollin-dirtyscopebeatzcom
    - Beat Sample #2: https://soundcloud.com/dirtyscopebeatz/ill-be-free-dirtyscopebeatzcom
    A Heartfelt Quote
    “I'm proud to say that I put God first, my family second and my career 
    as a music producer comes a strong third.”

    Focus The Producer is also an established music promoter, publicist and talent manager. He is the owner, founder and marketing manager of Major Music Promotions. Major Music Promotions is a Top 40 Music Promotion and Marketing Company. Represented clients such as E-reign, Ike Ellis, Black Diamond, Maine, Oriel Barry, AK The Rapper and many more. Providing radio promotion, music sales and publicity. 




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    Adoption Focus: "Having Faith" a conversation with Angela, an Adoptive Mom.

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    Listen as Angela shares her family's adoptive journey which over the course of 4 years is filled with multiple losses and disappointments. During this time Angela and her husband Jim always had FAITH their child would find them. In 2014 this Adoption Associates family became complete when they received  a child through "Safe Delivery" , which is part of The Michigan Safe Delivery of Newborns Act.  Their story is inspirational and heart warming, as is their message " to never give up " .

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    Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live

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    Thank God It's Friday.  Seeking God and Success.  How much time do you seek God and Success.  What is your Focus?

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    Adoption Focus - "Having Faith" a conversation with Angela, an Adoptive Mom.

    in Family

    Angela and her husband were a waiting Adoption Associates Adoptive Family who were excited to build their family through adoption. Listen as she shares their  heartfelt story, which spans fours years. During which time they experienced disappointment, loss and eventually parenthood. Faith in knowing their child would come kept them going, and today they are parents of a beautiful little girl. Their message... " Never stop believing..."