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    Women: Please Close Your Legs (Until Marriage)

    in Religion

    7:30PM Tammy & Jesse Storr

    9:30PM Minister Leah Killings

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    JOTS RADIO - Great Sex "What would Aphrodite Do?"

    in Spirituality

    Great sex...Yes or No?  Well if you are not having it then tonight is your show.  After a month off I'm back and ready to share some of my upcoming classes this fall.  What better to start off with then "What would Aphrodite do?".  The Greek/ Roman Goddess of love, sex and procreation is a "WELL" and "WEALTH" of energetic information!  If you have relationship concerns in the this area then we want to hear from you!  Get your pens ready for some tips!

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    3 Liberating Truths For Love, Healing and Personal Growth On Fathers Day

    in Relationships

    With Fathers Day right around the corner, many of us are gearing up to celebrate the love, support, lessons, examples and guidance of our fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, and perhaps most importantly, the fathers of our children. However, Fathers Day can also be one of the most complicated and painful occasions for many relationships, especially for fatherless sons, daddyless daughters, single mothers and absent or estranged fathers. This week on Grown Zone Radio, we'll address three important truths about fatherhood that are keys to personal growth, healing and reconciliation for Fathers Day. Consider this our Fathers Day gift to you, and a powerful reminder to always seek and be open to relationships of honor, esteem and respect—including with the fathers in your life. Don't miss this show, especially if YOU are the father!

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    The “D” Word & When Procreation Goes Wrong!

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    The “D” Word & When Procreation Goes Wrong!

    What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the "D" word? The "D" word better known as Divorce is said to cause a person to shut down or become liberated.  So we gotta ask, how does it make you feel when the phrase "to have and to hold, through sickness and health," no longer applies to you? At what point do you stop fighting for a marriage and decide to start over with someone else? 

    What goes through your mind, when you hear about women having multiple kids by different men? Do you get pissed when you hear about mothers leaving their kids in the car unattended? When you hear men say they have kids by multiple women and never see any of them, do you get upset? It is said that once a man enters a woman raw, he surrenders his power to that woman. If that's the case, men why would you enter a woman unprotected, knowing you see no future with her? Women why would you allow just anyone to enter your womb? Join us as we’ll have special guest Chief LeTava Mabilijengo.

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    The World Beyond Belief interviews Jeanice Barcelo of Birth of a New Earth

    in Energy

    This week the World Beyond Belief series is proud to host the remarkable Jeanice Barcelo. This amazing researcher, writer and presenter continues to expose the medical establishment for the Lucifarian control system that it is. In presenting the contents of her new book, Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine, Jeanice talks about unnecessary pain and trauma in giving birth for both the mother and the child. She exposes the circumcision racket for what it is and discusses the harmful effects of this barbaric practice on male children and society in general. Correctly characterizing hospitals and the medical system as definitely anti-healing she talks about various topics including organ transplants, episiotomies, birth rape, the induction of labor, ultrasound and the bizarre practice of fertility clinics. She also reminds us of the Ringing Cedar series of books from Russia that illustrates a path for mankind out of our control matrix and back to freedom. Also touched upon is Putin and his amazing offer to people interested in regaining their humanity.  Visit Jeanice’s Website http://birthofanewearth.com/

    The World Beyond Belief is hosted by Dr Paul Marko, author of Belief Magic:Decoding the Belief Matrix available in paperback and kindle from Amazon.com Please note that our website has been taken down from the internet due to posting the names of the perpetrators of the sex crimes against the Hampstead children. Until we can build a new site you can contact us at pineconeutopia@gmail.com or visit our YouTubechannel for more of our presentations.

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    Procreation... And The Cost of Ignorance

    in Spirituality

    Should we move to begin licensing ones freedom to conceive?

    How would this benefit us as a nation, as a race? What are the pros what are the cons?

    Find out on tonight's Broadcast

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    Did Jesus exist? part 1 / Homosexuality and Procreation

    in Social Networking

    Did Jesus exist? Part 1/ Homosexuality and Procreation.....Women and Men who are committed to a bad sex partner and refuse to tell them. What should they do? Join us from 6pm to 8pm eastern time on "Its Realtalk Live" on Blogtalk Radio. Join us for the best variety talk show on Radio. Call in at 347-826-9457 to listen and press #1 if you want to speak to the Host. Plus business opportunities and every day life topics in general...You can Join us at blogtalkradio.com/itsrealtalklive or Call (347) 826-9457 So come join us today at 6pm.

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    Clearing The Clutter with Seeking Empowerment

    in Spirituality

    For every season there is a reason, and the Spring Equinox marks the seasonal transition into spring.  It’s a time when nature prepares the land for procreation.  In following the divine order of nature this is the time to prepare ourselves for the things we want to accomplish. It is easy to clear the clutter that is around us. But what about the clutter that is within us? How do we do that?  

    Tune in Sunday April 12, 2015  with your host Erik of Common Sense Conversations and cohost  Diyah (aka Ori of Ori’s Oasis) to find  out.

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    When trash becomes treasure: the LGBT community + the A.I. takeover, with Johnny

    in LGBT

    An obvious Illuminati creation is obvious, and what better way to attract children than to use a rainbow? The "New Normal." You know what it is...when the EXIT becomes the ENTRANCE, roles are reversed, and toys are used to simulate the act of procreation. Homosexuality and sexual gratification as the pathway to God, in the coming New World Order. Is there a gay gene? Only if there is a pedophile gene, a murder gene, and a rape gene, and you know what? Illuminati will tell you those exist, just to slap an A-OK label on deviant sexual activity. "It couldn't be helped, she was born a rapist."  PROUD to not know how your sexual organs work? This isn't a gay bash show, this is just calling a spade a spade; homosexuality will never be normal, no matter how much satan/illuminati tells you it is by pushing and parading it around for us.

    Meanwhile Artificial Intelligence androids, robotoids, automatons, AKA SYNTHETIC EVIL will be replacing/exterminating mankind soon enough...how can we stop them? Get magnetic orgone in your areas!!!What is the Singularity? An atheist wet dream/utterly fruitless attempt to escape God's judgement. www.orgoneblasters.com 












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    Is there equivilent joy of human sex & procreation in the Next Level

    in Atheism

    This episode begins with some talk about the time spent in the wyoming and texas wilderness for three years living outdoors communally, but got distracted into a little talk about comet ISON and then spent most of the broadcast responding to a chat room question seeking to understand if there was a Next Level equivilent to sex and procreation and whether or not Next Level Members experienced Joy in their equivilent form of having offspring. Ti and Do did express that upon return of the student body who graduated there would be a celebration that all members of the Next Level would be present for. They also said that those who failed to complete their task of overcoming the human evolutionary level would be "embarrassed" as they realized how they had allowed their consciousness to be interfered with while working through the human vehicle prepared for them to metamorphosize through compared to how much they would be gaining in graduating to adult Next Level Membership and the environment and sense of family they have with the other members. I, sawyer did experience that "family" in my 19 years with Do (10 with Ti) and the student body and it was quite phenomenal but not in human family ways as it lacked negativity or gossip or fault finding or competitions or jealousies. Ti and Do did say they would all be joyous at our (student) graduation. Ti had said that all who came would return. This is discussed some. Also this brought up where the student body came from which included the "briefing" Ti said she "remembered" shortly before she exited her vehicle in 1985.