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    Procrastination doesn't relieve stress; it creates more.  Today I'll look at the reasons I procrastinate, how it's added stress and how I deal with it.

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    The Pitfalls of Procrastination!?!

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    Join the Joy Doctor tonight at 9pm (CST), by dialing (347)843-4945, as he expounds on this heartfelt episode - "The Pitfalls of Procrastination!??!!?" In order to better understand life - this is a statement that we must understand - "The Pitfalls of Procrastination!"  Everything that we need is taught in or learned.  Procrastination is a lesson taught in the class of School or Hard Knocks. The question is – What  are your Pitfalls of Procrastination? Thiese are heart to heart talks that concern health, life, family, and friends.These statements echo across boundaries in regards to race, creed and religion throughout America. Share with the Joy Dr. by dialing (347)843-4945 where you can Listen, Laugh, and Learn!

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    Spirit of Procrastination

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    4/16/2015 On this show the host, Apostle Marcus Becton is talking about the Spirit of Procrastination, what it is, what causes it and how to defeat this spirit and keep it from operating in your life.

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    5 Ways to Stop Procrastination

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    I'm sure you're familiar with procrastination. Sometimes you may be very deliberately procrastinating. Other times the procrastination may be more subtle.

    The problem is that procrastination doesn't get a task done and sooner or later you'll need to complete it or face the consequences.

    Productivity Coach and Master Organizer, Janice Russell will suggest five tactics to break the procrastination cycle. She will give examples with details that will help you figure out how to stop procrastination in various areas of your life.

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    How To End Procrastination and Get Sh#t Done

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    On My Blog Talk Radio Show, "Let's Win Together" airing live tomorrow at 7:30am (EST). 

    To listen to the live broadcast, click on the link at the show start time. Or you can listen to the archived show at your leisure from any internet connection by clicking on the link after the show airs: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cassandra-mack

    Are you one of those people who procrastinate, even on the important stuff?

    Many people fail to take action on the stuff they need to get done, then end up paying for it later...in the form of a missed deadline, an incomplete task or the feeling of being so overwhelmed that they become unproductive and immobilized. 

    We love forming plans and talking about what we're getting ready to do. However, if you are a procrastinator, then you know good and well that when it comes to putting those ideas into action, you tend to procrastinate, hesitate. And find excuses to not get sh%t done.

    Or, perhaps you do take action, but not on the important stuff....And as a result; you end up KILLING TIME or WASTING TIME rather than  MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR TIME. 

    In this broadcast Cassandra Mack will offer tips to help you conquer procrastination.

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    In this episode I want to talk about the word "procrastination". What that means to you and your credit repair efforts. Why it's good to jump in now as there's no time like the present.

    Why don't you present yourself a gift; begin in the present to get your present.

    Don't wait until it's too late. Get started now.

    Fred Livai, Certified FICO Pro

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  • January Jones-Procrastination with Myles Miller

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    Meet Myles Miller discussing Procrastination with January Jones

    Did you know that Twenty percent of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators. For them procrastination is a lifestyle, albeit a maladaptive one. And it cuts across all domains of their life. They don't pay bills on time.

    They don't cash gift certificates or checks. They file income tax returns late. They leave their Christmas shopping until Christmas eve.


    Myles Miller is the founder of Milo Services Enterprises, LLC and the creator of LeadUP.biz. As CEO and Founder, Myles has introduced, to the business world, a progressive and dynamic way of training and pursuing career development. Myles has led corporations, non-profit organizations and thousands of individuals to new heights, allowing them to unlock their hidden potential. Myles brings 30 years of experience in project management and training across varied industries including retail, defense, state and federal government and hospitality and has worked with all sized projects, from small and local to international, costing over $100M up to $500B involving teams from 100 to over 10,000.

    Currently living in Harrisburg, PA with his wife and nearby to his daughter, Myles has kept his roots in Central Pennsylvania. But his specialty is stepping outside of the box and going everywhere to assess the needs of teams, people and companies and helping them to become SUCCESS-filled in accomplishing their goals.


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    Do you procrastinate? Does someone else in your family procrastinate? Are you surrounded by procrastinators? 
    Do you want to end the procrastination?

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    How can your state of mind be responsible for your procrastination

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    Are you ready to stop procrastinating and become more pro-active in your life? Are you ready to make things happen in your life by choice, not by chance?

    Here are few reasons why some of us procrastinate

    Lack of skills & information to complete a certain task
    Lack of interest of the task
    Lack of motivation and the drive to complete the task
    Fear: fear of failure or the fear of success (this a major one)
    Rebellion and resistance 

    What motivate you to take action NOW? Do you work with a priority list?  

    Do you know the difference between Procrastinator and non-Procrastinator? This a fact: Procrastinators are made not born? ~RW

    Join us for helpful tips on how to stop procrastination all together.

    Psychologist Piers Steel, said: non-Procrastinators tend to have high personality traits, like self-discipline, persistence, and personal responsibility.

    Schedule your free call with Coach Rea: http://MeetMe.so/CoachRea

    For information contact us at: http://YourLifeNow.info

    Disclaimer: The “Your Life Now” radio show is intended to be for information purpose and thoughts provoking. If you decided to use any of the information we provide on the show, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for your action.

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    The Cure for Procrastination | K8204

    in Motivation

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    Host: Roy Masters
    Roy said, "You would not have procrastination if you were virtuous".

    Robert has difficulty in speaking up at the right time.
    Janice is having problems staying calm under stress.

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