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    SF #170 – A Proactive Helping Hand

    in Motivation

    What does it mean to lend a helping hand…and when, exactly, are you supposed to do that?  When you see them struggling in need?  Or should you wait for them to ask for your help?  Wouldn’t it be considered nosy…butting in…rude for you to “come to the rescue” uninvited? Having been faced with situations similar to […]

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    Proactive Job Search Activities Gets You Hired

    in Jobs

    The President has laid out a plan for America's jobless. The President's moves actually has been more than any I've ever witnessed of any President. Jobseekers, the job search ball is in your court.

    2014 is the year of an Economic Boom for America. Believe it. Achieve it.

    During the State of the Union Address, President Obama said 2014 is the year of jobs and the economy. You, the unemployed must make it happen.

    Corporations have agreed to hire the long term unemployed.

    The President has asked government to hire more people.

    By executive order, federal jobs have received a raise in minimum wage.

    The President is working for an increase in federal minimum wages.

    Now the President is working in increasing overtime pay for workers.

    There is nothing more other than for job seekers to take advantage of job opportunities. Job seekers must bring equality into our commuities across America. All necessary tools are in place. The only thing left is for job seekers to move forward in proactive manners. Proactive decision making is required, rather than reactive decision making. Learn here, today how to be proactive and get hired in less than 30 days.

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    Be Proactive: Learn Faster

    in Business

    When was the last time you took a real vacation?  I don’t mean the last time you sat in an exotic location chained to your laptop and cell phone while your family had fun around you. When was the last time you really took time off?  If you can’t think of when that happened or it was so long ago it is just a fuzzy memory you are not alone! Today we are talking about proactivity. This is the part of productivity that lets you find balance between your personal and professional life.  If you proactively prepare and train your staff, you get to leave the office.  You are able to leave for a time, knowing your business will keep on thriving. Proactivity is the oil that keeps the gears from rusting and malfunctioning.  It’s preventative maintenance. A huge part of being more proactive is training. It is essential to make sure you have the right skills so that you can utilize even more creativity.  You should train your staff and you must also train yourself!  You can learn to function faster and more effectively, so you are working smarter instead of harder. In this week's broadcast, I will be speaking with Howard Berg, an expert in training your mind to reach its greatest potential for learning.

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Barb Gladue of B Proactive Counselling

    in Psychology

    Kelowna, British Columbia -- There is a prevalent misconception that all people with sexual addictions are able to control their maladaptive sexual behavior. There may also be a connection, not often considered by the public, between sexual addiction and sexual abuse both in cases of abusers as well as the sexually abused.

    “Working through sexual abuse can be a form of grieving,” explains therapist Barb Gladue. “It’s the death of the dream of who you were going to be because I believe that sexual abuse changes your spirit.”

    As a child, therapist Barb Gladue was herself the victim of both physical and sexual abuse; and throughout her journey of 30 years as a therapist she has sought to learn not only how to support those who have been oppressed by sexual abuse but also how to begin to change the cycle of sexual addiction within sexual addicts themselves.

    “Being abused can be a powerless position, but addicts can feel completely powerless also. It’s the other side of the pendulum,” says Gladue. “I wanted to know how and why the addiction started. I believe that sexual addicts are not born, they’re made. So my goal was to find out how they got there, how they were made and where we can go from there.”

    Today, Gladue is the founder of B Proactive Counselling, which specializes in providing client-centered counselling to individuals on both sides of the sexual abuse equation. Gladue offers a personalized treatment plan that focuses on healing and creating a more successful future.

    “Many of these addicts have wept in my office and shook their heads in shame and total disbelief that they were even capable of this behavior,” says Gladue. “If you want to be free and go down a new path, we set up a level of accountability and empower you to understand why it happened and find healing.”

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    Want to Move up? Get Proactive!

    in Business

    This week we are talking about proactivity. This is the part of productivity that keeps you ahead of the curve to not only be more productive, but to be consistently productive. Proactivity is what allows you to “move up” to even greater heights of success! 

    Essentially, proactivity is the oil that keeps the gears from rusting and malfunctioning.  It’s preventative maintenance. It is replacing a part before it wears down.  It’s knowing where you want to go, anticipating changes and challenges, and having the groundwork laid before you even get there. This week I am joined by author and international phenomenon John Tschohl to talk about his newest book “Moving Up: A Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Success”.

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    LADIES FIRST RADIO:Topic: Be Proactive, not Passive

    in Radio

    Welcome to Ladies First Radio with your hosts Mom2lildonnas and Dr Princess Odilia.  Topic: Be Proactive, not Passive – If your doctor told you that you had an 80% chance or higher of developing a certain type of illness, what would you do? 

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    Are you proactive or reactive with signs and wonders

    in Spirituality

    Signs and wonders including dreams are intended to give us guidance so we can navigate through life. Do you take a proactive or reactive perspective and attitude towards signs, wonders, dreams, and vision?

    Correction: Mention of founder of Light for the Lost should be Sam Cochran not Benny Ferguson

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    TLS Show: Teaching Teens Be Proactive & Not Reactive

    in Education

    Join Jennifer M Hatfield when she talks about breaking the cycle of negativity that sometimes plagues our teens who are struggling. Learn what being proactive means and how to help your teen develop this very important life skill. 

    Can't join the show live? No problem, just use the link below to get to the archive that is available immediately following the show. 

    Like what you hear? Please share it with others to help us spread the word! 

    Be sure to join the discussion at our active communities on FB and Twitter too. 

    Do you want to work with Jennifer?  Visit her website for more information. 


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    Proactive Prepping With Special Guest Hal Anthony

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    Proactive Prepping With Special Guest Hal Anthony! 
    The Road Less Traveled!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    On this excursion we welcome special guest Hal Anthony from “Behind The Woodshed” to discuss myriad topics on how to be a Proactive Prepper! 

    He’s done an amazing amount of historical research into legal issues that particularly affect property rights and has developed methods of effectively challenging many of the governmental oppressions that come against people. We spent about 3 hours talking the other night about a number of things including the Bundy Ranch situation, which he has spend a little time evaluating and has developed a potential manner of addressing it that is quite similar to his past experience dealing with the US Forest Service and BLM.

    Gary's Facebook - Here 

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    WTR: Merry Christmas to our WARRIOR FAMILIES

    in Military

    Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn & Jeff are proud to welcome the families of our WARRIORS.  All year we honor those who fight for our freedoms, so we felt it only right that on this most important holiday, we honor those who are our WARRIOR FAMILIES!

    We will be hearing from some of our wives, caregivers, moms and friends wishing their loved ones a very special MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    Please don't miss this holdiay edition of WARRIOR TALK RADIO!

    Call in number is 646-595-3504

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    3 Ways to Winterize Your Healthy Life

    in Women

    If this cold snap caught you off guard, it can be the perfect wake up call to winterize your healthy life style and make it even healthier. We make our houses & our cars ready for winter. Why not do the same for your health? Be proactive and anticipate your winter challenges for a successful change this winter.

    Winter can have a big impact on our physical and emotional health. Add the impact of the holiday eating & stress to the mix and you could be in a tail spin. If you worked all year to get healthier, don’t let the cold, doom & gloom sabotage your motivation. Here are 3 areas to organize your winter plan – Your mind, Your mouth and Your moves.

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