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    DRT - EP48 - Pro Wrestler & Pro Tennis Player, The Playa Certron Payne

    in Sports

    Guest professional wrestler and pro tennis player, The Playa Certron Payne. He talks about his career, racism in pro wrestling and a whole lot more.

    Hosted by The Beast from the Middle East, Yemeni Maniac, The Modern Day Sheik, Diafullah The Butcher Dobashi. He loves beating his opponents for his own and your entertainment. But now he is entertaining you right here. After all, you do watch sports to get entertained don't you? With special guest and talks on all combative sports and entertainment and a SOAPBOX TO SPEAK ON ANYTHING. If you need to settle a problem, you can do it right here. “CENSORED FREE!" Anything can happen on Dobashi's Radio Takedown. Send emails to: RadioTakedown@gmail.com or go to the website for official links at: www.RadioTakedown.com

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    Independent Pro Wrestler John Saxon joins the podcast as this week’s guest on the show.

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    Long time independent pro wrestler John Saxon is this week’s guest on the show. John Saxon and Mike go way back during their time on the independents from the mid 1990’s. John talks a little about how he got started in pro wrestling along with what he is up to these days on the independent scene. Mike, Doc Turner, and Hardbody Harper talk about the last week in professional wrestling while addressing your facebook and twitter comments and questions. Follow us on Twitter @BTT_Podcast and @Mike504Saints. Also check us out on Facebook.com/BookingTheTerritory

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    Today on The Boochcast, Booch talks to GA Independent Wrestler Tyson Dean from WrestleMerica and NWA Atlanta. Also he recaps TNA Wrestling, NXT, and Ring Of Honor. 

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    Alford and Crawford On Pro Hoops

    in Baseball

    This show features Jovan Alford and Gregory Crawford, two veteran media people who cover pro basketball on all levels daily and in-depth, brining it to Blog Talk Radio.

    www.gregorycrawfordsports.wordpress.com and www.totalsportslive.com

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    Back to Basics -- Wrestler Unstoppable Radio

    in Other Games

    Come join Suzy "The Elf" & Dinklage the Imp as we talk about Wrestler Unstoppable and getting back to basics, going back to the old school type of radio shows. IN CHARACTER ONLY!! Leave your manager at home! This will be strictly enforced.

    Call in to promote your company, stable or wrestler, cause only YOU can really promote them! Want to become a sponsor of Back to Basics? Contact Suzy or Dinklage and they will get you the details! If you are a sponsor of B2B and want your special event highlighted, then let Suzy or Dinklage know and they will highlight your event.

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    Former Pro Wrestler Neil Haley Tells His Story

    in Wrestling

    Rico Racosky author of Just 2 Choices will interview former pro wrestler Neil Haley

    Neil was one of the Top 500 Wrestlers in the world. He has wrestled in USWA, Ozark Mountain Wresting, PWX, and Steel City Wrestling to name a few organizations. Neil has wrestled the likes of King Kong Bundy, Jerry The King Lawler, Bill Dundee, Bushwhackers, Rhino, The Headbangers, George The Animal Steel, The Moondogs, Kurgan,   and Jake The Snake Roberts.

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    Alford and Crawford on Pro Hoops

    in Baseball

    This show features Gregory Crawford and Jovan Alford.

    Alford is the owner of www.totalsportslive.com and Crawford is the publisher of www.wordpress.com and both know the workings of professional basketball inside and out.

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    Cen-Cal Pro Radio - "A CLASSIC RETURN"

    in Wrestling

    After nearly 4 months off... after long last... after letters and calls asking about where we went... CEN-CAL PRO RADIO RETURNS!!

    An we feel bad for bein gone this long, real bad! So bad that we're gonna break the 4th 5th and 6th walls tonight! We are bringing 2 guests to the show who have been seen at nearly EVERY ring up an down California, and far beyond. Nearly every ring... except for one. These are 2 of the most infamous names in the CA Tag-Team Divison, they are "The Classic Connection" Buddy Royal and Levi Shapiro! You've seen them win tag-team gold from company to company, and their momentum seems to just keep growing! Why not invite them to our return show? Join returning host Jimmy Ray as he interviews and kicks back with Levi and Buddy to hear all the latest and greatest from within "The Loop"...  an hey, when was the last time Jimmy Ray and Buddy Royal were on the air together? Anyone? ...Anyone?! ...........Bueller? If you remember then tonight you're in for a treat!

    Cen-Cal Pro Radio is BACK and we're just in time for our September 26th Show "Battle Lines", which goes down live @ 3PM at The Graduate in SLO. More information on that show and all things Cen-Cal Pro... if ya just listen to your radio! Cen-Cal Pro Radio is once again in tha house!

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    Alford and Crawford on Pro Hoops

    in Baseball

    This show features Jovan Alford, editor of www.totalsportslive.com

    The show is hosted by Gregory Crawford, publisher of www.gregorycrawfordsports.wordpress.com and COO of Kiyokawa Crawford Sports Management

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    "Mr. Beefy Goodness" Vance Nevada - Canadian Pro Wrestler & Historian

    in Wrestling

    This week, we have a very special guest for the whole two hours.  We're very pleased to welcome Candian pro wrestler & wrestling historian "Mr. Beefy Goodness" Vance Nevada. 

    After being trained by Ernest Rheault in River City Wrestling at the tender age of 17, Nevada had a rough go of it. He was a small fish in a big man's game.

    Soon he hit his stride in tag matches with Robby Royce, and by 1994 The Wild Ones were successes in the Manitoba area.

    Nevada decided to strike out on his own, and began a heated feud with Royce, which was played out over the airwaves of RCW's weekly TV program and culminated in a ladder match. After the match, Nevada was out of action for two month with injuries.

    When he returned to action, he tagged with Bugsy Sluggliano as Models Inc. Their feud with Robby Royce and Andy Anderson even carried over into the Carolinas and Kentucky.

    Next up for Nevada was the Canadian Junior Heavyweight title, which he has held six times between 1995 and 1998. He has feud with Spice Richards, Andy Anderson, Alex Rain, Todd Myers and many more over the belt.

    A series of injuries forced him to retire in early 1999.

    Vance is also the author of "Wrestling In The Canadian West"...a comprehensive and exhaustive history of professional wrestling in Western Canada. 

    A brilliant speaker and one of the greatest minds in the wrestling business, "Pure Class" is pleased to welcome Vance Nevada to the show tonight!  This is one show you WON'T want to miss!


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    Alford and Crawford on Pro Hoops

    in Baseball

    This show is hosted by Gregory Crawford and Jovan Alford, who are focused daily on the world of professional basketball.

    www.gregorycrawfordsports.wordpress.com and www.totalsportslive.com