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    TRU-Life Fridays: Analyzing the Pro-Abortion Mentality

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    A new pro-abortion video has surfaced, bandied about by none other than The Huffington Post.  What is the pro-life response to women who are "not ashamed" about their abortions?


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    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 - Episode XXX - The Last Stand of 2014

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    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 comes to a triumphant conclusion here tonight with Episode xXx! Even though this show has been around for a few years now, this is the first complete season we've done with Episode titles, the works! Having interviewed some of the best talents to come through Vendetta Pro Wrestling, this show has been a platform for some of today's top rising talents in Vendetta Pro. Many have used this show as a podium, or a pedastal... and 1 in particular thought he'd just take over the show when he felt like it. (looking at YOU Diskord!!) But all in all, this season has been full of energy and the key ingredient... talent! The talent really made the show, a BIG thanks to everyone who's called in this year. Takin this moment now to also thank all the fans an faithful listeners of Vendetta Pro Radio, and welcome you to join host Jimmy Ray as we do 1 last Episode for the year here tonight! 2014, it's been real, it's been fun... an yea dammit, it's been real fun!! You ready to ride? Let's DO this!

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    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 - Underground, 12/6/2014 (The Recap Show)

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    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 is comin at'cha once again! Wrapping up the year quite nicely, cannot believe we only have 1 MORE EPISODE of Vendetta Pro Radio 2015 left! And that Episode IS... not tonight! "Why?" do you ask? Well normally, when Vendetta Pro has one of it's big shows, we at Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 do a recap episode. For those unfamiliar with Vendetta Pro 'Underground', those are our smaller shows between our bigger shows that are exclusive to Santa Maria, CA. They are performed right there at our training center, Kayfabe College. This show is where all of our up-and-coming talent are showcased, some for the very first time. All with hopes an aspirations of making it to the bigger shows, and make their mark at Vendetta Pro Wrestling. WWE has "NXT", Vendetta Pro has "Underground". Very similar to APW's "Gym Wars" and PCW's "Work Farm Warz". The Underground show that took place over this last weekend in Santa Maria was so entertainment packed, it get's its OWN recap show here tonight! Some of the greatest Underground matches of the year, all in 1 night, including the first ever Ladder Match for the Underground Championship! Plenty of other firsts too! If you haven't already heard the buzz about what happened, tune in tonight with Host Jimmy Ray as we go over all the details we can cover in 30 minutes on the 'Greatest Underground of 2014'. What a year in radio? ...What a year in Vendetta Pro?! Join us for these last shows and help us all say farewell to 2014!

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    TRU-Life Fridays: Got Ebola? and Other Crises in the Pro-Life Direction

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    Ebola is now a "humanitarian crisis."  Yes, it can be seen that way, but how?  We will be talking in depth about how the value of life seems to change when Ebola is thrown into the discussion, including whether or not the disease is racist.

    Return with us to the surrogacy issue involving Sherri Shepard's baby not-my-baby.  Now that the child has been born, whose responsibility is it to care for him?

    And the Fat Lady is far from even getting onto the stage to sing, so the drama surrounding the Ferguson, Etc. protests keeps making news in St. Louis.  The latest details DO have a very pro-life profile as black protesters accuse white people of blanket racism all over town.  #MikeBrown who?

    Finally, did "Bush Lied, People Died?"  We will examine the bombshell (pun intended) news report from none other than The New York Times that says WMDs were indeed found in the second Gulf War, but it was still all Bush's fault.


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    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 - Episode XXIX - The vote that REALLY matters!

    in Wrestling

    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 is at it again, counting down the final 2 Episodes of the season! Oh it's time... it's TIME!! IT'S... well... almost time... for the Vendettys 2014! If you're unfamiliar with the Vendettys, it is the time-honored celebration of appreciation to the hard working men and women that make Vendetta Pro possible. The one night out of the year where the guys and girls of the locker room, get to all be fans in the audience. Most importantly, the night where the fans help us decide for the year, who was the best of the best of the BEST! Tonight on the show, a review of all 12 Award Categories, and the many nominations that go with there. There is still time to go and vote so do it before, during, or after tonight's show if you like? Join Host Jimmy Ray as he takes an audio look at the nominations of this year's Vendettys! Fans, Friends, Family... it's time to play the 'Popular Game'!

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    pro muscle

    in Sports

    interviews with top athletes and show recaps and more

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    TRU-Life Fridays: War is a Pro-Life Issue

    in Lifestyle

    Geopolitical conflict is rarely without a cost in human life.  Today, we will examine how current wars and conflicts are pro-life issues and what are the obvious and not-so-obvious solutions.  
    Is Anti-Semitism growing in the world today?  Again?  The news brims daily about how anti-Jewish sentiment is growing in many countries over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Is this just "war-talk" or is it something deeper?

    Plus, Planned Parenthood just can't keep their dirty laundry out of the news.  We'll discuss three instances where they are losing on the PR front.



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    TRU-Life Fridays: ISIS and Iraq "War" are Pro-Life Subjects!

    in Politics Conservative

    Today, the ongoing Middle East conflict with Islamic radicals is a pro-life issue.  Please join us for a lively discussion on what a pro-life person ought to think about war and threats to life and limb from ISIS and groups like ISIS.

    Plus, Wendy Davis is trying to save her faltering campaign by talking about abortion.

    And, a man with 34 children gets an earful from Iyanla Vanzant, but what is she really saying?



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    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 - Terror Rising '14 Tour (The Recap Show)

    in Wrestling

    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 returns tonight to bring you the Terror Rising Recap Show! Highlights from this last weekend in Ridgecrest and Long Beach will be rehashed here tonight! Vendetta Pro got to say hello (and welcome back) to Ricardo Rodriguez, graced by the appearence of former WWE Diva/TNA Knockout Shelly Martinez, got told what's up by Big Nasty Eric Watts, and saw the brief life and death of the lucha star known only to the Vendetta Audience as 'Boner'. Your complete match card listings, all the wins and losses heard right here tonight! Join host Jimmy Ray and anyone else who just might happen to call in as we look back at last weekend, which I'm sure is still fresh on the minds of the Vendettaverse!

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    TRU-Life Fridays: How much did pro-life issues factor in Elections 2014?

    in Politics Conservative

    With the "wave" win for the GOP in the 2014 elections this past week, TLFR hosts will analyze how much of a factor pro-life issues played into the campaigns.  We celebrate the wins of many pro-life WOMEN to various levels of elected office, but we will also talk accountability now that the elections are over.

    What is the difference between suicide and assisted suicide?  The stories of Brittany Maynord and now Robert Mitton tell us there is a lot more to this pro-life issue than the right to die with dignity.

    In Britain, a mother is awarded by a court the permission to starve her daughter to death.  Listen as we discuss how this really isn't the far-fetched idea that it sounds like.

    Plus, we have a lot more headlines to get to, including the execution of Iranian Reyhaneh Jabbari.  We will talk about her case in the light of ongoing foreign relations with the U.S. government.



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    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 - Episode XXVIII - DisKord Un-Plugged

    in Wrestling

    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 is BACK once again... wait, what day is it? Tuesday? We have been informed that Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 will be broadcasting as per contractual agreement on 'the day it rightfully should have'? Not sure exactly what this means, but the title for the show was hand delivered to the studio and the guest chair already has a card on it that reads... DisKord. Contractual Agreement? Rightfully what? Your guess is as good as ours folks. But this episode will be re-broadcast tomorrow at it's regular time slot tomorrow night at 8 PM.

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