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    A Biblical view to being Pro-Life

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    Sister Celeste Mentag speaks about abortion and the death culture we live in and how much the church is participating and joining the argument for pro-choice. God values life and the church needs to educate itself and the world what is our BIBLICAL stance against abortiion.


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    PIJN News: Most Pro-Life and Most Pro-Abortion States in the USA

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    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * Out of the 50 states, Louisiana is the most pro-life and Washington is the most pro-abortion.
    * America is now funding abortions in India.
    * George Tiller’s associate is denied a medical license.

  • Why being Pro-life and for the death Penalty is Consistant

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        How many times have we heard leftist liberals say that pro-life people [particularly Conservative ones] are hypocrites because they defend the right of the unborn while supporting the death penalty for murderers? They say that it's hypocritical to affirm the sanctity of life while favoring the death penalty for violent criminals. Well, I'm one of those guys who happens to be both. And I'll give a coherant and eloquent defense of that position. First of all, it's crucial to understand that the unborn are helpless babies who did no wrong. But when someone murders or commits a violent crime, then the guilty person loses his/her the right to live. As a society, we punish people who do evil, not innocent people who are helpless. And in actuality, being both pro-life and pro-death penalty is consistant with that position. It's still consistant with the basic moral position of punishing the bad guys and stopping them from doing any more evil while protecting innocent life. So yes, I'll show why I'm pro-innocent life. I'm pro- save any helpless life. Meaning I DON'T support aborting babies, especially if they're disabled. I consider the fact that more than 90% of babies being aborted for having down syndrome ot be an ableist Holocaust. And it's our duty as a society to help and care for the weak and disabled, not to kill people on the morally repugnant grounds of their existence being a burden. In fact, I'll show that in this issue, pro-choice leftist liberals who oppose the death penalty, are the REAL hypocrites. They want to protect the lives of violent criminals while they're ok with the systematic genocide of millions of babies in the womb in the name of the woman's right to "choose." In addition, they want to protect the lives of rapists while championing the killing of babies conceived in rape in the name of caring for the rape victim, which is hypocritical to the core.

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    Teen PipeBomb Pro Wrestling Podcast

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    I talk about all things pro wrestling. From ROH, WWE, TNA, Japan, Lucha, etc. All that you wanna hear about the world of pro wrestling is right here at your doorstep! #pipebomb

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    Cen-Cal Pro Radio - "A TRIUMPHANT RETURN"

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    Live from the 805... Cen-Cal Pro Radio is BACK baby!! Each week we've been announcing and interviewing the superstars of Cen-Cal Pro, and although technically everyone we feature is havin their 'Cen-Cal Pro Debut'... we are beyond pleased to announce the Central Coast RETURN of one of the Central Coast's FAVORITE wrestlers. The high flying, death defying wrestling sensation that IS Kadin Anthony is coming home to the Central Coast and performing on the best stage in the county! Wrestling Fans of the Central Coast have not seen Kadin over half a year and many have speculated as to where he went. Fans at PCW saw him debut with Sledge as the Tag-Team "The Midnight Gunz", who are makin quite the name for themselves up North. What is Kadin's agenda now that he's back home? Join host Jimmy Ray as he gets the exclusive interview with Central Coast's own, Kadin Anthony! We ARE Cen-Cal Pro, and we will NOT be stopped!

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    Deepertruth At Pro-life March At Austin Texas

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    What a great day this has been as the Diocese of Austin began with a prayer vigil at 7>A.M. this morning to pray the Rosary at thge Planned Parenthood abortion facility.  Then at 9:15 the Joyful Mysteries were led by the high school students as we prayed the Rosary of Life accompanied by the Dominican Sisters of Mary for organizing the Living Rosary.

    Thenthe celebration of Mass with Most Rev. Joe Vasquez, Bishop of Austin who was the Celebrant.  Most Rev. Michael Mulvey, Bishop of Corpus Christi, and Most Rev. Daniel Garcia, Auxilary Bishop-Elect of Austin.  There were several Priests of the Diocese of Austin and the Diocese of Corpus Christi as Concelebrants. 

    This was held at the St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Austin January 24, 2015.  There were several thousand marchers who made this day a great success.  In Texas, a lot of great progress has been made in defending life.  Many of abortion clinics have closed their door.

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    Cen-Cal Pro Radio - "THE STATMENT MAKER"

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    Cen-Cal Pro Radio makin an impact one again, tonight with special guest fresh from the LA Music Scene AND Pro Wrestling scenes... Jacob Diez will be stoppin by the show! These last few weeks, so many names from the Indy scene have stepped forward offically announcing their planned involvement in the upcoming inaugural landmark Cen-Cal Pro Event on March 22nd at The Graduate in SLO, and it seems we have a thing for the most conrtversial of stars at Cen-Cal Pro? On high a road of stardom just a few weeks ago at UEW, no one could've predicted the moment that happened as Diez turned was at ring side to help even the at-ring odds for fellow superstar Mikey O'Shea... but in a fateful twist of events... he ended up turning on his friend to make a statement. Needless to say... the ever controversial Jacob Diez is all about makin statements in the ring, so we here at Cen-Cal Pro are stoked he's makin a statement with us tonight! Join your host Jimmy Ray for this sure to be entertaining episode of Pro Wrestling Radio!

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    Deepertruth: The Catholic Defender At Pro-life Rally

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    One day, a female Soldier comes to my office and wanted to talk to me.

    I took her to an exam room where she could talk in privacy.

    She took a few moments until, finally, she wanted to talk to me about an abortion she had recently committed.

    She was not married; she was having difficulty coping with what she done.

    I asked her if she was Catholic and she replied “no”, that she was a member of the Assemblies of God. She told me that she had not been practicing her faith for some time.

    I encouraged her to make an appointment with her Pastor, or find her unit’s Chaplain if she needed to speak with a Professional.


    I wanted to encourage her to get the kind of help she needed from her spiritual tradition.

    That was not the time to discuss religion except that I told her I was Catholic.

    I told her that as a representative of Christ, I forgive her for what she did. I think she needed to hear that.

    We spoke for a short time but her issue and concern stuck with me for a good while.

    I have always been pro-life, politically; I have always supported pro-life Candidates for all elections.

    Since that time, I have felt a compassion for those who have had abortions who live with the knowledge they killed their children.

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    Teen PipeBomb Pro Wrestling Podcast Episode 3

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    I talk all things pro wrestling. On this podcast I'll also being giving a recap on Monday Night's Raw and TNA's Lethal Lockdown. Plus I talk about the recent twitter incident with Seth Rollins. #pipebomb

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    Cen-Cal Pro Radio - "PUMPKIN QUEEN RISES"

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    Cen-Cal Pro Radio RETURNS tonight here on BlogTalkRadio. After an already explosive show last week, we've had numerous requests for guest spots on the show! So if you keep up with us each week, we'll have new material to deliver fresh to you from the Central Coast! We are PROUD to announce the arrival The Pumpkin Queen of the Indy Pro scene... Sage Sin Supreme!! You know her best from UEW and Hoodslam fame, and now she's making her presence felt at Cen-Cal Pro! So why not have her radio debut tonight?! She's been up an down the state workin ring-in and ring-out, and we got her here tonight to hear all the latest from one of the most unique wrestlers of the women's division! Join host Jimmy Ray as lights the fuse on the the latest news in Cen-Cal Pro! No chaser, take it straight, down the hatch... cause tonight's show's got Queen Supreme of the Pumpkin Patch! Truth!

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    Teen PipeBomb Pro Wrestling Podcast Episode 2

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    My 10 year old brother, EY Jelly, yes as in peanut butter and jelly, joins me as co host on tonights episode. We talk about all things pro wrestling!

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