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    Prison Letters

    in Social Networking

    Let's talk about how often we and our husbands write each other. How important is it to get that letter in your mailbox? What about him, does he crave to get a letter daily? We will also talk about how best to preserve and organize your letters, maybe one day you'll have a beautiful love story book or a worst relationship ever book when it's all said and done. So see you then to talk all about our prison letters.

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    What is it like to be in a For-Profit PRISON?

    in Health

    Join us as we talk with a grandmother who served jail time for growing a plant for personal medicinal use. 

    Find out why prisoners are forced to wear each other’s underwear:  How prisons procure magazine subscriptions using your name:  How only a small portion of the funds you send to prisoners end up in the hands of the intended recipient.  Find out how you can be kept in prison if you cannot pay for your keep while incarcerated so that you are only there because you are in debt to the for-profit prison.

    Guards who care are demeaned while Guards who are abusive are rewarded.

    Like our health care system, our prison system is meant to make money, not deter or reform prisoners.

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    Women in prison

    in Politics

    I will read letters from women in prison and talk about Sara Kruzan who got a life sentence for killing her pimp at 16.

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    Chaplain Yolanda Walker - TN Prison for Women

    in Christianity

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to minister in a prison? Have you ever wondered what it's like as a woman in prison? Have you wanted to volunteer and afraid to do it? Do you want to have compassion and love on prisoners? Well, this show will help you to have a better understanding of the prison ministry and how you can do so much just by your presence, love, and prayers. Chaplain Walker is a mighty woman of God and she will be happy to answer any calls with questions or comments.

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    Exonerated after 39 years in prison

    in History

    Exonerated from Ohio death row after 39, Rickey Jackson will talk about his experiences and his goals as a free man. He is the 148th person exonerated from prison in the United States since 1973.

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    Refreshing Waters Ministries Prison Ministry

    in Christianity

    Join Dr. Teresa Graham and her guest: Ulysss Brown who will be sharing his Prison Ministry with us. Ulysses Brown is a native of Atlanta, GA. He have been on the show last month, October 31, 2014 @ 7:00PM. He is a Christian/Gospel/ Praise Contemporary singer. Tune in at 7:30 PM (CST). & 8:30 PM (EST). To dial into the show: 516: 531-9244. Please share with your Facebook Family and Friends.

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    "Prison" Love Stories

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    I will start off by sharing my "prison" love story and then all the wives on the call can share theirs so that we can support each other around the holidays and for the closing of another year, which brings us closer to a homecoming. Whether you met on the inside or the outside you have a "prison" love story because it takes a lot of love to maintain a marriage while your husband is away. Let's talk ladies!

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    The Prison Wives Movement

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    I have officially started "The Prison Wives Movement" to help all prison wives to come out of hiding and be proud of who they are and what they do.

    The Mission Statement is: To empower and unite women that are ridiculed and put down for supporting their husband throughout incarceration.

    I will talk about the purpose of this show as it relates to that movement. I will also talk about the new Prison Wives Store that I opened online at CafePress for NY, and eventually will have one for every state. There are very nice unique slogans just for prison wives, you can get t-shirts, bumper stickers and more. I do not make money from the store, so the prices are those set by CafePress and I am encouraging all wives to get something and use it so that we can get this movement going, one woman and one state at a time.
    If you are not comfortable wearing your shirt in public, wear it on your visit, I am sure hubby will love it!

    There are several other projects that The Prison Wives Movement will be embarking on in the future.

    Currently, NY Prison Wives (a part of TPWM) is organizing periodic get together trips for wives to meet up and enjoy themselves. See home page announcement about the Nov. 6th, 2010 Casino Trip.

    Hear about all the great things we can do in this movement and vow to help with my cause.

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    California Prison News & Issues

    in Legal

    Kind of an 'Open Mic Night', with various topics all focusing on California Prison Issues. Several guests will be joining me....Dillion Toscano of MyPrisonSpace.com, and Liza Daniel who will share about Brant Daniel - Join us!!

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    The Cosmic Awakening Show: Born Into Slavery- How To Escape The Prison Matrix

    in Spirituality

    This week host Michelle Walling speaks with the hosts of How To Escape The Prison Matrix's Alan Stockdale and Paul Massey. Did you know that every human on the planet was born into slavery? The system that is set up from birth to rob us of our energy is a part of the matrix. The matrix is a holographic illusion that has been imposed upon the planet, it is our jail cell. Why are we in prison and how can we escape? We will share our ideas with you and would love to hear from you in the second half of the show!

    Here is the link to Escape the Prison Matrix's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/733004286795147/

    Here is a link to the website: www.escapetheprisonmatrix.com

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    This show will be great! We will have Pam Booker from NY, a prison wife t Lance Booker, who is serving a life withou Parole sentence currently. Pam & Lance's story was featured on Discovery ID's new documentary series called Prison Wives on Feb. 24th. She will be joined by another prison wife from another state who also did the show and her husband has since come home. Prison Wives airs every Wednesday night at 10pm on the Discovery ID channel. Let's hear what these strong women have to say!

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