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    Prism at the State Fair

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    I will host a Prism Direction Radio Show at the Fairness Campaign Booth at the Kentucky State Fair. The plan is to get some people as they pass by to ask them some questions that apply the the TG lifestyle. I am not sure I will be able to pull it off but I will give it a try. So, I hope you can join us. More info at www.prismdirection.com.

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    PD 90 "My Trans Hero's"

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    It is the end of the year and time for reflection.  It has truly been an amazing year for the transgender community in 2014.  Recently an article was written about 2014 being the best year ever for the transgender community.  I would agree that it has been an amazing year for us in that there is so much in the news about transgender people and much of that has been positive but I wonder if we put too much emphasis on what is going on in the media.  

    This show will discuss my Trans Hero's and why.  

    Tell us with who your Trans Hero is?  You can Email, Facebook or call live.

    I hope you can join us.


    Prism Radio Page "My Trans Hero's"

    Email us at:  hollyknight@prismradio.com

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    PD 89-Matt Sexton

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    We are very please to have Matt Sexton as our guest on the 89th Prism Radio Show.  Matt is the Founder and leader of Boyzz By Knight which is the longest running drag king troupe in the USA. -Is the Owner of Purrswaytions, a bar in Louisville, KY.Appeared on Rikki Lake -Was very influential in getting the first Mr. KPF organized & executed. -Titles held...Mr. Kentucky, Mr. Tynkers, Mr. Gypsy, Mr. Tinks -Has traveled and performed throughout the Midwestern states and performed at multiple Gay Pride events in and out of state. -Has organized & performed at many benefits, which are always close to the Boyzz hearts.

    More information is at:




    We will be taking questions...

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    Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally- The Shattered Prism Rebecca Frencl

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    Changing lives of Women by giving them the necessary tools to become what they want in life.


    Visit Amazon's Diana Bellerose Page



    My love affair with fantasy started when I began perusing my father’s book shelves after being bored by the local library’s selection of children’s books. This was before“young adult” was a recognized genre. I dove into my dad’s collection and fate and David Eddings took over.

    Despite several setbacks, and a whole book full of rejections, here I am a teacher and a writer. If you’d asked me what I wanted to do when I was a kid I would have told you that I wanted to teach and write. I’ve been writing and teaching for close to two decades. I love both jobs. I joke and tell my students that writers get paid to make stuff up and who wouldn’t love that job? I also get to see my kids’ eyes light up when they read or write something they love. I have two wonderful jobs.


    Rebecca L. Frencl

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    PD 92 "I am not the Average Black Girl"

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    This show is inspired by a woman by the name of "Ernestine Johnson".  If you don't know her this is a blurb on her website:  http://ernestinejohnson.com/


    Ernestine is also known in the spoken word community, infamous for being uncensored and untamed on the microphone, speaking on matters dear to the heart. Ernestine was the Red Carpet host for McKinley Presents Ent. in Las Vegas, conducting interviews with various celebrities which led to her hosting a sports segment on KCEP Power 88.1. Continuing her journey, Ernestine resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She can be seen on GMC’s original stage play Sugar Momma’s and her latest film Reckless.

    I saw a recent post on the Arsenio Show of which Ernestine poetically expresses her view on steriotypess.  

    Make comments or ask questions on this shows Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/events/405945676253216/

    We will be taking live callers as well.



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    How just a drop of prism can change your patient's life

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    Mark Rosner, MD and Debby Feinberg, OD

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    PD 86-"T In the News"

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    We live in a very exciting time for the transgender community where things are happening on a regular basis that is improving lives of trans people everywhere.  Join us on Prism Radio where Holly will talk about some recent news about the T community.  

    Join Holly on the Prism Radio Facebook Page to have a live discussion on the topics on air.  Go here


    Prism Radio Website

    T In the News Webpage

    Prism Radio Facebook Page

    Prism Radio Twitter 


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    PD 85 "Why The * May Harm the T"

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    So, from what I understand, there are gender non-conforming individuals that does not believe the word transgender fit their personal identity so these individuals created the word trans*.  As much the effort is admirable to be more inclusive it also has a element of exclusion.  Despite these good intentions it is my opinion that this could damage our movement toward social and legal freedom.  I will talk about the issues with this label and hope to make a good argument why we need to stop using it.  

    Please feel free to call me life with comments or questions.

    You can send me a message on the chat or send me a message on Facebook or my email.

    More information on the Prism Radio Website here.

    Join our Live Facebook Discussion on this topic here.  https://www.facebook.com/PrismRadio


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    PD 91-"Peeling Back the Layers of Leelah's Suicide"

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    (WARNING:  This show will have some explicit language and topic but I have kept the setting at Public as I believe younger trans individuals could benefit from the show)

    Leelah's suicide has reached so many people but clearly in so many ways.  The phrase of "layers of an onion" comes to mind when thinking about producing this show.  When peeling layers of an onion we often experience the tears before we experience the benefit of the task.   At the top of my list my hope is that Leelah's suicide can initiate some improvements in the lives of transgender people.

    I will talk about my perception of these layers and the ramifications to and or for the transgender community.

    As with all shows I will be taking live phone calls, live Facebook Chats or Emails. 

    The Facebook Chat will be at:  https://www.facebook.com/events/329791630555886/

    Email me at hollyknight@prismradio.com

    Chat on here

    More information at:  http://www.prismradio.com/

    Thank you!

    Holly Knight





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    PRISM - NSA - Bilderberg - barry soetoro

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    Today on this June 08, 2013 program we continue to cover the CRIMINAL SYNDICATE called bilderberg.
    We also take a look at the NSA with its eavesdropping and data collection program called PRISM. We explained that the NSA, CIA, FBI, DIA, ONI, INSCOM, MCIA, NRO, OICI, ONSI, INR, TFI and Echelon were not created to keep the American people safe from the commies, Muslim terrorists, or lone nuts.
    We also explain that the ILLEGAL alien from Kenya and Indonesia is a puppet who takes orders from the rottenfeller - rottenshield CRIME family.
    Visit - www.freeworldfilmworks.com
    For DVDs by Anthony J. Hilder exposing the CRIMES of the NWO Gang.

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    How to Opt-Out of NSA's PRISM & How to Determine If You are Targeted?

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    RESEARCHERS/INFORMANTS/PERPS: You can tell the “whole” truth or complete our Opt-Out Form at ManifestTheTruth.com. Read the Affidavits that were sent to the National Leaders, which has been ignored since Aug.  2013.WHAT CAN YOU DO?  A “Human Subject” is a man undergoing imprescriptible abuses or violations under color of law or de facto law, unlawful; he/she can file a “Violation Denial of Rights Under Color of Law”, file a complaint that the NSA’s PRISM is TERMINATED for WRONGDOING & NONCOMPLIANCE & “OPT-OUT” out of PRISM. In “INVENTING TERRORISTS The Lawfare of Preemptive Prosecution” depicts that the FBI is conducting racially charged persecutions & manifesting crimes by using informants who are poor, criminals, & mentally challenged & offering them cash & vehicles. This study states that this is inhumane and unethical. Only 1% of terrorists are real. Are you targeted? Bob Boyce was diagnosed with malignant cancer & when the VeriChip was removed his cancer disappeared.The “secret” implantation of R.F.I.D. chips/implants may be the root cause of the tumors or diseases. Bodies should be exhumed. People should be released from mental institutions/prisons & their records expunged because they are implanted with the R.F.I.D. chips/implants. R.F.I.D. chips/implants changes DNA. You can scan your body with a stud finder (Stanley Stud Sensor $17.00 @ Wal-Mart). You can take videos for evidence and note the areas where it is beeping. Certain phone cameras/camcorders are sensitive & can detect electromagnetic radiation. You should videotape everything & everywhere. If your video detects something that was undetected by your naked eye, then it meets the definition of electromagnetic radiation. Anything moist will absorb microwave radiation, i.e. eyes & eggs in a girl’s body (i.e. Wi-Fi in the schools). a flyer can be handed out.

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